Thursday, March 18, 2010

Liquor - Round 5 (The Finals)

The Finals are here. It's our first finals match in a long time. And it's a doozie. A #1 vs a #8. You ready? Let's go!

Grey Goose vs Bailey's: I want to cuss at one of these liquors. Amber "Pickle Head" Whitley enlisted the help of every vodka drinker on earth seems like to get a win. Well in true Dan "Bitter As Hell" Zook fashion, I'm going to vote just out of spite. I'm going with Bailey's. (If you have no clue what I am talking about you need to join the fun on Facebook. Look up and join the Roger Riddle's Coffee Cake Extravaganza group.)

Angel "This Girl" Collins has won the NCAA Tournament contest. She will get a free T-shirt. She was the only person to email me a bracket so I am sure she will end up with the most points. Congratulations Angel and good luck with your brackets in the tournament. Mine are screwed already thanks to all the ridiculous upsets.

Next Week's tournament will be Guitar Players. If you have any suggestions for guitarists that you would like to see in the tournament, email me or hit me up on Facebook.

Hope you enjoyed the return week of Coffee Cake. It's good to be back. I'll see you all Sunday.



  1. Wooooo! I won the T-Shirt! I'm also 9-7 thus far in the NCAA brackets. But with Bombay losing last night to Bailey's (god damn Bailey's - so good in car bombs and coffee, so useless elsewhere), I could give a flip who wins this showdown. Also, I was anti a Jack win, so alls I gotta say is "Pickle Head" is my girl! Good job - should have put you up for the Bombay push!

    So, I'm reading on facebook and I see a "superheroes vs supervillians" bracket and I say, "that's not CoffeeCake!" It's not. It's Colin Cowherd. I'm sure he came up with this idea independently of seeing it on this site - which shows it's a sweet idea. Anyway, his brackets don't look nearly as good at Roger's.

    anyway, final pick:
    Grey Goose.

  2. No. ESPN got it from me. They visted the site when I did Radio Shows. Best of wishes to them.