Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cartoons - Round 3 (The Sweet Sixteen)

I'm updating this at work so this update is going to be sporadic at best. So please bear with me.

Let me start things out but saying fuck cartoon ducks. Because of Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales I now hate both Daffy and Donald (Donald's punk ass is even related to most of the characters in those cartoons), both of which I used to be big fans of. Come on, The Peanuts Gang goes down to a bunch of ducks? Good grief!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Ren and Stimpy: I never liked Ren and Stimpy. Shit was nasty. Michealangelo was my boy. TMNT it is.

Scooby Doo vs Dexter's Lab: I had a crush on Velma from Scooby Doo. She was hiding something awesome under that orange sweater, I just know it. If you are a girl who people tell you that you look like Velma, shoot me an email. We got a date made in animation fetish heaven. But truth be told Scooby Doo couldn't always hold my attention. Dexter's Lab is always funny to me. Dexter get's the vote.

Animaniacs vs The Tick: This is a losing battle for me. I'm voting for The Tick. That show just appeals perfectly to my sense of humor. But Animaniacs was good. Real good. And folks love it. I know it's going to win. But I'm pulling for you Tick.

Looney Tunes vs Pinky and the Brain: Pinky and the Brain have been killing it each round and I have been voting against theam each time. I'm going to continue to vote against them this round. I love Bugs Bunny and all of the Looney Tunes characters. Even Daffy. But I think they may be going down this round.

Duck Tales vs Gargoyles: I've never seen Gargoyles but I am voting for them. Fuck a duck.

The Simpsons vs Batman: This is another possible loss of a #1. I'm pulling for The Simpsons but The Dark Knight probably has what it takes to knock them off.

Transformers vs Darkwing Duck: Autobots....roll out!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cartoons - Round 2

Amazing first round. Some big names went down in the first round. Voltron, The Boondocks, Woody Woodpecker, Family Guy, Fat Albert all went home with their heads hanging down. Big surprise of the day was Gargoyles fans turning out in big numbers to support their show. Can they keep it moving against anime favorite Cowboy Bebop? We'll see. It's round 2!

Jim Henson's Muppet BabiesImage via Wikipedia

The Flintstones vs Muppet Babies: I'm picking the Flintstones. They had so many great years and over those years gave us so many great characters, like The Great Gazoo. Even though I watched Muppet Babies every Saturday and loved all of their Star Wars references, The Flintstones covered a wider span of time in my life. Gotta go with The Flintstones.

Transformers vs Popeye: You know who my favorite character on Transformers is? Well as a kid it was Jazz. Who didn't love Scatman Curruthers voice if you grew up in that time period? Now a days my favorite character is Starscream. What a fucked up, backstabbing, ass kisser. Have you ever held an office job and worked with a person like that? You hate them. Starscream took that personality to such a beautiful extreme. You can laugh at him and hate him at the same time. My vote goes with Transformers.

The Smurfs vs Darkwing Duck: When they announced that The Smurfs were going to be released on DVD I went and reserved a copy. I live in Macon, Georgia. There was no chance that The Smurfs on DVD was going to sell out. I can't tell you how many times I've watched that DVD, and I fall out every time Smurfette wishes Clumsy Smurf was "fit as a fiddle" and because of Hogatha's enchancted necklace Clumsy comes running out the house and he has turned into a fiddle I fall out. The Smurfs get the vote Darkwing Duck gets the rub cuz he beat Fat Albert.

The Simpsons vs King of the Hill: Poor Hank Hill. You love him like you loved Archie Bunker. Sorry pal there's not enough sympathy for you to make me vote against 20 years of television. Can you believe that next year the people who turn drinking age will have had the Simpsons on TV their entire life?

Inspector Gadget vs Batman: Growing up I had a crush on Cree Summer who played Freddie on "A Different World". The reason I am telling you this is because Cree Summer was the voice of Penny on Inspector Gadget. She also did a voice on the Ewoks cartoon series. Ewoks are part of the Star Wars franchise. Mark Hamil played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. He is also the voice of The Joker on the Batman cartoon series. I'm voting for Batman. See how this all ties together?

Cowboy Bebop vs Gargoyles: Can't say I know anything about Gargoyles other than it has some sort of cult following. But Cowboy Bebop was my joint. That opening theme was great. The Teddy Bear Bomber episode is one of my favorites. Jet Black is in the top 5 of my all time favorite cartoon characters. My vote is with Cowboy Bebop.

The Peanuts vs Duck Tales: You're kidding. The Peanuts all day. Nothing beats Charlie Brown and Linus leaning on the wall waxing poetic over the meaning of all things. Plus Franklin was the man.

Looney Toons vs Thundercats: Let's talk monsters here. Gossamer was the best monster ever. Mum-Ra was the worst villain ever. My vote goes to Looney Tunes.

Power Puff Girls vs Pinky and the Brain: Mojo JoJo. How can you lose with a name like that?

G.I. Joe vs Anamaniacs: When you get older you see things differently. I'm not going to get on a soap box but as a kid G.I. Joe was my favorite cartoon and my favorite toys. Now, the idea of war disgusts me. To think that I sat for hours on end watching a cartoon about war trips me out. I still like it but it is mainly for the kitsch factor. What I remember most about Animaniacs is the song about all the states and their capitols. Entertainment and educational. I dig it. Animaniacs get the vote.

Tom & Jerry vs The Tick: I don't care what any of you old violence loving people say, The Tick was one of the funniest shows on TV at the time bar none. There were two episodes where The Tick had a pet dog that everyone thought either had some health issues or it was just dumb. Come to find out it wasn't even a dog at all, it was a sewer rat. There was an episode that involved a time machine and somehow historical figures of the past formed a crime fighting team. George Washington Carver had a gun that shot peanuts!! The Tick baby. Remind me to buy that on DVD.

The Jetsons vs Dexter's Lab: I love the opening theme to The Jetsons. It reminds me of Esquavel. But Dexter's Lab is like someone tapped into my wildest dreams as a kid and made that cartoon. I wanted to be a scientist as a kid and I wanted to build robots. Dexter's Lab gets my vote.

Congratulations to Catherine who won the first round of the cartoons contest. Best wishes to all as they move into the second round and beyond.

If you are not already a friend of the Coffee Cake Extravaganza on Facebook please join us over there.

And that should be about it.

See you Wednesday.

Rog Mahal
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Cartoons - Round 1

The much hyped, much anticipated Cartoon tournament is here. Before we get started let me just mention some cartoons who didn't make it. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Futurama, G-Force (Battle of the Planets: That's G-Force in the bracket), Speed Racer, Johnny Quest, Thundar The Barbarian, Samurai Champloo, Ranma 1/2, Gundam Wing. There are plenty others but those are my faves that didn't make the tournament. There's always next Extravaganza.

We've got a little competition going on between the readers. Jonathan, Will, Catherine, Ben, and Michael are all competing for a Coffee Cake Extravaganza "Home Cooked Dishes" T-Shirt. You can follow their progress in the side bar.

Now let's look at the matches.

I don't see any of the #1s getting upset. While I loved Aesop's Fables of the Green Forest, it doesn't have the umph to knock off The Flintstones. Fuck Rainbow Brite. The Gummi Bears couldn't even spell their name right and Captain Planet... I hated that show. You don't understand. I HATED that show. I remember getting mad when it would come on. I thought that it was a waste of airtime and that it was jeopardizing the state of cartoons in America it was so bad. I thought that people who put shows on tv would look at that and say if this is the best cartoon we have to offer maybe we just shouldn't show any. So Captain Planet, you get a #16 with your sorry ass story lines and "with our powers combined" fuck you. How bout that?

Moving on.

Rugrats vs Dora the Explorer: Let me tell you something about me and Nickelodeon. A lot of shows that became popular I was just too old to give a shit about. Rugrats was one of them. Rugrats were everywhere and I tried to watch it and just couldn't get into it. Didn't even understand what was going on. My vote goes with Dora the Explorer strictly cuz she said, "Swiper no swiping." And I like Boots. (You really need to click that Swiper No Swiping link.)

South Park vs Beavis and Butthead: Would South Park have existed if Beavis and Butthead had not offended everybody first? I don't know. But I do remember a conversation between Beavis and Butthead while they were watching a Janet Jackson video and they were talking about how hot she was (cuz she sure used to be. I'd pass on her now. But when I was little and watching Good Times and when I hit my 20s during the Janet. album era, Wooo Good Golly Ms Molly). Anyway. Beavis climbs up on the back of the couch and starts humping it and he says he would "Rat a tat tat on that ass." Those were my boys from that day on. But South Park had Issac Hayes. How cool was that? And remember Terrence and Phillip in the movie where they imitate Mase and Puffy? But see...That was in the movie, not the tv show so it doesn't count. I'm going with Beavis and Butthead.

Popeye vs The Pink Panther: I am voting for The Pink Panther. He had a theme song done by Henry Mancini. Now let me talk about Popeye for a bit. I liked Popeye as a kid cuz I liked to see him beat up Bluto (or Brutus) but I remember always losing interest in the show because why were they fighing over that skinny ugly woman? That was all there was to Popeye if you think about it. A love triangle full of testosterone and knobby knees and elbows...and a can of spinach. Weirdest orgy every. But the Pink Panther also had shorts from Inspector Clouseau and a Jewish Aardvark. Loved that Aardvark and listen to that music!

Transformers vs Sailor Moon: Fuck Sailor Moon.

Fat Albert vs Darkwing Duck: Come on. Do I even have to say? While I liked Darkwing Duck I can not quote one thing from that cartoon. Angel "This Girl" Collins can but she's a nerd so it doesn't really count. I'm cool so I only quote cool things like, "Hey Hey Hey" and "You're like school on a class". This is the song that I always remembered from Fat Albert (other than that bad ass theme song). Listen to that hook. Soap and water. A tooth brush and a comb. You should learn to use it. Or you'll stand alone. It made me laugh then and it still makes me laugh.

Batman vs Dragonball: Really tough decision. I love Dragonball in all its incarnations but I remember how jaw dropping Batman was when it first hit the airwaves. And when I found out that Mark Hamill was the voice of The Joker I was sold. It was the coolest cartoon on TV at that time.

Cowboy Bebop vs Woody Woodpecker: I loved Woody Woodpecker as a kid. That laugh did it for me. There was also a short that would come on that I think I liked more that Woody's. It was Chilly Willy. Remember him? He was a penguin who was always cold. He was so cute and funny. But Cowboy Bebop blew me away. I was up late in the middle of the night every night watching Cartoon Network trying not to miss it. Cowboy Bebop gets my vote

Ducktales vs The Snorks: I really liked the Snorks. My favorite color is green and that one weird green snork had hair like George Jefferson and he was mute (or at least I thought he was cuz all he made was weird honks and beeps and whistles. He never talked. He was my favorite. I gotta go with The Snorks here.

The Peanuts vs Dungeons and Dragons: I love The Peanuts Gang. All the holiday specials. The strips. I love them. Dungeons and Dragons was one of my favorite cartoons though. I wish I had gotten on a ride and gotten sucked in another dimension where I was a wizard or something. But none of the characters knew how to work their powers so they were always messing up the situation for the team. And there was the one guy who was the know it all who made me want to beat him up. But alas...that's not going to beat The Great Pumpkin or that Christmas tree. The Peanuts get the vote.

X-Men vs Pinky and the Brain: I was in college when X-Men was on the air and I'm not kidding at 4pm in the student center building you could not find a seat near the TV. X-Men was just that serious. X-Men gets my vote.

Animaniacs vs Danger Mouse: I thought I was going to vote for Pinky and the Brain by voting for The Animaniacs but I am voting for Danger Mouse. That is one funny cartoon. Colonel K is my favorite character.

G.I. Joe vs David the Gnome: What the hell is David the Gnome? I only put this in the tournament cuz a few people mentioned it as their favorite. I've never seen it. ... YO JOE!!

Well, that's all for now. See you all in round 2.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sneak Peek and Cartoon Contest

Well folks. There it is. Coffee Cake's first 64 bracket. There's an extra round so that means an extra day of voting. So let me tell you all how we will do this. The voting will start on Monday and the finals will be on Saturday.

Now we are going to try this whole contest thing again. I have one more Coffee Cake t-shirt. Fill out the Cartoon bracket the way you think it will play out. If you get the most points you will win the T-shirt. There is one point for first round wins, 2 points for second round, and so on. Fill out the bracket and email a copy to me in Jpeg format. roger.riddle[at]
Got it?
See you all Monday.

And The Winner Is...

Jimi Hendrix runs away with the win and heads to The Extravaganza. If you noticed I didn't have any commentary for the finals. That's cuz I was too hungover to type. After a bottle of wine, 2 pitchers of beer and 3 shots of Jack Daniels I received a visit from Eddie From Chicago. That's what I called my hangover cuz it was big and mean. Eddie hung out with me all day. I was ready for him to leave but you know how you have those guests who just seem like they will never leave you to have some peace and quiet? Well that was Eddie. About 7pm Eddie made me throw up and feeling like mission accomplished he started gathering up his things to leave.
Hangovers in general suck. The headaches, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity. But you know what the absolute worst part of yesterday's hangover was for me? I had Steely Dan's Ricky Don't Lose That Number stuck in my head the whole time.

Ready for Cartoons? It's coming next week.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guitarists - Round 4

Jimmy Hendrix: vs Jimmy Page: Hendrix. Nuff said.

B.B. King vs Bo Diddley: This match almost breaks my heart. But B. B. King is gonna win this match.

If Hendrix and King win that is going to be an awesome final. Well whatever happens we'll see you tomorrow. We're getting ready for next week's Cartoons tournament.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Next week's tournament - Cartoons

So we are doing cartoons next week and if you haven't joined the discussion on which cartoons you would like to see in the tournament you can do so at the Coffee Cake Extravaganza Facebook page. Or you can tweet me at CCExtravaganza.

See you there.

Guitarists - Round 3

Wow. Some big upsets in the last round. Eric Clapton goes down. Duane Allman goes down. Carlos Santana goes down. Makes for a great Elite Eight. Let's Go!

Jimi Hendrix vs Les Paul: You had a good run Les Paul but I have to give this one to Hendrix. He doesn't play one of your guitars.

Jimmy Page vs Robert Johnson: I got stuck listening to the radio at work yesterday. It was on Q106, Macon's so called Rock station. Most people agree the station is terrible but it was "2 For Tuesdays" and in the time I was listening I heard 6 Led Zeppelin songs. I was paying attention to Jimmy Page since we were doing this tournament and I had forgotten that yeah I did like Jimmy Page. So Jimmy Page gets my vote courtesy of Q106.

Bo Diddley vs Jeff Beck: I really like Bo Diddley. A lot. I decided if I could live any musician's career it would either be him or Dr. John. But in this situation I wonder if Jeff Beck may truly be the better guitar player. I think I am going with Jeff Beck on this one.

B. B. King vs George Harrison: B. B. King. No doubt. Does anyone else see this shaping up to be Jimi Hendrix vs B.B. King in the finals?
See you at the Final Four

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guitarists - Round 2

Sometimes I think you people vote against me just to piss me off. Now I sat there and told you all that Steve Cropper was my all time favorite guitarist and what did you do? You voted against him. THIS IS THE GUY BEHIND SITTING ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY!! There was only 1 upset in the whole first round and it was Prince beating Steve Cropper! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Did Old Pickle Head have something to do with this?

Well anyway. Let's talk about today's matches. Things are heating up.

Jimi Hendrix vs Buddy Guy: Tough one. These two were playing around the same time. Buddy Guy was probably as much a showman as Hendrix but Hendrix took the sounds to a new universe. Gotta go with Hendrix.

Chuck Berry vs Les Paul: Oh boy. Chuck Berry and Les Paul are also from the same era of playing. And that whole having a type of guitar named after you really gets me. But that's not all there is to Les Paul he was innovative as hell. Have you ever heard him play from back in the day? Take a look at this. Les Paul was on some shit. I think I am voting for Les Paul.

Jimmy Page vs Wes Montgomery: We all know Jimmy Page. The guitar from Led Zeppelin. And no doubt that Page is one of the best but take a good listen t0 Wes Montgomery. The clarity of each note. The way it sounds as if the guitar is trying to talk but just can't quite form words. That's the genius behind Wes Montgomery. I 've got to go with Wes Montgomery.

Duane Allman vs Robert Johnson: This is Obi Wan vs Darth Vader. The student vs the master. Robert Johnson's playing is amazing. You would think two people are playing at the same time. Makes you wonder what he would have done with an electric guitar. Duane Allman was one of the absolute best guitar players of all time. We all know that. Now the question for me becomes could Duane Allman have become what he was if there had been no Robert Johnson? Probably not. If Robert Johnson had access to the technology would he have played better than Duane? Who knows. Take a pick Roger... Wow. I think I will go with... Duane Allman. Only because since I am living in Macon I am more familiar with his music.

Stevie Ray Vaughn vs Jeff Beck: Yeah I know Stevie Ray Vaughn is great but I can't say I like him. I mean that whenever I hear Stevie Ray Vaughn it is a song that someone else made famous. Now when I hear him playing something I am not familiar with, I love it. But most of the time he seems to be in second place. Now Jeff Beck just blows me away every time I hear him. Even if it is just a little cameo solo like this. I love that!! I'm going with Jeff Beck.

Carlos Santana vs Bo Diddley: Carlos Santana gets a bad rap because of that album he put out with all those cameos on it. You couldn't escape it. But there are some absolutely amazing songs out there from Santana that you never hear. Now, Bo Diddley. Bo Diddley played a rectangular guitar. There is a rhythm called "The Bo Diddley Beat"(for the record let me say the guy playing the maracas had to have been tired when they finished that song) . And I swear Bo Diddley was one of the coolest men ever to live. I'm going with Bo Diddley on this.

Eric Clapton vs George Harrison: I'm never sure of how much I like Eric Clapton. I'm always second guessing him. I don't think it is his fault. I really think all of his fans who think he's the world's greatest guitar player need to just calm down a bit and maybe I would agree. Maybe. That said, I just like George Harrison. He gets my vote.

B, B, King vs Prince: Sorry Prince. You are going down. That's what you get for beating Steve Cropper. B. B. King is the most powerful guitarist I've ever heard. One note at a time he makes you understand the feeling and meaning of the song. His guitar playing hits you like a person who is telling you something very important. You have to pay close attention. When he says "The thrill is gone," the guitar is right there explaining how it happened.

Well that's it for now. See you all tomorrow.

The Rog

Monday, March 22, 2010

Guitarists - Round 1

Yeah, I know I am late with this one, but this bracket was tougher to do than the Liquor bracket. There are so many great guitarists out there. I mean look at some of the seeds. Prince and Ben harper gets a 7? Jack White gets an 8? There are no Mr. Bostons in this tournament. Let's talk about some of the matches

Eric Clapton vs Jack White: This is the match where you are most likely to see a #1 go down. I hear a lot of music lovers argue that Eric Clapton is a great guitarist and I hear just as many say he is overrated. Jack White is from Detroit. That should be all I have to say but this is the man behind the White Stripes. The guy is good. What's all this talk about a Jack White and Jay-Z collabo? Well whatever, my vote is going with Jack White.

Buddy Guy vs Brian May: Tough one. I remember when I first thought of this as a tournament I was listening to a lot of Queen and really realizing how good of a guitarist Brian May is. So you can say this tournament exists because of him. Well I didn't foresee him up against Buddy Guy in the first round. Buddy Guy plays a polka dot guitar. That's pimp in a way I have not reached yet. Sorry Brian May. I've gotta go with Buddy Guy on this one. He's one of the most important Blues players still alive.

Les Paul vs Eddie Hazel: MUTHAFUCKER!! Look at this mess. I LOVE Eddie Hazel. He's the guitar player from Funkadelic. Listen to this. That's Eddie Hazel on guitar. That muthafucka is bad right? But how do you compete with Les Paul? He has a type of guitar named after him. I mean hell most of the people on this list probably play a Les Paul. My vote goes to Eddie Hazel but I think Les Paul will win this.

Wes Montgomery vs John McLaughlin: This is about one of the most evenly matched of all of the first round match ups. Both brilliant guitarists. Wes Montgomery is my favorite Jazz guitarist. Listen to what he does to The Beatles "A Day In The Life" Well John McLaughlin is a true experimental jazz lover's guitarist. From his early days to his electric Mahavishnu Orchestra days. Awesome work but I'm going with Wes Montgomery on this one.

Duane Allman vs Ben Harper: Love this match up. The young guys have to work if they want to move on in this tournament. They have to beat some of the best old heads. And this match up is surely one where the master meets the student. Both of these guys are mean on the slide. But my vote goes to Duane Allman. You can't beat the old school no matter how good you are.

Reblog this post [with Zemanta]Steve Cropper vs Prince: In my world Steve Cropper wins all of his matches to make it to the finals vs Jimi Hendrix and then I have to commit suicide rather than choose between the two. That saying some shit cuz you all know how much I love Prince. Steve Cropper (in case you don't know who he is) is the guitar player from Booker T. and The MGs. He is the guitarist who plays on Soul Man (listen close you'll hear Sam say "Play it Steve". Steve Cropper played with Otis Redding and was the producer of "Dock Of The Bay". To put it simple he is the man. Sorry Prince.

George Harrison vs Al Di Meola: We all know George Harrison was the experimenter in The Beatles. He was the driving force behind taking them to new places. He's so good of a guitarists he gets over looked all the time. But for all you people who think playing a lot of notes fast is how you define a great guitarist, you've probably never even heard of Al Di Meola. Fast playing. Lots of notes. And Spanish guitar? Oh yeah. Al Di Meola will put it on you. Sorry George. You're getting over looked once again.

That's all for now. See you in round 2.


Friday, March 19, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Grey Goose takes the championship in the Liquor Tournament and moves on to the Extravaganza. For those who don't know what The Extravaganza is, it is the All Winners tournament. Right now 12 winners have qualified for the all winners tournament. Here are the winners and the percentage by which they won their tournament. They will be seeded in The Extravaganza by their percentage so the 4 highest percentages get the #1 seed positions. The 4 lowest get the #8s.

London - 88.8889%
Elvis - 82.0000%
Macaroni & Cheese - 76.0000%
Rock & Roll - 72.0000%
Mother Earth - 71.9298%
Subway (Sandwich Shop) - 69.0000%
A Prairie Home Companion - 68.7500%
eBaum's World - 65.9517%
Strawberries - 65.6250%
Mahatma Gandhi - 65.2174%
Grey Goose - 60.0000%
Froot Loops - 57.7778%

So this Sunday we will begin voting on the Guitarists tournament. I hope to have the bracket up tomorrow so you all can get an early look at it.

So, enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Liquor - Round 5 (The Finals)

The Finals are here. It's our first finals match in a long time. And it's a doozie. A #1 vs a #8. You ready? Let's go!

Grey Goose vs Bailey's: I want to cuss at one of these liquors. Amber "Pickle Head" Whitley enlisted the help of every vodka drinker on earth seems like to get a win. Well in true Dan "Bitter As Hell" Zook fashion, I'm going to vote just out of spite. I'm going with Bailey's. (If you have no clue what I am talking about you need to join the fun on Facebook. Look up and join the Roger Riddle's Coffee Cake Extravaganza group.)

Angel "This Girl" Collins has won the NCAA Tournament contest. She will get a free T-shirt. She was the only person to email me a bracket so I am sure she will end up with the most points. Congratulations Angel and good luck with your brackets in the tournament. Mine are screwed already thanks to all the ridiculous upsets.

Next Week's tournament will be Guitar Players. If you have any suggestions for guitarists that you would like to see in the tournament, email me or hit me up on Facebook.

Hope you enjoyed the return week of Coffee Cake. It's good to be back. I'll see you all Sunday.


Liquor - Round 4 (The Final Four)

Jack Daniel's vs Grey Goose: All I have to say about this match is that Jack Daniels sounds like someone who would carry a gun. Grey Goose sounds like something that gets shot by a gun. Not looking good for Grey Goose in my book.

Bombay vs Bailey's: Jack Daniels doesn't consider itself a bourbon. It is a sour mash whiskey produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee. No one know for sure what The Old No. 7 on a bottle of Jack Daniel's stands for there are many good theories but the truth is a mystery that died with Jack...
Oh! I'm supposed to be talking about Bombay vs Bailey's?

Bombay for the win.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Liquor - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

The Elite 8 is always my favorite round on Coffee Cake. Look at these matches today. Jack vs Crown? Patron vs Bombay? Amazing. Who's headed to the Final Four?

Jack Daniel's vs Crown Royal: I drank some Crown Royal last night. It was a tribute. Like drinking with a buddy who's about to have a vasectomy. It's like celebrating winning the tournament play in game. You pat Arkansas - Pine Bluff on the back and say good job but in the back of your mind you say now you're gonna lose to Duke. Jack Daniel's gets my vote.

Grey Goose vs Bacardi: Let me tell you about one of my favorite drinks when I need to switch up from my usual Jack and Ginger. It is called a New Orleans Rum Buck. It is a shot of rum, a splash of OJ, a splash of lime juice, ginger ale and shaken and served over ice. I ask for Bacardi. I have no Grey Goose cocktails. Goose is going down like it's been shot during hunting season.

Patron vs Bombay: I had a couple of Bombay drinkers sitting at the bar last night. I got tipped off them. The one Patron drink I made yesterday was a Patron and Red Bull and the customer who ordered it walked off and didn't pay the server I made it for. Now tell me something Mr. Patron...How am I supposed to get paid when your drinkers do shit like that? Huh? I think you need to quit focusing on being the drink of pop star rappers and focus on getting the bartender paid. Until you get your act together my vote goes to Bombay.
Bombay, you're classy. You go in Martinis. Keep up the good work.

I'm watching you Patron.

Glenlivet vs Bailey's: This is a tough one for me. I didn't realize how much I like Bailey's until this tournament. Nothing to me says "I got it going on," better than being well dressed with your neck tie slightly undone and two fingers of Glenlivet in a rocks glass so heavy that when you sit it down to adjust your pinky ring you are afraid it might cause the table you place it on to collapse. But let's be honest. I don't own a rocks glass that heavy... .. ... yet. There is something respectable about Bailey's even though it is a sweet drink. And most times when I have it, it is a secondary mixer in a drink but still. My vote goes to the Cinderella. Bailey's.

Final Four tomorrow.

Don't forget to get your tournament brackets to me by 10pm tonight. roger.riddle[at]


Raj Mahal

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coffee Cake's NCAA Tournament Contest

I'm sure you all have figured out that in order for me to be doing Coffee Cake I must be a big fan of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. It is true. That's my bracket up there. Say what you want but I think Baylor is going to beat Duke in the Elite 8. But that's just me. What better way to celebrate one of my favorite sports championships than with a contest.
Here's what you have to do. Fill out a bracket. Email it to me in JPEG format before 10pm Wednesday and you are in.
Now, how to win. Get the most points. You get 1 point for each first round win. 2 points for a second round win. 3 points for a Sweet 16 win. 4 points for an Elite 8 win. 5 Points for a Final Four win. And 6 points for picking the champion correctly. The winner gets a Coffee Cake Extravaganza "Home Cooked Dishes" T-shirt. Yep I'll mail it to you no matter where you are. If you are in La Grande or Abu Dhabi. Houston or Warner Robins. If you win you can strut your team picking stuff in one of our fine T-Shirt and complain about how Grilled Cheese beat Chocolate Chip Cookies.
So get to it. Fill out those brackets and email them to me at roger.riddle[at]

Remember the deadline is 10pm Wednesday.

Good luck.
The Rog

Liquor - Round 2

You can't tell me you aren't excited abut this round. Every one of these match ups are solid. Let's take a look.

Jack Daniel's vs Jim Beam: For me this is the big daddy match up. If you have ever heard any of the stories of Roger and Amanda (and/or Jeff Payne) it usually involves Jack Daniel's. In fact let me share one of them with you. Amanda, Jeff and I stayed out all night drinking and when I say all night I mean when we finally decided to go home the sun was up there in the sky. Normally that's the type of thing that drunks hate. Not us. Jeff said, "Let's go get some Waffle House." And of course I went along for the ride. So, it's about 7am and we are riding up Spring St in Macon which is one of the main roads leading into downtown Macon. We stop at a red light when this guy in a motorized wheelchair rolls out into the middle of the intersection and begins to have a crack attack. He starts shaking like he's about to fall out the chair. Then he pulls off his hat, stretches his arm straight up in the air with hat in hand, and then slams the hat on the ground. Then his hand hits the little stick on the wheel chair and he begins spinning in circles in the middle of the intersection. Yes, the muthafucka is doing doughnuts in a motorized wheelchair. So I am sitting there absolutely amazed at what I am seeing when all of a sudden Jeff says, "Well we can't have that," and begins to drive his giant Chevy Silverado pickup truck in circles around the guy spinning in circles in the middle of the intersection. Jeff leans out the window and starts yelling at the guy, "Hey! What the hell is your problem? You on drugs or something? Get out the damn street!!" At this point I was thinking to myself, "We are definitely going to jail this morning." Surprisingly, not one other car passed us during this whole ordeal. But yeah that was a Jack Daniel's night. And I've got plenty more stories like that while drinking Jack Daniel's. Needless to say, you know where my vote is going.

Crown Royal vs Jameson: While I intend to drink some Jameson this Wednesday, there was a time early in my drinking career when I loved my Crown Royal. And who doesn't love those little purple bags? I keep my wine cork and beer bottle cap collections in them. Plus Crown Royal and Coke smells so good! Crown Royal gets my vote.

Grey Goose vs Ketel One: I know Terrell Sandefur is sitting somewhere watching this match up and plotting on how to put Grey Goose over the edge if it gets in trouble. But I'm voting for Ketel. I've had many a good times serving Ketel to Dirt Dog.

Captain Morgan vs Bacardi: Wow. Tough one. Bacardi was my mom's drink. So I've tried it a plenty and it is usually my go to rum when there is nothing special around. But The Captain goes so well in Egg Nog and Hot Spiced Cider. I'm voting Captain. Speaking on Captain Morgan I dated this girl who went out a bought a bottle of some cheap knock off Captain Morgan. It was called Admiral Nelson. Funny stuff.

Patron vs 1800: As I am typing this Patron is winning this match 11 - 0. I didn't see that coming. I thought 1800 would give Patron a run. But yeah I've heard T-Pain before. Patron gets my vote too.

Bombay vs Tanqueray: Bombay. The Sapphire bottle is so pretty. Plus Tanqueray hurts me. I get a head ache before I get drunk.

Bailey's vs Kahlua: I know this is going to sound weird but every now and then I like to sip a Bailey's on the rocks. It's like drinking dessert. Kahlua I like over ice cream. But I gotta go with Bailey's

Hennessy vs Glenlivet: Fact: 80% of the total Cognac sells in the U.S. are attributed to black folks. So just to fuck up the curve on that statistic, I am voting for Glenlivet. Honestly, one of my favorite things about the fall is drinking scotch. (P.S. my Cognac of choice is Remy Martin V.S.O.P. ... sorry Hennessy.)

Round 3 is going to be interesting. Stay turned for details on a Men's NCAA tournament contest where you could win a Coffee Cake "Home Cooked Dishes" T-shirt.
See you tomorrow!


Glenlivet Heads To 2nd Round!

Glenlivet pulls out an overtime win against Johnny Walker with a 2 - 1 win.

Tie Breaker!!

The Scotches are tied up!! We are taking it into overtime Glenlivet vs Johnny Walker! Let's Go!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liquor - Round 1

Well Coffee Cakers, it sure is good to be back. Here we are on our first tournament and of course the tournament is Liquor, something a lot of Coffee Cakers know about. Before we get into this week tournament let's clear up some questions on how this will work.

We are going to keep pushing along on the list of tournaments from last time. So if you search the archive for The Extravaganza Bracket (and I will repost it sometime this week), you can see what we have done already and what is coming up. Next week we will do Guitar Players. I know we never finished movies, so we will make up that tournament in a few weeks once we are good and rolling again. This time I will be sure to get all of your input on what movies to put in the brackets so you all won't try to hang me like last time. Thanks for sticking around though all my madness. This is going to be a lot of fun. Remember to tell your friends and join the Roger Riddle's Coffee Cake Extravaganza group on Facebook if you haven't already.

Now I will admit that my seeding for this tournament wasn't as strong as it has been in the past the reason for this is so we could see some awesome match ups other than in a final or semi-final.

As usual the #1 seeds are mostly easy picks for winners. Jack Daniel's, Grey Goose, and Patron should be easy wins. But I think I really might have flubbed on Moonshine. I thought more people liked it. Moonshine is in probably the toughest division and it wasn't really fair to give Bailey's the #8 seed but that's all that was left. As I am typing this Bailey's is handing out an ass whooping like a mother with a bunch of bad children. I voted for Moonshine but I think we are going to see an upset.

Hennessy vs Courvoisier: Really tough one. I went with Hennessy on this one just cuz I've drank more of it. I'm not a Cognac pro so I can't wax poetic on the differences. But I know V.S. gets me drunk. V.S.O.P. means it tastes better. And X.O. means I can't afford it. As I was putting this bracket together I looked up a few things on Hennessy and found out that there are two Hennessys past X.O. The top one is $4000 a bottle. If I ever happen to get my hands on a bottle of that and I catch one of my friends drinking out of it, that friendship will come to a swift end.

Glenlivet vs Johnny Walker: I'm all about Glenlivet. Back in my computer programming days me and my friend Kevin, who was a tech, used to hang out with a bunch of engineers. They got me hooked on single malt scotches and cigars. Up til that point my idea of scotch was J&B. That was my dad's drink. Needless to say I didn't like it. I like Johnny Walker Blue but that's the top of the line Johnny. You can drink the cheaper Glenlivet and it still be good. Glenlivet gets the vote.

Grand Marnier vs Kahlua: I am shocked at how Kahlua jumped out in front on this one. So many people in Macon drink Grand Marnier that I thought it would be a romp in the other direction. I voted for Kahlua. Grand Marnier is just too sweet and orangey for me. It taste like something went wrong with a Starburst.

Tanqueray vs Hendrick's: I'm liking this match. I'm pulling for Hendrick's. Hendrick's has a curious little taste that reminds you of cucumbers. Tanqueray gives me a headache and I will admit that I have not tried the Tanqueray 10 but my money is on Hendricks to see a come back.

Jose Cuervo vs 1800: Another good match. I went with Jose on this one. 1800 is definitely smoother but Jose is an old stand by. Can't go wrong with it. But then again I don't drink much tequila. Shit makes me mad. And you know how ridiculous it is to see me mad. I'm such a nice guy that people usually giggle when they see me mad. Which makes me madder. And they laugh harder. It's messed up.

Captain Morgan vs Malibu: Don't you kinda sigh, roll your eyes and suppress a giggle anytime you see a man order a Malibu and Pineapple? Now don't get me wrong I like a Pina Colada with a cherrya nd a little umbrella in it as much as the next guy. I can't drink whiskey and wear camouflage every day. But when I'm wearing my Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirt, loafers with dress socks pull up to my knees and a straw hat, I have to have a little 151 or something in my Malibu Pina Colada. Captain Morgan has recently been killing it with their commercials. My favorite is The Holiday Miracle with the lime. Captain Morgan gets the vote.

Ketel One vs Absolut: I love Absolut's print ads. They are art. I even have an Absolut bottle that someone gave me that is made to look like a disco ball. Absolut knows how to promote ots product. But ever since DJ Dirt Dog came into my life I have been a fan of the Ketel One. It's just so smooth. This is going to be a tough match and a lot of fun to watch I've seen the lead change twice since the voting started on Sunday so keep an eye on this one.

Let's be honest we are all looking forward to tomorrow where we will most likely see a Jack Daniel's vs Jim Beam match. Can't wait! See you then.

Let The Voting Begin!

You've got the bracket. Get your coffee. Get your cake. Get your vote on! COFFEE CAKE IS BACK BITCHES!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Liquor Bracket

Well here it is! I'm hyped to be bringing Coffee Cake back. This bracket was a tough one to put together but here it is!! Voting will begin tomorrow at midnight!

Coffee Cake is back!!

Thanks to the troopers who hung in there. This Sunday Coffee Cake will return and our first tournament will be liquor!!