Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liquor - Round 2

You can't tell me you aren't excited abut this round. Every one of these match ups are solid. Let's take a look.

Jack Daniel's vs Jim Beam: For me this is the big daddy match up. If you have ever heard any of the stories of Roger and Amanda (and/or Jeff Payne) it usually involves Jack Daniel's. In fact let me share one of them with you. Amanda, Jeff and I stayed out all night drinking and when I say all night I mean when we finally decided to go home the sun was up there in the sky. Normally that's the type of thing that drunks hate. Not us. Jeff said, "Let's go get some Waffle House." And of course I went along for the ride. So, it's about 7am and we are riding up Spring St in Macon which is one of the main roads leading into downtown Macon. We stop at a red light when this guy in a motorized wheelchair rolls out into the middle of the intersection and begins to have a crack attack. He starts shaking like he's about to fall out the chair. Then he pulls off his hat, stretches his arm straight up in the air with hat in hand, and then slams the hat on the ground. Then his hand hits the little stick on the wheel chair and he begins spinning in circles in the middle of the intersection. Yes, the muthafucka is doing doughnuts in a motorized wheelchair. So I am sitting there absolutely amazed at what I am seeing when all of a sudden Jeff says, "Well we can't have that," and begins to drive his giant Chevy Silverado pickup truck in circles around the guy spinning in circles in the middle of the intersection. Jeff leans out the window and starts yelling at the guy, "Hey! What the hell is your problem? You on drugs or something? Get out the damn street!!" At this point I was thinking to myself, "We are definitely going to jail this morning." Surprisingly, not one other car passed us during this whole ordeal. But yeah that was a Jack Daniel's night. And I've got plenty more stories like that while drinking Jack Daniel's. Needless to say, you know where my vote is going.

Crown Royal vs Jameson: While I intend to drink some Jameson this Wednesday, there was a time early in my drinking career when I loved my Crown Royal. And who doesn't love those little purple bags? I keep my wine cork and beer bottle cap collections in them. Plus Crown Royal and Coke smells so good! Crown Royal gets my vote.

Grey Goose vs Ketel One: I know Terrell Sandefur is sitting somewhere watching this match up and plotting on how to put Grey Goose over the edge if it gets in trouble. But I'm voting for Ketel. I've had many a good times serving Ketel to Dirt Dog.

Captain Morgan vs Bacardi: Wow. Tough one. Bacardi was my mom's drink. So I've tried it a plenty and it is usually my go to rum when there is nothing special around. But The Captain goes so well in Egg Nog and Hot Spiced Cider. I'm voting Captain. Speaking on Captain Morgan I dated this girl who went out a bought a bottle of some cheap knock off Captain Morgan. It was called Admiral Nelson. Funny stuff.

Patron vs 1800: As I am typing this Patron is winning this match 11 - 0. I didn't see that coming. I thought 1800 would give Patron a run. But yeah I've heard T-Pain before. Patron gets my vote too.

Bombay vs Tanqueray: Bombay. The Sapphire bottle is so pretty. Plus Tanqueray hurts me. I get a head ache before I get drunk.

Bailey's vs Kahlua: I know this is going to sound weird but every now and then I like to sip a Bailey's on the rocks. It's like drinking dessert. Kahlua I like over ice cream. But I gotta go with Bailey's

Hennessy vs Glenlivet: Fact: 80% of the total Cognac sells in the U.S. are attributed to black folks. So just to fuck up the curve on that statistic, I am voting for Glenlivet. Honestly, one of my favorite things about the fall is drinking scotch. (P.S. my Cognac of choice is Remy Martin V.S.O.P. ... sorry Hennessy.)

Round 3 is going to be interesting. Stay turned for details on a Men's NCAA tournament contest where you could win a Coffee Cake "Home Cooked Dishes" T-shirt.
See you tomorrow!



  1. My all time favourite drink is gin and tonic. My second favourite, if I can afford it, is a dirty gin martini with extra olives. I discovered that Hendricks cucumber-y gin makes an excellent cucumber gin and tonic (as the Honey made one for me with fresh from the garden cucumbers this past summer) so I am very sad to see that Hendricks is out. Shout out to Camilia for introducing us to Hendricks! Okay, so actual voting...

    Sometimes, alcohol is divided among racial lines. If Coffeecake had more black readers, Mr. Boston just might have won and Hennessy might now be in the lead. I picked Glenlivet because I like the sound it makes when I say it. Glen-Live-it.

    Ummm, the only way to make an Irish car bomb is to put some Bailey's in it. Bailey's and Jameson... mmmm...

    Bombay v. Tanqueray - since I have a big ass container of Bombay in my fridge, courtesy of a birthday gift, I'm going with Bombay. I tried Tanqueray and the Rangpur variety and find them both a tad disgusting. Also, freaked out by commercials with that Sinclair fella...Bombay is only slightly ahead, but I think it can pull off the win.

    Patron is kicking 1800's ass- taking each and every vote from all 12 of us! I think Patron can take this sucka!

    Captain Morgan had a slight edge over Bacardi, but I think that Bacardi might get the win before the 24 hour cycle is over.

    I've only had Ketel One once, but it was after years of drinking vodka. I still remember my first taste of Grey Goose. Nostalgia wins and I hope other coffeecakers vote with me on that one.

    Crown Royal makes me want to vomit, but I LOVED the bag. Jameson for the win.

    The only reason I care about Jack Daniels is because they gave me a nice set of glasses in a Christmas package I bought that are really good for gin and tonics. Marketing, for the win!