Monday, April 5, 2010

Video Games - Round 1

Well, here we are with another week of Coffee Cake and this week we will be exploring the wonderful world of video games. I'ma tell you right now, I know very little about video games. I'm old school as hell and most of my favorite games didn't even make the tournament. They are just so old that no one gives a shit about them any more. That being said I hope the seeding of the tournament doesn't make me an embarrassment to any hard core games who might be reading. And just in case there are some hard core gamers who are turning up their noses to my rankings, get a life geek! I'm a DJ by trade. I'm was too busy making the party live and getting all the girls to sit around moving my thumb around.
No, just kidding (not really). To be honest this tournament is dedicated to my friend Kevin. He has been a true gamer ever since I've known him and most of what I know about video games I learned from hanging out with him. We used to go to arcades where he would be in Street Fighter tournaments and playing other games so well that people would stand around and watch him play. I, on the other hand, would find the nearest bar and order a beer.

So let's talk about the matches.

The number 1s look pretty safe. The 16 seeds are pretty interesting games though. Oregon Trail was fun. I don't know if it was REALLY fun or if I was just happy to be playing a game on the computer at school. I mean really your characters would be dying of dysentery. I didn't know what dysentery was back then. That's a lot to hang on a kid who just wants to play a game. Space Invaders is one of the first games I remember being able to play well. I remember playing it for so long one time that the game just said, "Congratulations" and started completely over. Toe Jam and Earl...never liked that name. Pong...still fun and for some reason the simple name make me giggle inside.

Chrono Trigger vs Crazy Taxi: I had never even heard of Chrono Trigger until I made this bracket. While I was struggling trying to seed the games, I looked at a lot of Top 100s list. Chronos Trigger was in the top 5 on a lot of lists. How can that be and I've never even heard of it? Well, I do know Crazy Taxi was a lot of fun. I had forgotten about it until I saw a commercial where someone was playing it. I always picked the dread locked taxi driver.

Resident Evil vs Ecco the Dolphin: I remember watching Kevin play Resident Evil. The shit was nasty. More than I could handle. I've never seen Ecco the Dolphin in action before but I'm sure a dolphin couldn't possibly freak me out as bad as the Resident Evil zombies. My vote goes to Ecco.

World of Warcraft vs Double Dribble: I've never played World of Warcraft. I'm an Everquest man myself. But I am going to pick it because I love RPGs. What I remember most about Double Dribble was that it was one of the first games I heard talk. When it came on it said Double Dribble and you know what it said but is sounded like someone was saying it with a mouth full of water.

Super Smash Bros vs The Sims: I'm voting for Super Smash Bros. Let me tell you why. When The Sims hit the market everyone seems like they were playing it. My friends finally talked me into trying it and what the fuck is this shit? I'm baby sitting a video game. I don't need a guilt trip cuz my video game died cuz I forgot to feed it! It was a person. When people get hungry they go find food. Or how bout I leave for awhile and come back to find my video game is dead because apparently it was so dumb that when it found food it burned the house down trying to cook it. And worst of all my video game pissed on itself because I didn't tell it to go to the bathroom. I deal with dumb people on a daily basis. The last thing I need is a game simulating how dumb humanity it. Super Smash Bros gets the vote.

Guitar Hero vs X-Wing: Yo. X-Wing was dope. I played the hell out of that game. Those missions were a lot of fun and challenging. I wasn't very good at the game but so what I was flying an X-Wing and a Y-Wing and that was good enough for me. I admit I like guitar hero but getting to pretend to be in rogue squadron was the greatest thing a game could offer me.

II gotta get some sleep. More commentary to come.



  1. Thank You Riddle for the Tournament Dedication. This is a good mix of Classics and New Generation. Some brackets are hard to vote on. Take for instance Tomb Raider vs Virtua Fighters. I love Tomb Raider and I also love Virtua Fighters, I am sure you know where my vote went for this one but I would have loved to see VF vs Tekken. No worries though. It is good to make those sacrifices from time to time.
    You of course are right. I am an avid gamer and have played the majority of these games....almost all of them. Some classics never die and have revolutionized gaming to the point that we are at now. Take Dragon's Lair for instance. One of the first games to attempt to fully immerse in a virtual cartoon world with a simple command structure but the game was still hard to beat. Anyway, I should get back to work. Thanks Again!

  2. One of my favorite lines that you used to say "You don't want to play against him, his daddy owns an arcade!"

  3. I forgot about that! I did used to tell people that.