Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movies - Round 2

Ok folks. Aren't there enough Bill Murray movies in this tournament? Did you really have to vote for Groundhog Day over Amelie? I'm gonna go ahead and just say this right now and get this out the way. I DON'T LIKE BILL MURRAY.

Yeah I said it.

I think every character he plays is creepy. That has to say something about him. And if his movies weren't enough to make me dislike him, he pulled this shit where the Chicago Cubs asked him to throw out the first pitch and the muthafucka didn't show up to do it? What the fuck kinda shit is that? You know how excited I'd be if my favorite baseball team asked me to throw out the first pitch of the season? Hell, if one of our little minor league teams asked me to throw out the first pitch I'd be there 2 hours early. That might be the biggest day of my life up to that point. But one thing I can say is since Bill Murray didn't show up to throw out the first pitch, a couple of kids from a die hard Cubs family got to do it instead and that was far cooler than some creepy actor doing it.

I know I'm gonna catch flack from Chris Horne and Jonathan Bennett. So. after I was bragging on my Tigers we turned around and lost today to Kansas City. That's ok. We're 6 and 3. Still looking good at the beginning of the season. So let's look at today's matches.

Shawshank Redemption vs Fargo: This should be an easy win Shawshank has Morgan Freeman in it. He's a nice looking and well spoken man. Can't help but like him. You kinda wish he was your uncle or something. Fargo has Steve Buscemi, who is not so nice looking, and a woman with a funky accent. So Shawshank should win on the strength of Morgan Freeman alone. I'm pretty sure I heard Peter Griffin comment on Steve Buscemi once by saying his teeth look like they are all in competition against each other.

Breakfast At Tiffany's vs The Eternal Sunshine of the Spoless Mind: I've never seen either one of these movies But I'm voting for Breakfast At Tiffany's because that title is easier to type. Keep it short and simple! Geez. It's all long and drawn out and hard to understand. Breakfast at Tifanny's answers all the important questions. "Honey what are we eating?" Breakfast. "Where?" At Tiffany's. That title could only get better if it was Breakfast At Tiffany's At 8am.

Cool Hand Luke vs Clerks: I've never seen Cool Hand Luke so I am going with Clerks. My favorite part of Clerks is the conversation they have about contractors building the Death Star in Star Wars.

Forrest Gump vs Groundhog Day: Fuck Bill Murray. ... "That's all I have to say about that." (c) Forrest Gump

The Godfather vs The Exorcist: The Godfather. I still try to tell them not to go to the toll booth every time I see that movie. NO! NO DON'T DO IT! OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh nooooooooo..

The Blues Brothers vs American Psycho: The Blues Brothers has one of my favorite lines in it. Donald "Duck" Dunn (who is the bass player for Booker T. and The MGs in real life) says, "He ain't lying. We had a band powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline." Love it.

Ghost Busters vs Beetlejuice: This is probably one of the best match ups Coffee Cake has seen. I'm going with Ghost Busters. But really I see this being such a hard pick for so many people. These are two childhood favorites. I wonder how many people played with their Beetlejuice and Ghost Buster toys together. Did they ever bust Beetlejuice or was he too clever?

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  1. I'm going to direct all future comments through the attorney for my feelings which you brutally assaulted in this post.

    (I hope Star Wars loses.)