Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday presents

So everyone is showering me with birthday wishes (Thank you. I plan to bundle all these wishes up and use them all at once on the same thing so I am pretty sure my wish will come true.) and folks are asking me what I want for my birthday.
There are the obvious things. Cookies, sex, records, toys, comic books, a new pair of shoes, a really good dinner, an iPhone, a Macbook, a job. But here are some more creative things that I will gladly accept if you are thinking you want to get me something a little out of the ordinary.

An hour with a dominatrix
A Tesla Roadster
A USB powered lunchbox that heats your food
A week for two at Ponta dos Ganchos resort in Brasil
A riding lawnmower with a GPS
This T-Shirt
A date with Rosario Dawson
Carl Kasell's voice on my voice mail
A rubber duckie with sunglasses
A leather g-string with a zipper in the front
Horrified B-Movie Victims action figures
A replica of The Stanley Cup
A billy goat, a nine volt battery, a catcher's mit, one brown corduroy house shoe, and a zebra print vibrator (don't ask what for unless you plan to join in. females only.)

If you still need more ideas shoot me an email. And I know these will come flooding in so you might want to check with me to see what I have already gotten just in case.

Also I want to give it up for my man Vic in Houston. Vic is the designer of the Coffee Cake logo (I have a new one coming soon. It's great!) Vic finally put his artwork online for everybody to see. If you ever need a graphic designer I suggest you use him. He works cheap.

And my friend Will writes one very interesting blog full of noddle nuggets if you will. Very interesting trivia and in general good reading.

Talk to you later.

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  1. whoa.
    how does the coffee cake handle tie breakers?