Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sneak Peek and Cartoon Contest

Well folks. There it is. Coffee Cake's first 64 bracket. There's an extra round so that means an extra day of voting. So let me tell you all how we will do this. The voting will start on Monday and the finals will be on Saturday.

Now we are going to try this whole contest thing again. I have one more Coffee Cake t-shirt. Fill out the Cartoon bracket the way you think it will play out. If you get the most points you will win the T-shirt. There is one point for first round wins, 2 points for second round, and so on. Fill out the bracket and email a copy to me in Jpeg format. roger.riddle[at]
Got it?
See you all Monday.


  1. that's a tough friggin bracket. TMNT vs. Aeon Flux might have been the hardest decision I've ever made.

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