Thursday, April 8, 2010

Video Games - Round 4 (The Elite Eight)

Last round was just amazing to me. So many close races. Even the weird thing where I swear Ms Pac-Man was tied with Donkey Kong only to later find that Ms Pac-Man had won by one vote was exciting. It made me look stupid but it was still exciting. This is where things get good folks after today there will only be 4 games left standing.

Ms Pac-Man vs Tetris: Fuck that shit Angel is trying to put in your ear down there in the comments. I'ma tell you why Ms Pac-Man is going to win. Cuz Nike designed a shoe called The Ms Pac-Man. If anyone wants to buy me a gift, I'd like a pair of these in a men's size 12. There is no Tetris my knowledge. There is also a line of Adidas Star Wars shoes (especially the Luke Skywalkers in orange) that I wouldn't mind having. I know I'm not supposed to be talking about shoes but this is a great opportunity to talk about shoes that I want. Oh yeah, there is also a Pac-Man version of the shoe. Remember, size 12.

Zelda vs Metroid: Ok see this is where my lack of gaming knowledge kicks in. I've never played either one of these games. I don't understand why the game is called The Legend of Zelda when the main character's name is Link. And Metroid sounds like a mental condition that makes you paranoid when you are in a metropolis. I'm going with Zelda cuz my mental state is bad enough with out help from a video game.

Super Smash Bros vs Mortal Combat: More whoop ass goodness right here. I've never played Super Smash Bros but I like the idea of it. I'm voting for Mortal Combat because Scorpion says, "GET OVER HERE! ... COME HERE!" That is still funny to me.

Mario Bros vs Castlevania: I'm pretty sure I remember Kevin playing Castlevania. I have no clue what that game is about. But I do enjoy me some Super Mario Bros. I liked 3 a lot. You could fly. I guess you were supposed to be a flying squirrel but it looked like a raccoon to me. I've never heard of a flying raccoon but hey it worked for the game.

I am going to be putting together the bracket for next week's movie tournament this evening. If you are in Macon (sorry to folks from Loyola Marymount, Manchester, Kennebunkport and other places that are not Macon) and you would like to help but the bracket together we will be meeting at 6pm this evening at The Rookery in downtown Macon.
See you there.

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  1. Today, Ms. Pac-Man goes down to Tetris. This is my favourite video game and it should win. I know people like Metroid, but c'mon, Zelda deserves it. I'm sorry, I voted for Mortal Combat because I hear the "mortal combat!" scream every time I go to vote and frankly, I don't hear anything from Super Smash Bros. Love Mario Bros, of course. I see the show down begin between Tetris and Mario Bros. then Zelda vs. Mortal Combat... I believe in you Mortal Combat!