Friday, May 28, 2010

Magazines - Round 5 (The Finals)

Well we have made it to the finals. Thanks to all of those you hung in there and voted on this first tournament since the little break I took. Let your friends know Coffee Cake is back and in full effect. Next week's tournament should be a lot of fun. We will be doing Beer. And the week after that should also be a hoot as we take on Zoo Animals.

But right now we are at the finals on Magazines. Let's take a look see.

National Geographic vs The New Yorker: I am going with The New Yorker on this one. Both of these magazines are absolutely top notch and the best of the best in bathroom reading. I think The New Yorker has the lock on the best articles while National Geographic has the best pictures. But the years of subscriptions to The New Yorker makes me lean that way. Plus I love those New Yorker comics..

Ok folks! See you next week!
Rog Mahal
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Magazines - Round 4 (The Final Four)

Here we are at the Final Four of magazines. I'll make this one quick and painless on you.

National Geographic vs Playboy: All the fellas just kinda snickered. I'm going with Playboy. Honestly if Playboy didn't have naked women in it, it would still be a very good magazine.

The New Yorker vs High Times: This is the first time in the whole tournament that High Times didn't have to face off against a food magazine. I'm going with The New Yorker on this one. I love that magazine. It is such a good read every week. It hits on so many things that are important to me. Current events, art, music, politics, what's happening all over the world. I just dig it. High Times...well, no doubt that High Times is important but come on....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magazines - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

The Elite Eight is always my favorite match ups of the week. Today I won't be able to do the commentary until this evening, so I will see you then.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magazines - Round 2 (The Sweet Sixteen)

Cover image of High Times premiere issue, Summ...Image via Wikipedia

So we made it to round 2 and we are still going. The knees are still a little weak. The stomach is a little queezy but we are hanging in there. Let's look at today's match ups.

Bon Appetit vs High Times: I like that High Times has to take on two cooking magazines in the first two rounds. It beat A Taste Of Home to move on to the second round and it is giving Bon Appetit a run for its money today. I'm sure there have been recipes in High Times.

Better Homes and Gardens vs Complex: I think the readers of Readymade are probably jumping on the Better Homes and Gardens bandwagon. I don't think the guys buyers guide stands a chance this round even though I voted for it.

New Yorker coverImage via Wikipedia

The New Yorker vs WIRED: I love The New Yorker. I feel smarter for reading it. I feel sophisticated when I laugh at the comics in it. I dream of strolling through the MoMA after reading about a great exhibit there. I subscribe to it off an on. Right now I am without a subscription and I miss it. I've never read WIRED so I think you can figure where my vote is going to go.

Popular Science vs The Smithsonian: There is a point in your life when you realize that you are no longer edgy or cool. I hit that point when I realized that the only radio station I listen to is NPR are my only magazine subscription currently is to The Smithsonian. Now don't get me wrong, The Smithsonian has some good reading in it. Really interesting stuff. But come on this is the Nova of magazines. I'm a nerd. My co-workers ask me to hang out on a Monday night and I tell them no cuz I have to get home and listen to RadioLab on Georgia Public Broadcasting. I go and sit on the toilet and I grab a copy of The Smithsonian. Then I talk about it on my blog. How did life get this way?

Rolling Stone vs Playboy: These are two of America's greatest magazines. They both broke ground. Gave some of the greatest interviews ever printed. They changed society. But Playboy...ahhhh I remember the first Playboy I ever saw. It was the one with Vanna White. The second one I saw had Ola Ray as the centerfold. Ola Ray was the girl in Michael Jackson's Thriller vicdeo. She had the prettiest nipples I had ever seen. And at that time I hadn't seen many but I still remember those nipples. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only guy who can remember the first Playboy they've ever seen. The reason for this is most likely because, like me, their first viewing of a Playboy probably coincides with the first time they masturbated. Then depending on how you look at it, life is all downhill from there. You spend the rest of your life chasing women. Well, I'm voting for Playboy. Thanks for ruining my life. Please start putting more natural women in the magazine again so I can start subscribing again. Thanks.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Magazines - Round 1

Well, it's finally here. I guess you all are wondering what happened. Well to be honest I got burned out. Those three big 64entrant tournaments back to back like that left me with Blog block. I just couldn't seem to get myself to get the next tournament together. Which was really ridiculous cuz it's not like I'm saying anything important on Coffee Cake. I'm spitting non-sense. But I couldn't come up with one lick of non-sense to spit. I kept looking at the Magazines tournament and thinking it was going to be boring. I couldn't come up with anything worth reading. Who cares about magazines. Then I was walking down the street the other day and I bump into Michael and Angel "this Girl" Collins and Big Ben. Big Ben said the key to the down time was the movies tournament. The first time we did a movies tournament Coffee Cake went down for months. This time we do the movies tournament and I take a month break. They all said, "Yeah. Don't ever do another Movies tournament." It made me laugh. The first time I had laughed about Coffee Cake since the movies tournament ended. I promised Big Ben that I would have it up right away and here it is.

Let's go Jersey!Image by JD'na via Flickr

So let's do it.

Rolling Stone vs URB: I just recently saw a copy of Rolling Stone and it was normal magazine size. Blew my mind. This recession is even hurting our magazines. It's coll though. Rolling Stone hasn't had anything useful to say about music in the last 15 years. Ok I know that's not true but there is so much pop culture, bullshit that I started to disregard Rolling Stone as a magazine worth reading and I can't remember the last time I really got into one. Now URB, I used to read URB every month. It kept me up on what was happening in the world of Underground Hip-Hop, House, Electronica and just sub-culture music and DJs. Just like Rolling Stone I've stopped reading it. It just wasn't as interesting and I don't have a good reason why. My vote goes with URB in the battle of the magazines I don't care about anymore.

Time vs Lowrider: Lowrider. I don't think I've ever read a copy of Time. But I can sure tell you there are fly ass cars, bad ass bikes and hot Latin women in every issue of Lowrider. The only thing I remember about Time is that O.J. Simpson cover.

Better Homes and Gardens vs O: What the fuck is O about? There is a picture of Oprah on every issue ever published. How much Oprah can one person stand? I mean just from the cover of the magazine I think that it's full of stories about Oprah. I know that can't possibly be. I know what's in Better Homes and Gardens. The name says it all. And I also know there are some bad ass recipes in there. And I love to eat. My vote goes with Better Homes and Gardens. But first back to O. I am stuck because I want just once for them to put something on the cover other than Oprah but at the same time, why break that record? What to do? What to do?

National Geographic vs Mad: Now a days I'm all about National Geographic. As a kid I didn't get it. It was the magazine of choice of the doctor's office so it already had a big fuckin' strike against it in my mind. If it was in the doctor's office, it was evil. It did have one thing going for it. Boobies. They weren't sexy boobies in the least bit but they were boobies none the less. I hadn't discovered Playboy yet. Now back then Mad magazine made all types of sense. No it didn't. I didn't get Mad any more than I got National Geographic but it seemed like something I should like cuz it was a comic. Anyway, I'm voting for National Geographic.

Cosmopolitan vs Paste: I used to love Paste. I was a three year subscriber to that magazine. I even DJed a party for someone who works for Paste. But slowly but surely it seemed like Paste only began to talk about that damn light in the ass indie-rock crap that comes out of Athens, Georgia. For Years Paste had introduced me to so much good music and movies and gave me interesting articles on some of my favorite artists and then they left me hanging. No I've never subscribed to Cosmopolitan but there are always sexy ladies in that magazine and they tell me stuff like "What a woman really wants". Cuz lord knows I don't have any of the stuff that a woman really wants. Good thing I'm smart enough to read a woman's magazine cuz they sure don't publish articles like that in Playboy and GQ. I think they are missing their intended audience. However, they get the vote for putting sexy women in the magazine.

Popular Science vs The Advocate: To be honest, I don't even know anything about The Advocate.

*Wait. I gotta go pay my phone bill and get some lunch. I promise I will look up The Advocate when I get back and talk some more about today's matches*

Ok so I'm back home and I've just found out that The Advocate is "The World's Leading Gay News Source". I am sure that The Advocate is a fine magazine and is full of all the news that's fit for print in the gay community but I am voting for Popular Science. Not because I'm not gay but because I had a subscription to Popular Science growing up because I wanted to be a scientist. I swear if I had wanted to grow up and be gay I would have asked for a subscription to The Advocate and my voting today would be different. But it didn't work out that way. At age 3 I saw Star Wars instead of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Bon Appetit vs Garden and Gun: When you're working in your garden aren't you always thinking about guns? I'm voting for Garden and Gun just based off the name alone. I've seen one issue of it and I have to admit it really is a cool magazine even if the title and the content is a bit strange sometimes.
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