Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gods/Goddesses - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

So, I had this great plan for my birthday. I was going to stay home by myself and watch TV. Didn't happen. Billy Dale Ray Hamlin was not having that. He got off work early, called me around 10pm and said let's go see Amanda. Amanda bartends on the other side of town and I figured it was gonna be cool cuz Amanda's bar closeses at midnight. We get there about 10:30 and then we are gone at midnight. How much damage can we do in so short a period of time. Well, I obviously under-estimated the power of the birthday shot. Dale bought us beers and a shot of whiskey. Another round of beersdThe owner then bought us another shot. And what more do I need to say other than we left that bar when it closed to go to another bar. Once again I landed at The Hummingbird. I can't complain. Good times with Heidi and Alison my birthday buddies. And my birthday celebration doesn't stop! I am really excited about today. Today I am heading to Atlanta with the lovely, lovely Kelly to see AC Milan vs Club America. My first professional soccer match.
So let's get on to these matches
Yesterday was quite an amazing day of match ups. Buddha wins at the very last minute by 1 vote! Venus vs Poseidon goes into over time with Venus winning (That is right, right? Venus did win. Now that I've posted this, I'm not sure who won. Correct me if I'm wrong.) And in a crazy major upset Athena beats Kali! It was my kind of day at Coffee Cake. I loved it.

Isis vs Athena - The battle of the goddesses just keep on. The warrior vs the mother. I am still going for Isis. Based on yesterdays performance from Isis, she's not looking too strong but I think she has at least one more win in her.
Thor vs Mother Earth - Ok. This is where I get off the Thor bandwagon. It's been fun. I know you have a classic comic book. But really...Mother Earth? If Mother Earth didn't exist you wouldn't exist Thor! Mother Earth gets my vote.
Jesus vs Zeus - I love this match. Jesus stole his name from Zeus. Don't believe me? That's why in Spanish it's pronounced Hey-Zeus. Zeus is pissed over you using his name in vain Jesus. You are going down.
Buddha vs Venus - Buddha is going to content all over your ass Venus. Both of these gods are losing steam but Buddha with that amazing come from behind, buzzer beater, win has enough juice to move on.

I'm heading to the soccer match. I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. This is so lame. Everyone knows Zeus would stick a lightning bolt up Jesus' ass faster than he could say mustard. Vote for Zeus!!!

  2. But Jesus wouldn't make a lightning bolt so big that Zeus could stick it up his ass! Plus, remember, Jesus is a vampire (and apparently the sire of other vampires - yeah, I'm looking at you Lazarus!)

  3. Zeus doesn't and never did exist. You're on crack.
    There is more evidence for Jesus than Zeus, by a long shot.
    You're a fucking idiot.

  4. And you, my dear kdbugbabe, have no sense whatsoever.

    Hush your mouth and take your expletives elsewhere.


  5. I was at the game too, it was sick.. too bad AC Milan didn't take it seriously

  6. Kdbugbabe, I don't believe any of them exist or existed. However, for coffeecake's sake, lets say they did exist. If you examine the fairy tales, jesus was just the "son of god" and not actually a god himself and really shouldn't even be included in this competition. There is no way he would beat Zeus who was "king of the gods."

  7. Yeah, AC Milan acted like they didn't give a shit. They made so many bad plays, like the keeper just throwing the ball out of bounds, Ronaldinho passing the ball to the other team with no Milan players around him. I was worried that it was going to be a boring match at half. But once Club America scored then AC Milan suddenly started acting like it was a real game. And poor Onyewu. Fucks up and a goal gets scored in his very first game with them.
    Speaking of US players, I hear There are some Italian teams looking at Donovan. Does the US finally have world class players?