Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Zoo Animals - Round 2 (The Sweet Sixteen)

Sorry about the lack of commentary on yesterday's post but I think the word whippin' I received for leaving out the three toed sloth was worth the price of admission.

Let's look at todays match ups

Lions vs Polar Bears: I know what you're thinking. "He's going to vote for the lions." Quit acting like you know me. YOU DON'T KNOW ME!! I'm voting for Polar Bears. You ever seen a Mama Polar Bear with a cute little bear cub? It's sooooo cute! How can you vote against that? And not to lose all of my manhood on my blog, Polar bears are still big and strong and in the wrong situation will make you shit you pants upon sight.

Pandas vs Hippos: Pandas you sure are cute but Hippos sure do rock the spot! HIPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!

Monkeys vs Seals: Come on let's face it Monkeys smell bad. I know I don't smell like a rose most days but I sure as hell don't smell like a monkey. Seals spend a lot of time in the water so they can't smell bad. Plus seals do stuff like this.

Zebras vs Koalas: Wow this is a tough one. Mitch Hedberg said all that needs to be said about Koalas. But zebras are making some important social commentary on the way we need to live in America. Those zebras know what's up. I'm voting Zebra.

Penguins vs Gorillas: A gorilla will fuck you up and then sit down scratch itself and chew on a stick like nothing happened. The look on its face is like it didn't even remember something happened. "OH MY GOD!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ROGER?!" ... "Who?" Yeah fuck that. I'm voting for Penguins.

Tigers vs Llamas: Llamas do something that I find really endearing. If you shave the hair off a llama's chest they become embarrassed and will go hide until they feel comfortable with being seen again. That makes me go awwww. I want to vote for the llamas but the guy in me is warning me that I've already voted against the lions so I better vote for the big cat. Tigers get the vote.

Giraffes vs Kangaroos: Giraffes are tall. I'm tall. I'm voting Giraffes. One thing I don't get about nature. Why would nature make it so hard for the giraffe to drink water. That's mean of you nature.

Elephants vs Otters: Elephants. I love them. They are nature's tanks. And if you ever watch a documentary on elephants you will see that they are very caring animals. I love that. They have trunks that can be used as a trumpet. Elephants are great but otters are so much fun to watch swim around!. Elephants you have to watch for months on end and then all of a sudden you have a eureka moment. That's not quite feasible for zoo watching. Otters are instant gratification. My vote goes to the otters.

See you tomorrow!
Rogie Dodgie
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beer - Round 5 (The Finals)

So here we are at the finals and it's a final that I didn't really expect. New Castle has come out of no where to show that it has a stronger fan following that expected. Pabst Blue Ribbon I might have been able to see but still two beers in the finals that you wouldn't normally expect. How's gonna take it all? My vote vote goes to PBR.

Tomorrow we start on zoo animals! See you then!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beer - Round 4 (The Final Four)

Forgive me for the lateness on this round. For the past two days I was getting up at 3am to get ready for a TV show I was co-hosting and that left me with no time to update Coffee Cake. But we ill get Beer finished up and out the way on Sunday and move on to next week's tournament on Monday.

Let's do it!

Yuengling vs Newcastle: The battle of the #5s. Newcastle came out of nowhere to pull off a huge upset since it was tied with Guinness for two days. Someone went out and changed their vote. But Yuengling is my beer. That's where my vote is going.

Sam Adams vs Pabst Blue Ribbon: I'm going cheap on this one. My vote goes to Pabst Blue Ribbon. I like Sam Adams on draft but not in a bottle and Pabst Blue Ribbon never seems to let me down. Well at least until the bottle runs out.

Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend.
See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

We'll pick back up on Friday!

We'll do the next round on Friday and finish up on Saturday. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beer - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

So how do you recover from talking shit about a beer only to have it's makers read what you say? You vote for it? I was all excited when I realized that someone from Blue Moon was actually checking out the beer tournament then I realized I was kinda hard on old Blue Moon. Luckily, the folks from Blue Moon are good sports and came back to check on how their baby was doing. It even pulled out a win when things were looking bleak earlier in the day. Can Blue Moon keep chuggin' to the next round? Let's see.

Yuengling vs Lone Star: Lone Star has been our Cinderella but alas, I do believe the clock just struck 12.

Guinness vs New Castle: I can't believe New Castle made it this far, but whatever. Now it's got to deal with the big daddy of dark beers. Brown Ale my ass. Stout is where it's at sucka!

Miller High Life vs Pabst Blue Ribbon: The champagne of beers vs the award winner. It a cheap beer knock down, drag out! My money is on PBR.

Sam Adams vs Blue Moon: I am confident that Blue Moon will easily win this round. Wanna know why? I serve beer every day. I serve Blue Moons every day. Sometimes I go weeks without serving a Sam Adams. Now I know it has a lot to do with where you are in the country. And I know Sam Adams fans are dedicated. But honestly Blue Moon is more fun. It's easier to drink. Men and ladies like it. I'm going with Blue Moon here.

See you at the Final Four on Thanksgiving Day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blue Moon vs Fat Tire

So because we got a visit from the good folks over at Blue Moon Brewing I changed my vote to Blue Moon. Yes my allegiances can sometimes be bought very easily on Coffee Cake. Just wanted to say thanks to the folks at Blue Moon and GO BLUE MOON!!

Next Week's Tournamanet

So, next week's tournament is going to be Zoo animals. What's your favorites?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Beer - Round 2 (The Sweet Sixteen)

Well here we are at round 2 of the beer tournament. Some really surprising upsets and some really good down to the wire races. Dogfish Head ended up losing to Blue Moon as I received a great phone call from my boss telling me that we just received a case of Dogfish Head's Miles Davis Bitches Brew and we began planning a tasting and listening party. I got home to see Dogfish Head losing and it nearly broke my heart. But let's look at how the round two matches will shape up.

Budweiser vs Lone Star: The beer from Texas knocked out heavy weight Bud Light and now has to take on it's older brother. I'm going with Lone Star.

Yuengling vs Amber Bock: You're going down Amber Bock! You knocked out Amanda's favorite beer. I know Amanda won't be voting for Yuengling as much as she will be voting against you. Plus Amanda doesn't have anything against Yuengling. I've seen her drink it before but just know that Amanda and I are out to see you fail in this round you fake bock you!! (That really did just make me laugh.)

Guiness vs Stella Artois: Guinness. You can't really go wrong with it. Plus have you seen the new commercial with Jerome Bettis? That commercial alone makes me want to drink a Guinness.

New Castle vs Dos Equis: Dos Equis is getting my vote. Nat Turner and I were sitting earlier today and discussing our favorite Most Interesting Man In The World lines. Mine is "He lives vicariously though himself" and hers was "He can speak fluent French ... in Russian." However the commercial that made me laugh hardest was this.

Miller High Life vs Schlitz: The flavor of Schlitz is what I imagine a headache tastes like.

Pabst Blue Ribbon vs Colt 45: I really want to vote for Colt 45 but truth be told I will be voting for PBR. I can only drink Colt 45 about once a year and I've had my one for this year. I drank one and I was hanging out with my friend Monica. We ended up driving to Amanda's bar that night (OH I JUST HIT YOU WITH A DOUBLE WHAMMY!!). I proceeded to get so drunk that I woke up confused about where I was and I was in my own bed alone. Only Colt 45 can make something like that happen.

Sam Adams vs Bass: I'm going with Bass. Do you know Bass beer was the recipient of the worlds first trademark? Yep. The orange triangle is the worlds first trademark.

Blue Moon vs Fat Tire: I don't know what I am going to do here. I don't drink enough of either one of these to be able to make a clear decision. I'll get back to you all on this one.

Peace and hair grease!

Double R
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Beer - Round 1

So let's just pretend that I haven't been missing in action for half a year and finally get this beer tournament and the rest of Coffee Cake done and get on to The Extravaganza. What'cha think?

So let's look at the match ups.

In this tournament the #1s aren't given a pass to the second round. Oddly enough, I think the safest to move on is Miller High Life. Up against Milwaukee's Best, it's hard to believe that High Life could lose but I know there are some cheap beer drinkers out there so there is a slim chance that The Beast could pull an upset. Another good #1 match to watch is Sam Adams vs Orval. Sam Adams is the better known of the two but amongst the beer connoisseurs Orval is considered one of the best beers in the world. I agree. I've had one and I love it. Plus it comes in this pimp ass glass when you order one. And it's brewed by monks. What more can you ask from a beer? Oh...it has a 6.2% alchol content. The average American beer is about 3.5%. My vote goes to Orval.

#2 vs #7

Blue Moon vs Dogfish Head: This is going to be the match to watch in the 2s vs 7s. I'm not a big fan of either though I've drank both. However, I am going with Dogfish Head in this match because I just recently found out that Dogfish Head made a beer called Miles Davis Bitches Brew in honor of the 40th year anniversary of iconic Jazz album. Blue Moon...what can I really say about beer that you have to put fruit in to drink? Let's see, beer with an orange? Beer with Jazz? Hmm...

Corona vs Dos Equis: I'ma stick with the aforementioned principle on this and go with Dos Equis. You ever tasted Corona without a lime? I'm always shocked when I see people drink it without the garnish. Plus, tell me you aren't in love with the Most Interesting Man In The World commercials. Stay thirsty my friends.

Miller Lite vs Amber Bock: Warning. This blog is NOT a drinking game!! But if it were, this is how it would go. Anytime I mention my friend Amanda, take a drink. And by that I mean, anytime you read Amanda's name. Any time I tell a story about Amanda and me drinking together or for that matter anytime I tell a story about me drinking with friends , drink a shot of whiskey or chug a beer. Anytime Amanda comments on a post, make someone else drink with you. Now that being said, I hate the taste of Miller Lite however, that's what Amanda drinks. You see, Amanda used to work for Miller so she has some sort of "they paid my bills" dedication to a beer that lies and says it Taste Great. While it may be true that it is less filling (but probably only because I usually refuse to drink it), WHO CARES! And I can't even figure out what the hell Amber Bock is supposed to be. It's not Amber in color and it doesn't taste like a bock. Michelob, I know your history! So don't keep trying to pull this crap on me damn it! I'm voting for AMANDA'S favorite beer and that should have been an easy vote for you to get from me cuz that shit is nasty!

#3s vs #6

Budweiser vs Michelob Ultra:
Fuck Michelob.

Heineken vs Stella Artois: I'm going with Stella on this one. It's been years since I drank a Heineken but one thing I remember about them is that it always had a strange bitter taste to me. Stella on the other hand is nice and smooth. I understand it is the import version of Budweiser but really, sometimes drinking beer is like talking to your friends. The complex friends are interesting and fun but sometimes you just want light and easy conversation. That's when I go for the Stella.

Shlitz vs Natural Light: Do we really have to do this? Yes. Let me tell you a story about my friend Chris Busby. A couple of weeks ago Chris and I went to a concert. Before the show, I took him to one of Macon's nicest restaurants to try a new pecan beer they just got in. I bought the round. It was great. We leave there and head to the show and he repaid my kindness by buying a bucket of Natural Light. I had a terrible headache the next day. Now it could have been the shot of 151 and coke I was tricked into drinking but I am blaming the Natural Light. So I am voting for Shlitz.

#4s vs #5s

Coors Light vs Yuengling: Coors commercials get on my nerves!! I mean damn the three big dummies talking to the NFL coaches was funny when you first did it. ... Sorta. But damn it's like 5 seasons later and you're still going with the same concept. Your other commercial is that a train comes out a brick wall and makes everyone cold. ... Now if that makes sense to any of the readers here, please stop reading my blog. Yuengling is just a good tasting beer from the nation's oldest brewery. I've never seen a commercial for it and I would still pick it before I pick the beer with the stupid commercials.

Red Stripe vs New Castle: I used to be a huge Red Stripe fan but around the time they started those Hooray Beer commercials the beer started to taste different to me. I don't know if my tastes just changed from trying so many different types of beer or if it was actually the beer. I'm still voting for Red Stripe cuz New Castle reminds me of the taste I have in my mouth after I vomit. That doesn't bode well for a night of drinking.

Colt 45 vs Keystone Light: Colt 45's slogan is "Works Every Time" and it's spokesperson is Billy Dee Williams. Keystone Light's slogan is "No Bitter Beer Face" and its spokesperson is the old man who can pull his bottom lip up over his nose. You figure out where my vote is going.

Fat Tire vs Sweetwater: Amanda.

Well there's round 1. It's good to be back. I'll see you tomorrow.
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Magazines - Round 5 (The Finals)

Well we have made it to the finals. Thanks to all of those you hung in there and voted on this first tournament since the little break I took. Let your friends know Coffee Cake is back and in full effect. Next week's tournament should be a lot of fun. We will be doing Beer. And the week after that should also be a hoot as we take on Zoo Animals.

But right now we are at the finals on Magazines. Let's take a look see.

National Geographic vs The New Yorker: I am going with The New Yorker on this one. Both of these magazines are absolutely top notch and the best of the best in bathroom reading. I think The New Yorker has the lock on the best articles while National Geographic has the best pictures. But the years of subscriptions to The New Yorker makes me lean that way. Plus I love those New Yorker comics..

Ok folks! See you next week!
Rog Mahal
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Magazines - Round 4 (The Final Four)

Here we are at the Final Four of magazines. I'll make this one quick and painless on you.

National Geographic vs Playboy: All the fellas just kinda snickered. I'm going with Playboy. Honestly if Playboy didn't have naked women in it, it would still be a very good magazine.

The New Yorker vs High Times: This is the first time in the whole tournament that High Times didn't have to face off against a food magazine. I'm going with The New Yorker on this one. I love that magazine. It is such a good read every week. It hits on so many things that are important to me. Current events, art, music, politics, what's happening all over the world. I just dig it. High Times...well, no doubt that High Times is important but come on....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magazines - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

The Elite Eight is always my favorite match ups of the week. Today I won't be able to do the commentary until this evening, so I will see you then.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magazines - Round 2 (The Sweet Sixteen)

Cover image of High Times premiere issue, Summ...Image via Wikipedia

So we made it to round 2 and we are still going. The knees are still a little weak. The stomach is a little queezy but we are hanging in there. Let's look at today's match ups.

Bon Appetit vs High Times: I like that High Times has to take on two cooking magazines in the first two rounds. It beat A Taste Of Home to move on to the second round and it is giving Bon Appetit a run for its money today. I'm sure there have been recipes in High Times.

Better Homes and Gardens vs Complex: I think the readers of Readymade are probably jumping on the Better Homes and Gardens bandwagon. I don't think the guys buyers guide stands a chance this round even though I voted for it.

New Yorker coverImage via Wikipedia

The New Yorker vs WIRED: I love The New Yorker. I feel smarter for reading it. I feel sophisticated when I laugh at the comics in it. I dream of strolling through the MoMA after reading about a great exhibit there. I subscribe to it off an on. Right now I am without a subscription and I miss it. I've never read WIRED so I think you can figure where my vote is going to go.

Popular Science vs The Smithsonian: There is a point in your life when you realize that you are no longer edgy or cool. I hit that point when I realized that the only radio station I listen to is NPR are my only magazine subscription currently is to The Smithsonian. Now don't get me wrong, The Smithsonian has some good reading in it. Really interesting stuff. But come on this is the Nova of magazines. I'm a nerd. My co-workers ask me to hang out on a Monday night and I tell them no cuz I have to get home and listen to RadioLab on Georgia Public Broadcasting. I go and sit on the toilet and I grab a copy of The Smithsonian. Then I talk about it on my blog. How did life get this way?

Rolling Stone vs Playboy: These are two of America's greatest magazines. They both broke ground. Gave some of the greatest interviews ever printed. They changed society. But Playboy...ahhhh I remember the first Playboy I ever saw. It was the one with Vanna White. The second one I saw had Ola Ray as the centerfold. Ola Ray was the girl in Michael Jackson's Thriller vicdeo. She had the prettiest nipples I had ever seen. And at that time I hadn't seen many but I still remember those nipples. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only guy who can remember the first Playboy they've ever seen. The reason for this is most likely because, like me, their first viewing of a Playboy probably coincides with the first time they masturbated. Then depending on how you look at it, life is all downhill from there. You spend the rest of your life chasing women. Well, I'm voting for Playboy. Thanks for ruining my life. Please start putting more natural women in the magazine again so I can start subscribing again. Thanks.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Magazines - Round 1

Well, it's finally here. I guess you all are wondering what happened. Well to be honest I got burned out. Those three big 64entrant tournaments back to back like that left me with Blog block. I just couldn't seem to get myself to get the next tournament together. Which was really ridiculous cuz it's not like I'm saying anything important on Coffee Cake. I'm spitting non-sense. But I couldn't come up with one lick of non-sense to spit. I kept looking at the Magazines tournament and thinking it was going to be boring. I couldn't come up with anything worth reading. Who cares about magazines. Then I was walking down the street the other day and I bump into Michael and Angel "this Girl" Collins and Big Ben. Big Ben said the key to the down time was the movies tournament. The first time we did a movies tournament Coffee Cake went down for months. This time we do the movies tournament and I take a month break. They all said, "Yeah. Don't ever do another Movies tournament." It made me laugh. The first time I had laughed about Coffee Cake since the movies tournament ended. I promised Big Ben that I would have it up right away and here it is.

Let's go Jersey!Image by JD'na via Flickr

So let's do it.

Rolling Stone vs URB: I just recently saw a copy of Rolling Stone and it was normal magazine size. Blew my mind. This recession is even hurting our magazines. It's coll though. Rolling Stone hasn't had anything useful to say about music in the last 15 years. Ok I know that's not true but there is so much pop culture, bullshit that I started to disregard Rolling Stone as a magazine worth reading and I can't remember the last time I really got into one. Now URB, I used to read URB every month. It kept me up on what was happening in the world of Underground Hip-Hop, House, Electronica and just sub-culture music and DJs. Just like Rolling Stone I've stopped reading it. It just wasn't as interesting and I don't have a good reason why. My vote goes with URB in the battle of the magazines I don't care about anymore.

Time vs Lowrider: Lowrider. I don't think I've ever read a copy of Time. But I can sure tell you there are fly ass cars, bad ass bikes and hot Latin women in every issue of Lowrider. The only thing I remember about Time is that O.J. Simpson cover.

Better Homes and Gardens vs O: What the fuck is O about? There is a picture of Oprah on every issue ever published. How much Oprah can one person stand? I mean just from the cover of the magazine I think that it's full of stories about Oprah. I know that can't possibly be. I know what's in Better Homes and Gardens. The name says it all. And I also know there are some bad ass recipes in there. And I love to eat. My vote goes with Better Homes and Gardens. But first back to O. I am stuck because I want just once for them to put something on the cover other than Oprah but at the same time, why break that record? What to do? What to do?

National Geographic vs Mad: Now a days I'm all about National Geographic. As a kid I didn't get it. It was the magazine of choice of the doctor's office so it already had a big fuckin' strike against it in my mind. If it was in the doctor's office, it was evil. It did have one thing going for it. Boobies. They weren't sexy boobies in the least bit but they were boobies none the less. I hadn't discovered Playboy yet. Now back then Mad magazine made all types of sense. No it didn't. I didn't get Mad any more than I got National Geographic but it seemed like something I should like cuz it was a comic. Anyway, I'm voting for National Geographic.

Cosmopolitan vs Paste: I used to love Paste. I was a three year subscriber to that magazine. I even DJed a party for someone who works for Paste. But slowly but surely it seemed like Paste only began to talk about that damn light in the ass indie-rock crap that comes out of Athens, Georgia. For Years Paste had introduced me to so much good music and movies and gave me interesting articles on some of my favorite artists and then they left me hanging. No I've never subscribed to Cosmopolitan but there are always sexy ladies in that magazine and they tell me stuff like "What a woman really wants". Cuz lord knows I don't have any of the stuff that a woman really wants. Good thing I'm smart enough to read a woman's magazine cuz they sure don't publish articles like that in Playboy and GQ. I think they are missing their intended audience. However, they get the vote for putting sexy women in the magazine.

Popular Science vs The Advocate: To be honest, I don't even know anything about The Advocate.

*Wait. I gotta go pay my phone bill and get some lunch. I promise I will look up The Advocate when I get back and talk some more about today's matches*

Ok so I'm back home and I've just found out that The Advocate is "The World's Leading Gay News Source". I am sure that The Advocate is a fine magazine and is full of all the news that's fit for print in the gay community but I am voting for Popular Science. Not because I'm not gay but because I had a subscription to Popular Science growing up because I wanted to be a scientist. I swear if I had wanted to grow up and be gay I would have asked for a subscription to The Advocate and my voting today would be different. But it didn't work out that way. At age 3 I saw Star Wars instead of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Bon Appetit vs Garden and Gun: When you're working in your garden aren't you always thinking about guns? I'm voting for Garden and Gun just based off the name alone. I've seen one issue of it and I have to admit it really is a cool magazine even if the title and the content is a bit strange sometimes.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Coming up...

Sorry this has been taking me so long to get the next tournament up. But coming up we have magazines. Get ready. It's on the way. Promise!

Cool Rog Love

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Movies - Round 5 (The Final Four)

The Final Four is here. I haven't been able to run my mouth about the matches like I usually do this tournament. So I am going to try to get a few things in here.

Image via Wikipedia

The Shawshank Redemption vs Star Wars: Two #1s battling it out. The Shawshank Redemption is one of the best movies I've ever seen. The story was just amazing. The acting was wonderful. You coudln't help but pull for Andy Dufresne. Then the movie rewarded you for pulling for him when you realized he had escaped. Then it got even better when you realized that everyone who screwed him over got screwed in the end. I loved it. But it ain't no Star Wars. I saw Star Wars when it was originally released in New York as part of a double feature. Grease was the other movie in the double feature. From that point on I was hooked. I was only 2 years old about to turn 3 in a month. Still remember it. That's how much of an impact it had on me. I decided at a young age that I wanted to be a scientist because my mom told me that's what I would have to be when I told her that I wanted to build the robots and spaceships in Star Wars. I went on to become a bartender but I did have a semi successful run as a computer programmer. My whole life has revolved around Star Wars. The fact that I do everything I contemplate doing comes from the fact that in The Empire Strikes back Yoda says, "There is no try. Just do or do not." And let me talk about the genius of two characters. Chewbacca and R2D2. Neither one of these muthafuckas could talk but you loved them! They made noises. Chewbacca howled and gunted. But you understood him. R2D2 even had a sense of humor and all he did was make beeps and whistles. That's good stuff right there. The feeling you get when you grow attached to the lovable asshole Han Solo then you think he's turned his back on the Rebellion only for him to come through in the end and clear the way for Luke so he can blow up the Death Star. And then there was one of the greatest villains ever created in Darth Vader. What was he? Is he a robot? Is he human? Why is he breathing like that? WHOA! He choked that guy without touching him.
So needless to say. I'm voting for Star Wars.
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The Godfather vs The Princess Bride: I like the Godfather. It is a really good movie but you know what gets me everytime I watch it? The scene where they are having the big meeting and they are talking about how they want no parts of the drugs and they say something like leave the drugs to the niggers. "They're animals anyway so let them lose their souls." That one scene is why I am voting for the much happier and friendlier Princess Bride. Not to mention Andre the Giant is in that movie. I mean, if you grew up in the 80s you loved Andrew the Giant. I wish I could have met him. Seems like the type of person who would have really been nice to kids. Plus I love the idea of the gentle giant. I hope kids see me as a gentle giant cuz I get all nervous when I'm around little kids. They remind me of how big I am. I honestly worry that I may fall on a little kid when they are playing around with me. ... Anyway... Pirates. A giant. A bad ass sword fight. Billy Crystal. How can you beat this? You can't.

And that's why the finals will be Star Wars vs The Princess Bride.

You heard it here first.

The Rog.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Movies - Round 4 (The Elite Eight)

Wow! Look at this Elite Eight. This is something you don't see too often on Coffee Cake and it must mean that I seeded these movies almost spot on to what all of our readers think. All of the #1s are representing. There are three #2s getting ready to battle it out to stay alive. And one Cinderella. A little ol' #10 in Back To The Future still alive and in the hunt. This is going to be interesting.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Movies - Round 3 (The Sweet Sixteen)

Hi there! How are you today? Thanks for coming by Coffee Cake. That was nice of you. If you've got a few minutes, please, sit down and let me tell you what I think about today's matches.

The Princess Bride vs Stand By Me: In my mind this is a battle between Andre the Giant and Cherry Flavored Pez. I really like both of these movies but I have to admit I haven't seen Stand By Me since I was a kid. I own a copy of The Princess Bride. One of my favorite lines in the movie, and I never noticed it before until Trivia Guy Will pointed it out, is when the Dread Pirate Scott knocks out Andre the Giant and then tells him to dream of large women.

The Wizard of Oz vs The Royal Tenenbaums: I have to admit that I was never quite comfortable enough with The Wizard of Oz to be super into it like some people are. I mean yeah I think it would be cool to have a talking lion as a friend but I don't want to live in a world where trees throw apples at me and monkeys fly. If I had awaken in a world like that I don't think I would have handled it as well as Dorothy did. So I am going to vote for The Royal Tenenbaums. One of my favorite scenes from that movie is when Danny Glover falls in the hole at the excavation site while he is talking to Anjelica Houston. That happened to me once. It's another Jack induced story starring me and Amanda. We were walking up the driveway to a friend's house who was having a party and we had already hit the sauce pretty hard. So we're just walking and talking and I look back over at Amanda and she wasn't there anymore. I'm confused and I'm thinking, "What happened?" I look down and Amanda is laying in a pile of rocks off to the side of the driveway. It was so weird looking cuz she looked like a fish who was gasping it's last few breaths out of water. Just kinda laying there helpless. Trying to move but going nowhere. Needless to say she was bruised up for a week after that.

Ghostbusters vs Back To The Future: The battle of the 80s comedies. I'm going Back To The Future. Marty McFly drove a Delorean. Let me tell you, I still kinda have a thing for Hot Wheels. The other day I was in Kroger with my friend Jinger and we were standing at a box full of Hot Wheels for $1 each. I almost had a panic attack cuz she pulled out a Delorean. I thought she was going to buy it so I snatched it from her. Turns out she didn't want it anyway. She wanted the Lamborghini that was under it. I said all that to say this. If this tournament was about cars (which is coming up) though I'd like a Cadillac hearse, I'd be voting Delorean.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movies - Round 2

Ok folks. Aren't there enough Bill Murray movies in this tournament? Did you really have to vote for Groundhog Day over Amelie? I'm gonna go ahead and just say this right now and get this out the way. I DON'T LIKE BILL MURRAY.

Yeah I said it.

I think every character he plays is creepy. That has to say something about him. And if his movies weren't enough to make me dislike him, he pulled this shit where the Chicago Cubs asked him to throw out the first pitch and the muthafucka didn't show up to do it? What the fuck kinda shit is that? You know how excited I'd be if my favorite baseball team asked me to throw out the first pitch of the season? Hell, if one of our little minor league teams asked me to throw out the first pitch I'd be there 2 hours early. That might be the biggest day of my life up to that point. But one thing I can say is since Bill Murray didn't show up to throw out the first pitch, a couple of kids from a die hard Cubs family got to do it instead and that was far cooler than some creepy actor doing it.

I know I'm gonna catch flack from Chris Horne and Jonathan Bennett. So.

Yeah...so after I was bragging on my Tigers we turned around and lost today to Kansas City. That's ok. We're 6 and 3. Still looking good at the beginning of the season. So let's look at today's matches.

Shawshank Redemption vs Fargo: This should be an easy win Shawshank has Morgan Freeman in it. He's a nice looking and well spoken man. Can't help but like him. You kinda wish he was your uncle or something. Fargo has Steve Buscemi, who is not so nice looking, and a woman with a funky accent. So Shawshank should win on the strength of Morgan Freeman alone. I'm pretty sure I heard Peter Griffin comment on Steve Buscemi once by saying his teeth look like they are all in competition against each other.

Breakfast At Tiffany's vs The Eternal Sunshine of the Spoless Mind: I've never seen either one of these movies But I'm voting for Breakfast At Tiffany's because that title is easier to type. Keep it short and simple! Geez. It's all long and drawn out and hard to understand. Breakfast at Tifanny's answers all the important questions. "Honey what are we eating?" Breakfast. "Where?" At Tiffany's. That title could only get better if it was Breakfast At Tiffany's At 8am.

Cool Hand Luke vs Clerks: I've never seen Cool Hand Luke so I am going with Clerks. My favorite part of Clerks is the conversation they have about contractors building the Death Star in Star Wars.

Forrest Gump vs Groundhog Day: Fuck Bill Murray. ... "That's all I have to say about that." (c) Forrest Gump

The Godfather vs The Exorcist: The Godfather. I still try to tell them not to go to the toll booth every time I see that movie. NO! NO DON'T DO IT! OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh nooooooooo..

The Blues Brothers vs American Psycho: The Blues Brothers has one of my favorite lines in it. Donald "Duck" Dunn (who is the bass player for Booker T. and The MGs in real life) says, "He ain't lying. We had a band powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline." Love it.

Ghost Busters vs Beetlejuice: This is probably one of the best match ups Coffee Cake has seen. I'm going with Ghost Busters. But really I see this being such a hard pick for so many people. These are two childhood favorites. I wonder how many people played with their Beetlejuice and Ghost Buster toys together. Did they ever bust Beetlejuice or was he too clever?

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Tetris pulls out the win and moves on to The Extravaganza. Tetris won its match by the lowest percentage that we've seen yet. With only 53% Tetris just assured that it will most likely be a #8 seed in The Extravaganza. And we are just about halfway to The Extravaganza. So there are roughly 16 more tournaments til we vote on the big one.

Movies is on deck and coming up next (Like my use of baseball terms? Go Tigers!) . I may be a little late with the next tournament. I'm still working on it.

So hold tight!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Video Games - Round 6 (The Finals)

So here we are at the finals. Zelda vs Tetris. I'm shocked that Tetris made it to the finals. I like Jonathan Bennett figured it would have gone down to Mario Bros and even Ms Pac-Man before that. But maybe those two matches are proof that Tetris has what it takes to win it all.
So we will take tomorrow off, then we will regroup back here on Monday for the start of the movies tournament. Another big 64 tournament. The following week will be Magazines and though I've had fun doing the big tournaments, I am looking forward to a small 32 tournament.

So enjoy your weekend.
And now I leave you with this...


And the winner of the t-shirt contest is...

Sorry it took me so long to finally announce this. The winner is Catherine!! WOO WOOO WOOO WOO!!
Go 'head girl. You get to strut your stuff all over town in a wonderful "Home Cooked Dishes" T-Shirt.

For those of you who are ready for another contest, be patient. We will have another one soon. I am going to have one soon where the prize is going to be an assortment of Super Bounce Bouncy Balls. You know, the little balls you used to throw around the room and harass your pets with. Who doesn't love those things.


This short film was shared with Coffee Cakers on the Facebook page and it goes perfectly with this week's tournament so I thought I would share it here.

Thanks to Chris Horne for posting this.

Video Games - Round 5 (The Final Four)

So we have come down to a battle of the Nintendo games in the final four huh?

Zelda vs Super Smash Bros.: Super Smash Bros is totally outclassed in this match. Outclassed meaning it probably should have lost two rounds ago. But since it is here it is giving the cake walk to Zelda.

Mario Bros vs Tetris: Tough call. I, like Will, spent more time playing Tetris on my Gameboy than I probably should have. But even though I don't really play a lot of video games, I have a soft spot for Mario Bros.

However this pans out, I see a really good final coming tomorrow.

Next week's tournament is movies. If you have any sugguestions for movies you would like to see in the tournament, add them over on our Facebook page. And while you are there make fun of Amy Beth and Vance for suggesting The Labyrinth.

That's all for right now.
Rog Mahal

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I hope you find this as funny and interesting as I do.

Caption this picture.

Video Games - Round 4 (The Elite Eight)

Last round was just amazing to me. So many close races. Even the weird thing where I swear Ms Pac-Man was tied with Donkey Kong only to later find that Ms Pac-Man had won by one vote was exciting. It made me look stupid but it was still exciting. This is where things get good folks after today there will only be 4 games left standing.

Ms Pac-Man vs Tetris: Fuck that shit Angel is trying to put in your ear down there in the comments. I'ma tell you why Ms Pac-Man is going to win. Cuz Nike designed a shoe called The Ms Pac-Man. If anyone wants to buy me a gift, I'd like a pair of these in a men's size 12. There is no Tetris shoe...to my knowledge. There is also a line of Adidas Star Wars shoes (especially the Luke Skywalkers in orange) that I wouldn't mind having. I know I'm not supposed to be talking about shoes but this is a great opportunity to talk about shoes that I want. Oh yeah, there is also a Pac-Man version of the shoe. Remember, size 12.

Zelda vs Metroid: Ok see this is where my lack of gaming knowledge kicks in. I've never played either one of these games. I don't understand why the game is called The Legend of Zelda when the main character's name is Link. And Metroid sounds like a mental condition that makes you paranoid when you are in a metropolis. I'm going with Zelda cuz my mental state is bad enough with out help from a video game.

Super Smash Bros vs Mortal Combat: More whoop ass goodness right here. I've never played Super Smash Bros but I like the idea of it. I'm voting for Mortal Combat because Scorpion says, "GET OVER HERE! ... COME HERE!" That is still funny to me.

Mario Bros vs Castlevania: I'm pretty sure I remember Kevin playing Castlevania. I have no clue what that game is about. But I do enjoy me some Super Mario Bros. I liked 3 a lot. You could fly. I guess you were supposed to be a flying squirrel but it looked like a raccoon to me. I've never heard of a flying raccoon but hey it worked for the game.

I am going to be putting together the bracket for next week's movie tournament this evening. If you are in Macon (sorry to folks from Loyola Marymount, Manchester, Kennebunkport and other places that are not Macon) and you would like to help but the bracket together we will be meeting at 6pm this evening at The Rookery in downtown Macon.
See you there.

And now I present, a random Facebook page.
The Rog

Am I tripping?

How come the regular voting isn't tied anymore. I swear when I checked it after 10pm it was tied. Now it says Ms Pac-Man won 28 - 27. What should we do?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Resident Evil vs Halo! Let's go!!

Video Games - Round 2

This second round is serious. Great matches. Let's go!

Galaga vs Crazy Taxi: I just like this match up. Two great games. If I see a Galaga machine I'm gonna stick a quarter in it. But cutting lose in a convertible taxi and driving like I've lost all my good senses is just too appealing. My vote goes to Crazy Taxi.

Resident Evil vs Halo: I am sure there are people who exist whose heads would implode from trying to choose between these two. I'm going with Halo on this but only because Resident Evil gives me nightmares. But while I'm speaking on Resident Evil I have to say it is pretty cool that you can get Resident Evil 4 on the iPad.

Final Fantasy vs Excite Bike: If you play RPGs you can understand why Final Fantasy has a somewhat cultish type of following. Final Fantasy is not a game for people with short attention spans. You invest a lot of time into playing and you are rewarded with watching a wonderful story unfold. But can it beat pure nostalgia. Excite Bike was the game everyone talked about on the NES. You played it for hours with your friends. I'm a dedicated Final Fantasy fan so my vote is going with FF but I can see bow Excite Bike could give FF a run for its money.

Super Smash Bros vs Double Dragon: It's the battle of the ass whoopers. You can waste an endless amount of time on either one of these daydreaming that each punch you throw in the game was actually landing on the nose of the bully who took your lunch money and called you a geek. But I'm going with Double Dragon.

Because of the involvement of veteran Disney a...Image via Wikipedia

Mortal Combat vs Dragon's Lair: This is a tough one for me. I was a freshman in college when the first mortal combat was at its peak. I remember spending many an hour in the student activities building playing that game, but I could never beat it. I could whoop just about anybody's ass in a head to head using Liu Kang but I could. not. beat. that damn game. Now Dargon's Lair. Dragon's Lair is the game I used to wait in line to play at Chuck E. Cheese. I was so young and so bad at video games, but still I'd stand there in line with my $.50 cents in hand. See, while it is no big deal to pay $1 to play a video game today, $.50 was a lot back then because all video games were only $.25. But it was worth it. Oh boy, was it worth it cuz this game was both a video game and a cartoon and I loved both. And if I remember correctly, I wanted to fuck Princess Daphne and I was clueless as to what that even meant but I knew that there was something about her. So, I'm standing there, gripping my $.50 and patiently waiting while the guy that's playing is beating the game. I'd seen that guy many times before and he always beat the game without losing a man. I wait there until he beats the game and finally my time arrives and I step up to the machine. I put my $.50 in the machine. I grab the joystick and... .. ...I'm off the game in less than a minute.
I wish I could play that game still to this day. I'd spend a lot of money playing it until I beat it.

Ms. Pac-Man, Asteroids Deluxe and Donkey Kong 3Image by Aaron Landry via Flickr

Ms Pac-Man vs Duck Hunt: The battle of the old school favorites. Tough choice to be made here. Still love to see a Ms Pac-Man. Especially a table top Ms. Pac-Man. I just always thought that having a video game as a coffee table was the coolest thing in the world. But we all loved playing Duck Hunt. How many times have you gotten mad at that dog for laughing at you when you missed and tried to shoot him? Yeah we all did it. But I gotta go with Ms. Pac-Man. Such great memories surround sometimes just having a Ms. Pac-Man machine in the room. Those machines signify a certain time period. Arcade games were everywhere you went. I miss that.

Tetris vs Tomb Raider: I spent many an hour watching Kevin make Lara Croft try to jump and grab hold to some ledge. Needless to say that was boring for me. On the other hand though, I remember my parents actually bought me a Gameboy (I wonder what line I ran on them to dish out that kinda cash. I probably tricked them by saying it was something educational.) so I have played Tetris for many more hours. I feel sorry for that younger me. I needed a life. But still it was cool to see the rocket take off on Tetris.

Mario Kart vs Sonic the Hedgehog: They must call hedgehogs hedgehogs cuz the look like little pigs that are carrying little bushes on their backs cuz other wise it wouldn't make sense to name them after a fat guy sitting by a bush saying, "No. Get out of here. You can't have any of this hedge, it's mine." I'm just saying...it doesn't make sense.

Well that's all for now. I'll see you all tomorrow.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Video Games - Round 1

Well, here we are with another week of Coffee Cake and this week we will be exploring the wonderful world of video games. I'ma tell you right now, I know very little about video games. I'm old school as hell and most of my favorite games didn't even make the tournament. They are just so old that no one gives a shit about them any more. That being said I hope the seeding of the tournament doesn't make me an embarrassment to any hard core games who might be reading. And just in case there are some hard core gamers who are turning up their noses to my rankings, get a life geek! I'm a DJ by trade. I'm was too busy making the party live and getting all the girls to sit around moving my thumb around.
No, just kidding (not really). To be honest this tournament is dedicated to my friend Kevin. He has been a true gamer ever since I've known him and most of what I know about video games I learned from hanging out with him. We used to go to arcades where he would be in Street Fighter tournaments and playing other games so well that people would stand around and watch him play. I, on the other hand, would find the nearest bar and order a beer.

So let's talk about the matches.

The number 1s look pretty safe. The 16 seeds are pretty interesting games though. Oregon Trail was fun. I don't know if it was REALLY fun or if I was just happy to be playing a game on the computer at school. I mean really your characters would be dying of dysentery. I didn't know what dysentery was back then. That's a lot to hang on a kid who just wants to play a game. Space Invaders is one of the first games I remember being able to play well. I remember playing it for so long one time that the game just said, "Congratulations" and started completely over. Toe Jam and Earl...never liked that name. Pong...still fun and for some reason the simple name make me giggle inside.

Chrono Trigger vs Crazy Taxi: I had never even heard of Chrono Trigger until I made this bracket. While I was struggling trying to seed the games, I looked at a lot of Top 100s list. Chronos Trigger was in the top 5 on a lot of lists. How can that be and I've never even heard of it? Well, I do know Crazy Taxi was a lot of fun. I had forgotten about it until I saw a commercial where someone was playing it. I always picked the dread locked taxi driver.

Resident Evil vs Ecco the Dolphin: I remember watching Kevin play Resident Evil. The shit was nasty. More than I could handle. I've never seen Ecco the Dolphin in action before but I'm sure a dolphin couldn't possibly freak me out as bad as the Resident Evil zombies. My vote goes to Ecco.

World of Warcraft vs Double Dribble: I've never played World of Warcraft. I'm an Everquest man myself. But I am going to pick it because I love RPGs. What I remember most about Double Dribble was that it was one of the first games I heard talk. When it came on it said Double Dribble and you know what it said but is sounded like someone was saying it with a mouth full of water.

Super Smash Bros vs The Sims: I'm voting for Super Smash Bros. Let me tell you why. When The Sims hit the market everyone seems like they were playing it. My friends finally talked me into trying it and what the fuck is this shit? I'm baby sitting a video game. I don't need a guilt trip cuz my video game died cuz I forgot to feed it! It was a person. When people get hungry they go find food. Or how bout I leave for awhile and come back to find my video game is dead because apparently it was so dumb that when it found food it burned the house down trying to cook it. And worst of all my video game pissed on itself because I didn't tell it to go to the bathroom. I deal with dumb people on a daily basis. The last thing I need is a game simulating how dumb humanity it. Super Smash Bros gets the vote.

Guitar Hero vs X-Wing: Yo. X-Wing was dope. I played the hell out of that game. Those missions were a lot of fun and challenging. I wasn't very good at the game but so what I was flying an X-Wing and a Y-Wing and that was good enough for me. I admit I like guitar hero but getting to pretend to be in rogue squadron was the greatest thing a game could offer me.

II gotta get some sleep. More commentary to come.


Don't worry, it's coming..

I'm almost done filling in the bracket. It will be up and ready to vote on soon.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cartoons - Round 5 (The Final Four)

I want to clear up something because I've been hearing a lot of grumbling as I talk to people. Some of the Coffee Cake members who have been voting for awhile think that the Gargoyles fans are cheating. Let me tell you, they are not.
A Gargoyles fansite has been promoting this tournament through their website message boards and through Twitter. Nothing wrong with that. Subway, KFC and Taco Bell did the same thing when we did Fast Food and so did eBaum's World and Cinematical when we did Websites.
Now I did see what looked like a student at a University in San Antonio where it looked like they kept logging in at a different computer in the computer lab but I don't think that had anything to do with Gargoyles.
They are up against some stiff competition this round. Do they have the strength to pull off two more wins? We will see.

I'd talk more about this round but I am typing this from work.

Remember folks this is all in fun.

Cartoons - Round 4 (The Elite Eight)

This is crazy. Gargoyles and Animaniacs (not to mention some bad picks on their own) are straight messing up the brackets for the people in the T-shirt contest. The Elite Eight could make things mighty ugly for them. Let's look at the match ups.

Looney Tunes vs Animaniacs: Yes Animaniacs gave us Pinky and the Brain, The God Pigeon, and all that but there would be no Animaniacs with out Looney Tunes. Give me Bugs, Daffy and Porky.

Animaniacs had a wide cast of characters. Show...Image via Wikipedia

Scooby Doo vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: While I will admit that I liked the Turtles, Scooby Doo is just more my era. I always wanted to be a part of that crew. I wondered how come they were so young and travelling the country in such a cool van. Why weren't they in school? Why didn't they have jobs. How could I do that and avoid the ghosts and shit? Scooby gets my vote.

The Simpsons vs Gargoyles: This should be simple. The Simpsons. But Gargoyles has been kicking butt all tournament long. While I'm going to vote for The Simpsons I think Gargoyles will probably win this match and head to the final four. Is Gargoyles the Butler University of this tournament? We shall see.

Transformers vs South Park: Come on be honest. The very idea of what a transformer is is awesome. Like if your cell phone could turn into a robot and help you lift that heavy box your boss told you to move, you'd be all about that, wouldn't you? Damn right. Now the idea behind South Park is a bunch of bad ass kids and dumb adults. I LIVE THIS CARTOON EVERYDAY!! Give me Transformers. Let me dream.

Final Four coming tomorrow!

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cartoons - Round 3 (The Sweet Sixteen)

I'm updating this at work so this update is going to be sporadic at best. So please bear with me.

Let me start things out but saying fuck cartoon ducks. Because of Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales I now hate both Daffy and Donald (Donald's punk ass is even related to most of the characters in those cartoons), both of which I used to be big fans of. Come on, The Peanuts Gang goes down to a bunch of ducks? Good grief!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Ren and Stimpy: I never liked Ren and Stimpy. Shit was nasty. Michealangelo was my boy. TMNT it is.

Scooby Doo vs Dexter's Lab: I had a crush on Velma from Scooby Doo. She was hiding something awesome under that orange sweater, I just know it. If you are a girl who people tell you that you look like Velma, shoot me an email. We got a date made in animation fetish heaven. But truth be told Scooby Doo couldn't always hold my attention. Dexter's Lab is always funny to me. Dexter get's the vote.

Animaniacs vs The Tick: This is a losing battle for me. I'm voting for The Tick. That show just appeals perfectly to my sense of humor. But Animaniacs was good. Real good. And folks love it. I know it's going to win. But I'm pulling for you Tick.

Looney Tunes vs Pinky and the Brain: Pinky and the Brain have been killing it each round and I have been voting against theam each time. I'm going to continue to vote against them this round. I love Bugs Bunny and all of the Looney Tunes characters. Even Daffy. But I think they may be going down this round.

Duck Tales vs Gargoyles: I've never seen Gargoyles but I am voting for them. Fuck a duck.

The Simpsons vs Batman: This is another possible loss of a #1. I'm pulling for The Simpsons but The Dark Knight probably has what it takes to knock them off.

Transformers vs Darkwing Duck: Autobots....roll out!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cartoons - Round 2

Amazing first round. Some big names went down in the first round. Voltron, The Boondocks, Woody Woodpecker, Family Guy, Fat Albert all went home with their heads hanging down. Big surprise of the day was Gargoyles fans turning out in big numbers to support their show. Can they keep it moving against anime favorite Cowboy Bebop? We'll see. It's round 2!

Jim Henson's Muppet BabiesImage via Wikipedia

The Flintstones vs Muppet Babies: I'm picking the Flintstones. They had so many great years and over those years gave us so many great characters, like The Great Gazoo. Even though I watched Muppet Babies every Saturday and loved all of their Star Wars references, The Flintstones covered a wider span of time in my life. Gotta go with The Flintstones.

Transformers vs Popeye: You know who my favorite character on Transformers is? Well as a kid it was Jazz. Who didn't love Scatman Curruthers voice if you grew up in that time period? Now a days my favorite character is Starscream. What a fucked up, backstabbing, ass kisser. Have you ever held an office job and worked with a person like that? You hate them. Starscream took that personality to such a beautiful extreme. You can laugh at him and hate him at the same time. My vote goes with Transformers.

The Smurfs vs Darkwing Duck: When they announced that The Smurfs were going to be released on DVD I went and reserved a copy. I live in Macon, Georgia. There was no chance that The Smurfs on DVD was going to sell out. I can't tell you how many times I've watched that DVD, and I fall out every time Smurfette wishes Clumsy Smurf was "fit as a fiddle" and because of Hogatha's enchancted necklace Clumsy comes running out the house and he has turned into a fiddle I fall out. The Smurfs get the vote Darkwing Duck gets the rub cuz he beat Fat Albert.

The Simpsons vs King of the Hill: Poor Hank Hill. You love him like you loved Archie Bunker. Sorry pal there's not enough sympathy for you to make me vote against 20 years of television. Can you believe that next year the people who turn drinking age will have had the Simpsons on TV their entire life?

Inspector Gadget vs Batman: Growing up I had a crush on Cree Summer who played Freddie on "A Different World". The reason I am telling you this is because Cree Summer was the voice of Penny on Inspector Gadget. She also did a voice on the Ewoks cartoon series. Ewoks are part of the Star Wars franchise. Mark Hamil played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. He is also the voice of The Joker on the Batman cartoon series. I'm voting for Batman. See how this all ties together?

Cowboy Bebop vs Gargoyles: Can't say I know anything about Gargoyles other than it has some sort of cult following. But Cowboy Bebop was my joint. That opening theme was great. The Teddy Bear Bomber episode is one of my favorites. Jet Black is in the top 5 of my all time favorite cartoon characters. My vote is with Cowboy Bebop.

The Peanuts vs Duck Tales: You're kidding. The Peanuts all day. Nothing beats Charlie Brown and Linus leaning on the wall waxing poetic over the meaning of all things. Plus Franklin was the man.

Looney Toons vs Thundercats: Let's talk monsters here. Gossamer was the best monster ever. Mum-Ra was the worst villain ever. My vote goes to Looney Tunes.

Power Puff Girls vs Pinky and the Brain: Mojo JoJo. How can you lose with a name like that?

G.I. Joe vs Anamaniacs: When you get older you see things differently. I'm not going to get on a soap box but as a kid G.I. Joe was my favorite cartoon and my favorite toys. Now, the idea of war disgusts me. To think that I sat for hours on end watching a cartoon about war trips me out. I still like it but it is mainly for the kitsch factor. What I remember most about Animaniacs is the song about all the states and their capitols. Entertainment and educational. I dig it. Animaniacs get the vote.

Tom & Jerry vs The Tick: I don't care what any of you old violence loving people say, The Tick was one of the funniest shows on TV at the time bar none. There were two episodes where The Tick had a pet dog that everyone thought either had some health issues or it was just dumb. Come to find out it wasn't even a dog at all, it was a sewer rat. There was an episode that involved a time machine and somehow historical figures of the past formed a crime fighting team. George Washington Carver had a gun that shot peanuts!! The Tick baby. Remind me to buy that on DVD.

The Jetsons vs Dexter's Lab: I love the opening theme to The Jetsons. It reminds me of Esquavel. But Dexter's Lab is like someone tapped into my wildest dreams as a kid and made that cartoon. I wanted to be a scientist as a kid and I wanted to build robots. Dexter's Lab gets my vote.

Congratulations to Catherine who won the first round of the cartoons contest. Best wishes to all as they move into the second round and beyond.

If you are not already a friend of the Coffee Cake Extravaganza on Facebook please join us over there.

And that should be about it.

See you Wednesday.

Rog Mahal
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