Thursday, July 16, 2009

Websites/Blogs - Round 4 (The Final Four)

Remember when I said I live the life of a rock star here in Macon, GA? Well I had one of those nights last night. I left the house to have a couple of drinks with a friend and talk over some business ideas. Then my friend Jennifer called me and convinced me to stay until she got there and the next thing I knew I was caught up in "Drag Queen Bingo". Yep, it's just like it sounds. A drag queen, Deonna Sage, is standing on stage saying, "B-5...B-5". To be honest it's a lot of fun but I was trying to do my best to be a good little boy and go home. I headed out and got about 20 steps from The Hummingbird when I see Gary and Carla Schechterle, the owners of Lemongrass, a new Thai restaurant in downtown. I sat down to chat with them and Gary says, "Let me buy you a drink." He gets me a cocktail called "Thailand In A Glass". The drink was so good I got jealous. When I was a bartender, I came up with some pretty good drinks but I had never created anything like that. This drink had Van Gogh Vodka, Coconut Rum and it was infused with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and chili peppers. MARVELOUS!!! Let me tell you all that I am a cowboy kind of drinker. Give me a beer and a shot of whiskey. My idea of a good cocktail is a Jack Daniels with a splash of ginger-ale. However, this Thailand In A Glass was so good I took my time, sipping it and just enjoying chatting with Gary and Carla and their chef, Tom, about the state of Macon and its downtown businesses. Then Gary, being a very generous host, says, "You've got to try the Tod Man Gai," and runs inside to order some. What comes out was three ground chicken patties with curry paste, kaffir lime leaves, sweet onions and a bottle of the chef's own personal hot sauce. The flavor was incredible. I didn't want to seem like a leech so I ordered another cocktail and then once again Gary says, "You've gotta try the basil roll." Now Thai basil is not like the basil you use in your spaghetti sauce. Thai basil has a slight licorice taste. So this roll had shrimp and vegetables wrapped in rice paper and this ever so slight licorice taste floating around it all. Needless to say I had a wonderful time sitting there outside of Lemongrass. But that's not where I got drunk. I made the mistake of going back in The Hummingbird because I was hearing rumblings of a band that had begun playing that was really good. I drank three beers while I listened to Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade. The rumors had been true. They were a fantastic ode to 40s Jazz. Miss Tess's voice and guitar playing were more than I could have asked for on such a lovely Wednesday night in downtown Macon. When they stepped off the stage, I stepped out the door and started my walk home. My head was spinning but I was happy.

Enough of my shenanigans, right? Let's talk about this fantastic Final Four match up we have going on here. But before we get started I have to say that I am going to miss Cinematical. They put up such a good fight yesterday but Craigslist kept them just out of reach of the win. However, Cinematical, you've made a friend and a fan for life in me and I am sure I'll be using you to help me research some of the other tournaments that are coming up like, Famous Robots, TV/Movie Badasses, and Movie Monsters.

(1) YouTube vs (2) Craiglist - YouTube has grown on me lately. Especially since I have been doing Coffee Cake. I make quick little links to it when I find something related to what I am talking about. On Facebook I use it to tell people what disco songs I'm grooving around the house to. I use it as an instructional video for the ladies on why you should be gentle with me. Then there was the 3 weeks where I couldn't stop watching these Japanese shows from production team, Downtown called "Don't Laugh..." My favorite was "Don't Laugh High School" but they were all very good. Then there's the stuff like this that shouldn't hold my attention for as long as it does but for some reason it appeals to my very odd sense of fascination.
Craigslist. Up your's. I need a job and you aren't helping. My vote goes to YouTube.

(1) Facebook vs (4) eBaum's World - Facebook has done a lot for me lately. I found out my little cousin ain't so little no more. He's grown into a good looking young man and quite a talented rapper. I've also found out that his father has apparently turned into a South Park character. Facebook helped me get Coffee Cake off the ground. And Facebook helped me find my old friend Wendy who, I found out through Facebook, will shoot you if you break in her house. She ain't playing. But as a person who enjoys the stakes of gambling, I know that you never pass up a sure shot. So my money is on eBaum's World. You'd have to be crazy at this point not to vote for them. They've been blowing out their matches for the past two days now. Someone call my bookie in Vegas. I can easily make back the money I lost on that Chocolate Chip Cookies vs Grilled Cheese match.

Thanks for being patient with my drunk ass.


  1. party on rock star.
    tonight, I'm living the dream.