Thursday, April 15, 2010

Movies - Round 3 (The Sweet Sixteen)

Hi there! How are you today? Thanks for coming by Coffee Cake. That was nice of you. If you've got a few minutes, please, sit down and let me tell you what I think about today's matches.

The Princess Bride vs Stand By Me: In my mind this is a battle between Andre the Giant and Cherry Flavored Pez. I really like both of these movies but I have to admit I haven't seen Stand By Me since I was a kid. I own a copy of The Princess Bride. One of my favorite lines in the movie, and I never noticed it before until Trivia Guy Will pointed it out, is when the Dread Pirate Scott knocks out Andre the Giant and then tells him to dream of large women.

The Wizard of Oz vs The Royal Tenenbaums: I have to admit that I was never quite comfortable enough with The Wizard of Oz to be super into it like some people are. I mean yeah I think it would be cool to have a talking lion as a friend but I don't want to live in a world where trees throw apples at me and monkeys fly. If I had awaken in a world like that I don't think I would have handled it as well as Dorothy did. So I am going to vote for The Royal Tenenbaums. One of my favorite scenes from that movie is when Danny Glover falls in the hole at the excavation site while he is talking to Anjelica Houston. That happened to me once. It's another Jack induced story starring me and Amanda. We were walking up the driveway to a friend's house who was having a party and we had already hit the sauce pretty hard. So we're just walking and talking and I look back over at Amanda and she wasn't there anymore. I'm confused and I'm thinking, "What happened?" I look down and Amanda is laying in a pile of rocks off to the side of the driveway. It was so weird looking cuz she looked like a fish who was gasping it's last few breaths out of water. Just kinda laying there helpless. Trying to move but going nowhere. Needless to say she was bruised up for a week after that.

Ghostbusters vs Back To The Future: The battle of the 80s comedies. I'm going Back To The Future. Marty McFly drove a Delorean. Let me tell you, I still kinda have a thing for Hot Wheels. The other day I was in Kroger with my friend Jinger and we were standing at a box full of Hot Wheels for $1 each. I almost had a panic attack cuz she pulled out a Delorean. I thought she was going to buy it so I snatched it from her. Turns out she didn't want it anyway. She wanted the Lamborghini that was under it. I said all that to say this. If this tournament was about cars (which is coming up) though I'd like a Cadillac hearse, I'd be voting Delorean.
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  1. Ha ha, dream of large women!

    The Princess Bride included Pirates. However, Stand By Me had a dead body. We did all think Wesley was dead AND there was a pirate. And there was a six fingered man. C'mon! The Princess Bride wins!

    The Wizard of Oz created a spin off. The Royal Tenenbaums included a scene with the best use of an Elliot Smith song that I've ever seen. I always thought it was foolish to chase somebody down for shoes. Anjelica Huston. The Royal Tenenbaums wins!

    Ghostbusters vs. Back to the Future - This was a hard one for me because I loved Ghostbusters, but I sat next to Thomas F. Wilson (Biff) at a banquet. I was afraid that I would spill my drink at the table because I always spill my drink at important events - just ask me about the day my honey proposed to me - but before I could do it, he did it, so I did the gracious thing as a fellow drink spiller... I ridiculed him. We then shared our very amusing history of drink spillage. He told me that he was going to speak and at one point he was going to say something, point at me and that I was to turn and wave. I did so (I don't remember what was actually said) and spent the remainder of the night telling people that I wasn't actually his wife and it was a joke. Back to the Future for the win!

    I spent years refusing to watch Star Wars? Why? I don't know. Then I had to watch it for a class on writing for the screen and fell in love. Oh, Hans Solo, you make my heart sing. And yes, you shot first, you wascally rogue! And yet, Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones was just as adorable as his younger counterpart. This one was hard and I have no real good reason for choosing, but Star Wars over Raiders for me.

    Pulp Fiction v. Silence of the Lambs is easy. Yes, I know Jodie Foster and Sir Anthony Hopkins did an excellent job, but Pulp Fiction is just a better movie to me. Pulp Fiction!

    The Godfather v. The Blues Brothers... The Blues Brothers is a lot of fun. James Brown as a preacher, Aretha Franklin singing in a diner... what's not to like? The Godfather is just awesome. I've watched it many times. The only time I watched the Blues Brothers all the way through was when I saw it during Tuesday Night movie night at Envy oh so long ago. The Godfather wins for me!

    Forrest Gump.

    Please, everybody, pick Shawshank Redemption so that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind will finally be off the right side and so I don't have to scroll over to see the percentages of votes. I love the movie (not more than Shawshank, though), but I can't stand the way having the movie in the list is making that side look. ugh!

  2. "just ask me about the day my honey proposed to me - but before I could do it, he did it, so I did the gracious thing as a fellow drink spiller... I ridiculed him."


  3. That would be "Dread Pirate Roberts", and The Princess Bride definitely wins. There are so very many phenomenal lines in that movie to quote, it would probably be easier to list the mundane lines.

  4. Pulp Fiction-Went to the theatre 4x to see it. I think i wanted a Cadillac after this movie. Uma Therman; sleek and sexy, John Travolta; whipped and curious, Samuel Jackson;tough and gangsta, Bruce Willis; hardcore and a man icon. Silence of the Lambs; Jodi Foster did an excellent job and my hat goes off to her but i wasn't messed up enough to get into it. It actually messed up my BUZZ. Hat goes off to PULP FICTION.