Thursday, May 27, 2010

Magazines - Round 4 (The Final Four)

Here we are at the Final Four of magazines. I'll make this one quick and painless on you.

National Geographic vs Playboy: All the fellas just kinda snickered. I'm going with Playboy. Honestly if Playboy didn't have naked women in it, it would still be a very good magazine.

The New Yorker vs High Times: This is the first time in the whole tournament that High Times didn't have to face off against a food magazine. I'm going with The New Yorker on this one. I love that magazine. It is such a good read every week. It hits on so many things that are important to me. Current events, art, music, politics, what's happening all over the world. I just dig it. High Times...well, no doubt that High Times is important but come on....

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