Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cartoons - Round 2

Amazing first round. Some big names went down in the first round. Voltron, The Boondocks, Woody Woodpecker, Family Guy, Fat Albert all went home with their heads hanging down. Big surprise of the day was Gargoyles fans turning out in big numbers to support their show. Can they keep it moving against anime favorite Cowboy Bebop? We'll see. It's round 2!

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The Flintstones vs Muppet Babies: I'm picking the Flintstones. They had so many great years and over those years gave us so many great characters, like The Great Gazoo. Even though I watched Muppet Babies every Saturday and loved all of their Star Wars references, The Flintstones covered a wider span of time in my life. Gotta go with The Flintstones.

Transformers vs Popeye: You know who my favorite character on Transformers is? Well as a kid it was Jazz. Who didn't love Scatman Curruthers voice if you grew up in that time period? Now a days my favorite character is Starscream. What a fucked up, backstabbing, ass kisser. Have you ever held an office job and worked with a person like that? You hate them. Starscream took that personality to such a beautiful extreme. You can laugh at him and hate him at the same time. My vote goes with Transformers.

The Smurfs vs Darkwing Duck: When they announced that The Smurfs were going to be released on DVD I went and reserved a copy. I live in Macon, Georgia. There was no chance that The Smurfs on DVD was going to sell out. I can't tell you how many times I've watched that DVD, and I fall out every time Smurfette wishes Clumsy Smurf was "fit as a fiddle" and because of Hogatha's enchancted necklace Clumsy comes running out the house and he has turned into a fiddle I fall out. The Smurfs get the vote Darkwing Duck gets the rub cuz he beat Fat Albert.

The Simpsons vs King of the Hill: Poor Hank Hill. You love him like you loved Archie Bunker. Sorry pal there's not enough sympathy for you to make me vote against 20 years of television. Can you believe that next year the people who turn drinking age will have had the Simpsons on TV their entire life?

Inspector Gadget vs Batman: Growing up I had a crush on Cree Summer who played Freddie on "A Different World". The reason I am telling you this is because Cree Summer was the voice of Penny on Inspector Gadget. She also did a voice on the Ewoks cartoon series. Ewoks are part of the Star Wars franchise. Mark Hamil played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. He is also the voice of The Joker on the Batman cartoon series. I'm voting for Batman. See how this all ties together?

Cowboy Bebop vs Gargoyles: Can't say I know anything about Gargoyles other than it has some sort of cult following. But Cowboy Bebop was my joint. That opening theme was great. The Teddy Bear Bomber episode is one of my favorites. Jet Black is in the top 5 of my all time favorite cartoon characters. My vote is with Cowboy Bebop.

The Peanuts vs Duck Tales: You're kidding. The Peanuts all day. Nothing beats Charlie Brown and Linus leaning on the wall waxing poetic over the meaning of all things. Plus Franklin was the man.

Looney Toons vs Thundercats: Let's talk monsters here. Gossamer was the best monster ever. Mum-Ra was the worst villain ever. My vote goes to Looney Tunes.

Power Puff Girls vs Pinky and the Brain: Mojo JoJo. How can you lose with a name like that?

G.I. Joe vs Anamaniacs: When you get older you see things differently. I'm not going to get on a soap box but as a kid G.I. Joe was my favorite cartoon and my favorite toys. Now, the idea of war disgusts me. To think that I sat for hours on end watching a cartoon about war trips me out. I still like it but it is mainly for the kitsch factor. What I remember most about Animaniacs is the song about all the states and their capitols. Entertainment and educational. I dig it. Animaniacs get the vote.

Tom & Jerry vs The Tick: I don't care what any of you old violence loving people say, The Tick was one of the funniest shows on TV at the time bar none. There were two episodes where The Tick had a pet dog that everyone thought either had some health issues or it was just dumb. Come to find out it wasn't even a dog at all, it was a sewer rat. There was an episode that involved a time machine and somehow historical figures of the past formed a crime fighting team. George Washington Carver had a gun that shot peanuts!! The Tick baby. Remind me to buy that on DVD.

The Jetsons vs Dexter's Lab: I love the opening theme to The Jetsons. It reminds me of Esquavel. But Dexter's Lab is like someone tapped into my wildest dreams as a kid and made that cartoon. I wanted to be a scientist as a kid and I wanted to build robots. Dexter's Lab gets my vote.

Congratulations to Catherine who won the first round of the cartoons contest. Best wishes to all as they move into the second round and beyond.

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And that should be about it.

See you Wednesday.

Rog Mahal
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  1. yes indeed.
    witness the awesome power of The Tick.

    "And my middle name used to be Helping People, The Helping People Tick." -The Tick (1994)

  2. Erm... It was a bit obvious that you know nothing about Gargoyles since you tried to put it up against Family Guy =/ they may both be cartoons, but they aren't remotely similar. It's like trying to compare That 70s Show to NCIS.

    It's really worth watching or at least learning about...

  3. Hey, how you doing. Welcome to Coffee Cake. It's always great to see a new face.

  4. Rog... you know I love you man... but I think I am going to have to argue your G.I. Joe comment. I know I am posting this after the round closed, and that's okay, but G.I. Joe wasn't a military show. The original G.I. Joe was a G.I., that is to say the 12 inch figure was a soldier, the end. G.I. Joe was about ninjas, hot and deadly chicks in skin tight outfits, and the xamot/tomax dilemma. More than that, these guys weren't out invading Iraq/Afghanistan/InsertCountryHere, they were a specialized group fighting pure evil. If Osama were, instead, SuperOsama, and if he were minus several unbathed militants and plus a ninja and lots of multi-million dollar hovercraft/jets/submarines, and if he were also acompanied by highly trained super-operatives... well, then we might need something like that. G.I. Joe is a classic good against evil story like Lord of the Rings (without all the walking) or StarWars (with more available oxygen/gravity). I am about as anti-war as anyone I know, but I cannot lump these guys in with those guys.