Monday, March 22, 2010

Guitarists - Round 1

Yeah, I know I am late with this one, but this bracket was tougher to do than the Liquor bracket. There are so many great guitarists out there. I mean look at some of the seeds. Prince and Ben harper gets a 7? Jack White gets an 8? There are no Mr. Bostons in this tournament. Let's talk about some of the matches

Eric Clapton vs Jack White: This is the match where you are most likely to see a #1 go down. I hear a lot of music lovers argue that Eric Clapton is a great guitarist and I hear just as many say he is overrated. Jack White is from Detroit. That should be all I have to say but this is the man behind the White Stripes. The guy is good. What's all this talk about a Jack White and Jay-Z collabo? Well whatever, my vote is going with Jack White.

Buddy Guy vs Brian May: Tough one. I remember when I first thought of this as a tournament I was listening to a lot of Queen and really realizing how good of a guitarist Brian May is. So you can say this tournament exists because of him. Well I didn't foresee him up against Buddy Guy in the first round. Buddy Guy plays a polka dot guitar. That's pimp in a way I have not reached yet. Sorry Brian May. I've gotta go with Buddy Guy on this one. He's one of the most important Blues players still alive.

Les Paul vs Eddie Hazel: MUTHAFUCKER!! Look at this mess. I LOVE Eddie Hazel. He's the guitar player from Funkadelic. Listen to this. That's Eddie Hazel on guitar. That muthafucka is bad right? But how do you compete with Les Paul? He has a type of guitar named after him. I mean hell most of the people on this list probably play a Les Paul. My vote goes to Eddie Hazel but I think Les Paul will win this.

Wes Montgomery vs John McLaughlin: This is about one of the most evenly matched of all of the first round match ups. Both brilliant guitarists. Wes Montgomery is my favorite Jazz guitarist. Listen to what he does to The Beatles "A Day In The Life" Well John McLaughlin is a true experimental jazz lover's guitarist. From his early days to his electric Mahavishnu Orchestra days. Awesome work but I'm going with Wes Montgomery on this one.

Duane Allman vs Ben Harper: Love this match up. The young guys have to work if they want to move on in this tournament. They have to beat some of the best old heads. And this match up is surely one where the master meets the student. Both of these guys are mean on the slide. But my vote goes to Duane Allman. You can't beat the old school no matter how good you are.

Reblog this post [with Zemanta]Steve Cropper vs Prince: In my world Steve Cropper wins all of his matches to make it to the finals vs Jimi Hendrix and then I have to commit suicide rather than choose between the two. That saying some shit cuz you all know how much I love Prince. Steve Cropper (in case you don't know who he is) is the guitar player from Booker T. and The MGs. He is the guitarist who plays on Soul Man (listen close you'll hear Sam say "Play it Steve". Steve Cropper played with Otis Redding and was the producer of "Dock Of The Bay". To put it simple he is the man. Sorry Prince.

George Harrison vs Al Di Meola: We all know George Harrison was the experimenter in The Beatles. He was the driving force behind taking them to new places. He's so good of a guitarists he gets over looked all the time. But for all you people who think playing a lot of notes fast is how you define a great guitarist, you've probably never even heard of Al Di Meola. Fast playing. Lots of notes. And Spanish guitar? Oh yeah. Al Di Meola will put it on you. Sorry George. You're getting over looked once again.

That's all for now. See you in round 2.


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  1. brilliant match-ups in round 1. I really hope people do a little research before voting in this one; it's too easy to go for the guitarist you like rather than the better musician, which I think is the point of this competition.

    Moving On:
    Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Les Paul, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Page, John McLaughlin, Robert Johnson, Duane Allman, SRV, Jeff Beck, Bo Diddly, Santana, Clapton, Harrison, Prince, BB King

    Better Musician:
    Hendrix, Guy, Paul, Berry, Slash, McLaughlin, Anastasio, ALlman, Vaughn, Beck, Randolph, Santana, Clapton, Di Meola, Prince, Cooder

    Ry Cooder is probably the best guitarist on this list, but only because Andres Segovia isn't on it.

    My favorite: for the time being, I'd go with Slash. But only because Alex Lifeson of Rush isn't on it.