Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Liquor - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

The Elite 8 is always my favorite round on Coffee Cake. Look at these matches today. Jack vs Crown? Patron vs Bombay? Amazing. Who's headed to the Final Four?

Jack Daniel's vs Crown Royal: I drank some Crown Royal last night. It was a tribute. Like drinking with a buddy who's about to have a vasectomy. It's like celebrating winning the tournament play in game. You pat Arkansas - Pine Bluff on the back and say good job but in the back of your mind you say now you're gonna lose to Duke. Jack Daniel's gets my vote.

Grey Goose vs Bacardi: Let me tell you about one of my favorite drinks when I need to switch up from my usual Jack and Ginger. It is called a New Orleans Rum Buck. It is a shot of rum, a splash of OJ, a splash of lime juice, ginger ale and shaken and served over ice. I ask for Bacardi. I have no Grey Goose cocktails. Goose is going down like it's been shot during hunting season.

Patron vs Bombay: I had a couple of Bombay drinkers sitting at the bar last night. I got tipped off them. The one Patron drink I made yesterday was a Patron and Red Bull and the customer who ordered it walked off and didn't pay the server I made it for. Now tell me something Mr. Patron...How am I supposed to get paid when your drinkers do shit like that? Huh? I think you need to quit focusing on being the drink of pop star rappers and focus on getting the bartender paid. Until you get your act together my vote goes to Bombay.
Bombay, you're classy. You go in Martinis. Keep up the good work.

I'm watching you Patron.

Glenlivet vs Bailey's: This is a tough one for me. I didn't realize how much I like Bailey's until this tournament. Nothing to me says "I got it going on," better than being well dressed with your neck tie slightly undone and two fingers of Glenlivet in a rocks glass so heavy that when you sit it down to adjust your pinky ring you are afraid it might cause the table you place it on to collapse. But let's be honest. I don't own a rocks glass that heavy... .. ... yet. There is something respectable about Bailey's even though it is a sweet drink. And most times when I have it, it is a secondary mixer in a drink but still. My vote goes to the Cinderella. Bailey's.

Final Four tomorrow.

Don't forget to get your tournament brackets to me by 10pm tonight. roger.riddle[at]


Raj Mahal

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