Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now that's what I'm talking about!

It's moments like this that make being a part of Coffee Cake so much fun. When I left for lunch Cinematical was down by about 200 votes. I come back a few hours later and Lordamercy, if they haven't pulled within 30 votes of tying it up. They do a great job of getting the word out and their supporters are some of the best around.
But you know who else has some great supporters? eBaum's World. Their supporters come in droves and make their favorites known!

Do I see a Cinematical vs eBaum's World match-up shaping up for the finals? It could happen.

Keep up the good work folks.



  1. You should see how we peel potatoes.

  2. Us Macon folks don't know what to do about this....

  3. Well well...if it isn't Mr. eBaum himself. Looks like I'ma be owing you a bit of Coffee Cake, huh?

    And just what is it that you all do with all those potatoes?