Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liquor - Round 1

Well Coffee Cakers, it sure is good to be back. Here we are on our first tournament and of course the tournament is Liquor, something a lot of Coffee Cakers know about. Before we get into this week tournament let's clear up some questions on how this will work.

We are going to keep pushing along on the list of tournaments from last time. So if you search the archive for The Extravaganza Bracket (and I will repost it sometime this week), you can see what we have done already and what is coming up. Next week we will do Guitar Players. I know we never finished movies, so we will make up that tournament in a few weeks once we are good and rolling again. This time I will be sure to get all of your input on what movies to put in the brackets so you all won't try to hang me like last time. Thanks for sticking around though all my madness. This is going to be a lot of fun. Remember to tell your friends and join the Roger Riddle's Coffee Cake Extravaganza group on Facebook if you haven't already.

Now I will admit that my seeding for this tournament wasn't as strong as it has been in the past the reason for this is so we could see some awesome match ups other than in a final or semi-final.

As usual the #1 seeds are mostly easy picks for winners. Jack Daniel's, Grey Goose, and Patron should be easy wins. But I think I really might have flubbed on Moonshine. I thought more people liked it. Moonshine is in probably the toughest division and it wasn't really fair to give Bailey's the #8 seed but that's all that was left. As I am typing this Bailey's is handing out an ass whooping like a mother with a bunch of bad children. I voted for Moonshine but I think we are going to see an upset.

Hennessy vs Courvoisier: Really tough one. I went with Hennessy on this one just cuz I've drank more of it. I'm not a Cognac pro so I can't wax poetic on the differences. But I know V.S. gets me drunk. V.S.O.P. means it tastes better. And X.O. means I can't afford it. As I was putting this bracket together I looked up a few things on Hennessy and found out that there are two Hennessys past X.O. The top one is $4000 a bottle. If I ever happen to get my hands on a bottle of that and I catch one of my friends drinking out of it, that friendship will come to a swift end.

Glenlivet vs Johnny Walker: I'm all about Glenlivet. Back in my computer programming days me and my friend Kevin, who was a tech, used to hang out with a bunch of engineers. They got me hooked on single malt scotches and cigars. Up til that point my idea of scotch was J&B. That was my dad's drink. Needless to say I didn't like it. I like Johnny Walker Blue but that's the top of the line Johnny. You can drink the cheaper Glenlivet and it still be good. Glenlivet gets the vote.

Grand Marnier vs Kahlua: I am shocked at how Kahlua jumped out in front on this one. So many people in Macon drink Grand Marnier that I thought it would be a romp in the other direction. I voted for Kahlua. Grand Marnier is just too sweet and orangey for me. It taste like something went wrong with a Starburst.

Tanqueray vs Hendrick's: I'm liking this match. I'm pulling for Hendrick's. Hendrick's has a curious little taste that reminds you of cucumbers. Tanqueray gives me a headache and I will admit that I have not tried the Tanqueray 10 but my money is on Hendricks to see a come back.

Jose Cuervo vs 1800: Another good match. I went with Jose on this one. 1800 is definitely smoother but Jose is an old stand by. Can't go wrong with it. But then again I don't drink much tequila. Shit makes me mad. And you know how ridiculous it is to see me mad. I'm such a nice guy that people usually giggle when they see me mad. Which makes me madder. And they laugh harder. It's messed up.

Captain Morgan vs Malibu: Don't you kinda sigh, roll your eyes and suppress a giggle anytime you see a man order a Malibu and Pineapple? Now don't get me wrong I like a Pina Colada with a cherrya nd a little umbrella in it as much as the next guy. I can't drink whiskey and wear camouflage every day. But when I'm wearing my Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirt, loafers with dress socks pull up to my knees and a straw hat, I have to have a little 151 or something in my Malibu Pina Colada. Captain Morgan has recently been killing it with their commercials. My favorite is The Holiday Miracle with the lime. Captain Morgan gets the vote.

Ketel One vs Absolut: I love Absolut's print ads. They are art. I even have an Absolut bottle that someone gave me that is made to look like a disco ball. Absolut knows how to promote ots product. But ever since DJ Dirt Dog came into my life I have been a fan of the Ketel One. It's just so smooth. This is going to be a tough match and a lot of fun to watch I've seen the lead change twice since the voting started on Sunday so keep an eye on this one.

Let's be honest we are all looking forward to tomorrow where we will most likely see a Jack Daniel's vs Jim Beam match. Can't wait! See you then.

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