Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guitarists - Round 3

Wow. Some big upsets in the last round. Eric Clapton goes down. Duane Allman goes down. Carlos Santana goes down. Makes for a great Elite Eight. Let's Go!

Jimi Hendrix vs Les Paul: You had a good run Les Paul but I have to give this one to Hendrix. He doesn't play one of your guitars.

Jimmy Page vs Robert Johnson: I got stuck listening to the radio at work yesterday. It was on Q106, Macon's so called Rock station. Most people agree the station is terrible but it was "2 For Tuesdays" and in the time I was listening I heard 6 Led Zeppelin songs. I was paying attention to Jimmy Page since we were doing this tournament and I had forgotten that yeah I did like Jimmy Page. So Jimmy Page gets my vote courtesy of Q106.

Bo Diddley vs Jeff Beck: I really like Bo Diddley. A lot. I decided if I could live any musician's career it would either be him or Dr. John. But in this situation I wonder if Jeff Beck may truly be the better guitar player. I think I am going with Jeff Beck on this one.

B. B. King vs George Harrison: B. B. King. No doubt. Does anyone else see this shaping up to be Jimi Hendrix vs B.B. King in the finals?
See you at the Final Four


  1. I'm kind've surprised Bo Diddly made it this far and I'm certainly shocked he beat out Carlos Santana.

    Final Four:

    Hendrix vs Page
    Diddly vs. King

  2. I'm not surprised that Bo Diddly beat Carlos Santana. But then again, I have no historical sense when it comes to music. It did help that youtube has the music there for you to give a listen.

    I love Robert Johnson, and I'm glad for this bracket really introducing me to this artist, but I'm still a rock baby at heart and my heart belongs to Jimmy Page - although if there is ever a drummer category, Bonham really holds my musical heart. (it was fun watching Page in this video: while I was re-looking at Jeff Beck)

    BB King, no question.

    I wanted to pick Bo Diddley, really, I did, but Jeff Beck's playing excites me more.

    Les Paul was absolutely amazing. Jimi Hendrix was absolutely amazing. Nostalgia has to win this one, so my vote goes for Hendrix.

    Final Four: BB King vs Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page vs Jimi Hendrix

  3. I'm late to this again. Damn that Steve Cropper upset! And where's Blind Willie McTell or Rev. Pearly Brown? No love for the blind 12-string guitarists?

  4. Quit being late to the party. Start reading the facebook posts where I ask for input prior to the matches. We are doing cartoons next week so put in your suggestions now.