Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home Cooked Dishes - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

A very very intense day of matches yesterday about four came down to the wire. This category has produced a great number of upsets so far. A total of 7 up to this round.
Mac & Cheese vs Pork Chops: Mac & Cheese has been my all time favorite food for as long as I can remember. In my mind the perfect meal always contains Mac & Cheese and Broccoli. I'm picking Mac & Cheese to move on.
Chicken and Dumplings vs Steak: I'm pissed that Steak beat Fried Chicken. I want revenge! I'm picking Chicken & Dumplings then I'm going to Popeye's! I know this supposed to be about home cooking. Don't give me that look. I just really like Popeye's. I'll make some fried chicken at home another time.
Chocolate Chip Cookies vs Fried Green Tomatoes: Chocolate Chip Cookies damn near gave me a heart attack last round. I was pulling for Chocolate Chip Cookies so hard. They would take the lead, lose the lead, take the lead again, lose it again. Then finally they were down by 3 and I had given up. I thought it was over. Then suddenly right at the end they were up by 2! That's my pick right there. Chocolate Chip Cookies to the finals.
Chili vs Grilled Cheese Sandwich: This is nuts. We are either going to have a #7 or a #8 going to the Final Four. I'm behind Grilled Cheese. I've been with it this long. Eating a Grilled Cheese Sandwich instantly makes me a child again. As Jennifer Evans put it, "Grilled Cheese is always with you." 'Nuff said.



  1. Yeah, I'm punking out and using my comment from the Sweet 16 round because this is the round it belongs in.

    So now, Mac & Cheese gets to go against Pork Chops and since I can't imagine pork chops without Mac & Cheese so I am hesitant to declare a true winner. I am, however, going to speak with half-hearted confidence on the behalf of Mac & Cheese, which beat my beloved biscuits.

    In Steak vs. Chicken and Dumpling, I believe C&D could be the clear winner. In Chocolate Chip Cookies versus Fried Green Tomatoes, I am definitely declaring Chocolate Chip Cookies the winner. Think about it - a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, or a fresh plate of fried green tomatoes on paper towels. CCC all the way.

    Grilled Cheese is going down against chili. I mean, you put together a grilled cheese to go with your ramen. You make chili for cook-offs and get to brag when you serve it and it's good.

    Ahhh, home cooked meals, you do make me smile.

    PS - Rog, grilled cheese???? Really? Over Chili? WTF?

  2. You know how, when you were a kid and you and your brother both watched football and you would pick teams and he somehow picked the teams that always won because you were a fan of the underdog, but then you continued to hate your brother's teams even into adulthood until they traded for Keith Brooking who is your favourite defensive player, and now the team you said you would always hate is now the team you have to watch because of Brooking?


    That's what Mac & Cheese is to me.

  3. Okay, so as much as chili can be cooked for cook-offs, and it's a heart-warming food and yadda yadda yadda, my first culinary memory (and mistake) was learning to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Therefore, GC has my vote definitively.

    So CCC against FGT, huh? Although FGT are awesome, I will have to give my vote to CCC because when the Cookies are good, they're really, really (really) good.

    Oh chicken and dumplings.. you kept me warm on many a cold cold night. You are the gastronomic equivalent of a boyfriends sweater, and will always have that kind of a place in my heart.

    You know in Lethal Weapon how you have Mel Gibson and Danny Glover and whenever the crazy gang or whatnot had them both, you hoped to god that neither of them got hurt? Yeah, you secretly wished that Danny Glover would just slip out while Mel was getting his mullet beat off, right? Well, thats what it's like here. I would like to say that I'd really care if Pork Chops went down, but I'm secretly glad that Mac and Cheese is awesome enough to stand on its own.

  4. Yes you're damn right I picked Grilled Cheese! I don't really care for soup but you know what makes soup great? A Grilled Cheese Sammich! You take that Sammich and dip it in your soup and that's some mighty fine damn eating right there. (Some of you also know of my penchant for putting grits on toast when I eat them together. I also like to dip my toast in the milk of my cereal. I see a pattern here.) Now the reason I can't pick Chili is because I don't eat beef. But you know what Angel, this winter I am going to perfect a Turkey Chili and when I get it right, I am going to invite you over for a bowl of Turkey Chili with a Grilled Cheese Sandwhich. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  5. Oh and Kimalee. I like all your picks. You know what you're doing around here. Keep up the good work. However I have to warn you if you keep voting like me you'll be a very disappointed lady. I was almost scream at my monitor yesterday over some of the matches that I picked that were going south. I think starting with the next Bracket I am going to keep a running tab of how many I pick wrong to how many I get right to see just how bad I am.

  6. come on, Grilled Cheese!! Ya'll are killin me!!!!

  7. Yeah, Grilled Cheese is making me nervous.