Thursday, March 18, 2010

Liquor - Round 4 (The Final Four)

Jack Daniel's vs Grey Goose: All I have to say about this match is that Jack Daniels sounds like someone who would carry a gun. Grey Goose sounds like something that gets shot by a gun. Not looking good for Grey Goose in my book.

Bombay vs Bailey's: Jack Daniels doesn't consider itself a bourbon. It is a sour mash whiskey produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee. No one know for sure what The Old No. 7 on a bottle of Jack Daniel's stands for there are many good theories but the truth is a mystery that died with Jack...
Oh! I'm supposed to be talking about Bombay vs Bailey's?

Bombay for the win.


  1. So, in the course of getting my NCAA brackets together and preparing for St. Paddy's The Anti-Valentine's Day Color is STILL Green Day, I didn't get to make my predictions for today's final four.

    I'm really surprised that Jack Daniel's put Crown Royal out. But then again, more people drink Jack (or have really crazy, should have been arrested, stories) than Crown.

    I thought sure Bacardi would beat Grey Goose. I was pulling for the Goose, but these things normally don't go my way. I think the Grey Goose v. Jack Daniel's fight is gonna go down only one way. With a Goose win! I don't care how many jack stories Roger has, Grey Goose tastes way better than Jack and every last one of you know that!

    I was a bit mixed in my thought of the Bombay v Patron matchup. I like Bombay, but it's not my gin of choice. Patron is my tequila of choice. But I didn't want gin to totally be out of it either, so I went for Bombay. I'm betting Bombay rips Bailey's a new one!

    And finally Glenlivet v Bailey's. We all know I like saying Glenlivet and drinking Bailey's. How did Glenlivet even get this far? Was it up against Mr. Boston each round? Damn! I want to meet the person I know, in person, who has a bottle of Glenlivet in their home. And then, if it's so frakkin' good, how did Bailey's beat it? I mean, table crashing glasses and pinky rings aside...

    So, just in case you want the short version:
    Bombay and Grey Goose are handing out ass whippings tonight!

  2. Bombay vs. Bailey's? That's like taking a grenade launcher to a water balloon fight. I'm not a big gin drinker - it's the only liquor I can think of that had to have a mixer created for the sole purpose of making it palatable.

    That being said, I like Bailey's even less - it's not a drink I'd ever devote a whole night to, if you know what I mean.

    As much as I loathe gin, I really don't think Bailey's has a chance here, but then, I have a bottle of Glenlivet at the house, so I'm already biased. Bombay all the way, baby.

    Jack vs. Grey Goose might be the best match-up of the tournament. It's a shame one of them has to go down before the final, but my money's on Jack. Everybody likes vodka, sure, and Grey Goose is like the Tony Hawk of vodkas (I'm a Stoli man, personally) but I don't think Jack knows how to lose.

    Jack Daniels himself was only 4'10", which might explain why his liquor comes in such a (relatively) small bottle, but like Little Mac in Punch Out! I say Jack's got the punch.

    My prediction for the Final: Bombay vs. Jack Daniels.

  3. Wil, you do not have a bottle of Glenlivet in your house. I don't know this for a fact, but I'm okay with that! You're still the best trivia guy in Macon though. My favourite line in your post: "I don't think Jack knows how to lose." He sure as hell doesn't, but he'll learn tonight!

    (this is me trying to get shite started)

  4. I don't think Jack knows how to lose.

  5. I totally have a bottle of Glenlivet at the house, ask anyone. That's not to say it's got anything in it at the moment, but I keep it around to remind me to buy more.

    Looks to me like Jack's pulling ahead.