Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fruit - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

Round 2 was exciting. Several races were close all day long, trading the lead several times. Not to mention that there were a couple of pretty big upsets in the 2nd round. #1 Apples goes down to #6 Blackberries. #3 Cherries knocks over #1 Bananas. And most surprisingly, #4 Kiwis topple #2 Watermelon. Let's look at who's still standing.
Strawberries vs Blackberries - The battle of the berries! Blackberries have shown that they are the Cinderella of this tournament. I mean come on, they have a very popular phone named after them. But what does that mean? Strawberries have Strawberry Shortcake. Oh god no! Not that one! This one. I can't eat a phone. And to be honest I bet a high percentage of Blackerry users use those weird cyborg looking Bluetooth things. So my vote goes with Strawberries.
Oranges vs Peaches - I've always had a love hate relationship with oranges. I love the taste of them, I hate peeling them. I love the juice. I hate squeezing them. But Peaches on the other hand taste great when they are cold and give you that funny fuzzy sensation when you first bite into them. I am predicting an upset. Peaches will move on to the Final Four.
Cherries vs Kiwis - I've never had Kiwi pie. I've never had Kiwis Jubilee. I've never had Kiwi Coke. See where I'm going with this? Cherries get my vote.
Grapes vs Pears - This is a tough one for me. Grapes remind me of my childhood. I loved them. Ate them constantly. But now I don't buy them much. Pears on the other hand I rarely ever ate as a child. But once I got older I found that a cold ripe pear was delicious. I can grab one and walk down the street and eat it. I can't really do that with a bunch of grapes. Dear Inner Child, I am sorry but I am going to vote for Pears.

The Riddler
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  1. Grapes V Pears: I don't really care about either of these fruits but ultimately would rather have a wine-poached pear with creme fraiche than a bowl of grapes any day.

    Cherries V Kiwis: You guys know my prediction. Cherries all the way.

    Oranges V Peaches: I'm not gonna say anything past the fact that I was born and raised in Georgia and have my loyalties.

    Strawberries V Blackberries: Strawberries, FTW!!

  2. *sigh* glad to see that strawberries was able to pull out the win. I do, however, feel as if I am jinxing strawberries.

  3. whoa? where am I? How did I get to this blog...thingy? Whays going on? Riddle....you in here?

  4. That is me. I am Riddle. Welcome to Coffee Cake.