Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guitarists - Round 2

Sometimes I think you people vote against me just to piss me off. Now I sat there and told you all that Steve Cropper was my all time favorite guitarist and what did you do? You voted against him. THIS IS THE GUY BEHIND SITTING ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY!! There was only one...uno... 1 upset in the whole first round and it was Prince beating Steve Cropper! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Did Old Pickle Head have something to do with this?

Well anyway. Let's talk about today's matches. Things are heating up.

Jimi Hendrix vs Buddy Guy: Tough one. These two were playing around the same time. Buddy Guy was probably as much a showman as Hendrix but Hendrix took the sounds to a new universe. Gotta go with Hendrix.

Chuck Berry vs Les Paul: Oh boy. Chuck Berry and Les Paul are also from the same era of playing. And that whole having a type of guitar named after you really gets me. But that's not all there is to Les Paul he was innovative as hell. Have you ever heard him play from back in the day? Take a look at this. Les Paul was on some shit. I think I am voting for Les Paul.

Jimmy Page vs Wes Montgomery: We all know Jimmy Page. The guitar from Led Zeppelin. And no doubt that Page is one of the best but take a good listen t0 Wes Montgomery. The clarity of each note. The way it sounds as if the guitar is trying to talk but just can't quite form words. That's the genius behind Wes Montgomery. I 've got to go with Wes Montgomery.

Duane Allman vs Robert Johnson: This is Obi Wan vs Darth Vader. The student vs the master. Robert Johnson's playing is amazing. You would think two people are playing at the same time. Makes you wonder what he would have done with an electric guitar. Duane Allman was one of the absolute best guitar players of all time. We all know that. Now the question for me becomes could Duane Allman have become what he was if there had been no Robert Johnson? Probably not. If Robert Johnson had access to the technology would he have played better than Duane? Who knows. Take a pick Roger... Wow. I think I will go with... Duane Allman. Only because since I am living in Macon I am more familiar with his music.

Stevie Ray Vaughn vs Jeff Beck: Yeah I know Stevie Ray Vaughn is great but I can't say I like him. I mean that whenever I hear Stevie Ray Vaughn it is a song that someone else made famous. Now when I hear him playing something I am not familiar with, I love it. But most of the time he seems to be in second place. Now Jeff Beck just blows me away every time I hear him. Even if it is just a little cameo solo like this. I love that!! I'm going with Jeff Beck.

Carlos Santana vs Bo Diddley: Carlos Santana gets a bad rap because of that album he put out with all those cameos on it. You couldn't escape it. But there are some absolutely amazing songs out there from Santana that you never hear. Now, Bo Diddley. Bo Diddley played a rectangular guitar. There is a rhythm called "The Bo Diddley Beat"(for the record let me say the guy playing the maracas had to have been tired when they finished that song) . And I swear Bo Diddley was one of the coolest men ever to live. I'm going with Bo Diddley on this.

Eric Clapton vs George Harrison: I'm never sure of how much I like Eric Clapton. I'm always second guessing him. I don't think it is his fault. I really think all of his fans who think he's the world's greatest guitar player need to just calm down a bit and maybe I would agree. Maybe. That said, I just like George Harrison. He gets my vote.

B, B, King vs Prince: Sorry Prince. You are going down. That's what you get for beating Steve Cropper. B. B. King is the most powerful guitarist I've ever heard. One note at a time he makes you understand the feeling and meaning of the song. His guitar playing hits you like a person who is telling you something very important. You have to pay close attention. When he says "The thrill is gone," the guitar is right there explaining how it happened.

Well that's it for now. See you all tomorrow.

The Rog

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