Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pop Stars - Round 4 (The Final Four)

I spent the evening last night watching the MLS all-star game with my favorite cutie-pie, Kelly Sugar. Once the game was over I started my stroll home, feeling good cuz Kelly had filled me up with wine. I get about 4 blocks from my house and the cops stopped me. Yeah. I got pulled over walking. It's not the first time. Believe it when I say this is about the 20th time I've been stopped walking. I was already in a frustrated mood and this just finished the job and ruined my fucking night. I am a suspect at all times in this town because I am 6'4", black and have a big ol' afro. I walk instead of drive and I pay the price for it in this fucked up town that I call home. You would think by now that people would know who I am. I mean, I was featured in a story that ran on the front page of the L.A. Times. Yeah that don't mean much here in the Mactropolis.
You wanna hear something funny? This is no joke. The cop that pulled me over was Irish. Doesn't that sound like the makings of a fucked up joke you have to excuse your one jackass friend for telling at the worst possible time? "An Irish cop, a black man and a (throw in another racial identifier of your choice) were standing on a Macon street corner..."
So once he is done searching me, (to his credit he was a nice guy and just doing his job but you would think someone would say don't fuck with the 6'4" guy with the big afro who walks with a limp. That's Roger Riddle. He's a nice guy) I decided I needed a beer so I walked to the corner store and bought beers for me and Amanda cuz I was right around the corner from her house. Well, I have a fucked up phone. It won't stay on. I need a new one bad. Preferably an iPhone. Well I'm sitting outside of Amanda's house with a backpack full of beer and I can't get my phone to stay on long enough to get to her. I finally shoot off two text messages. Then cops start running up and down the street with their search lights on. I'm getting noid as hell. I've been stopped once tonight under suspicion. If that search light hits me, I figure I'm going to jail for no good reason and I'm not in the mood for sleeping in a jail cell. Amanda never opened her door so I waited til it calmed down and headed home. I get home and plug in my phone and Amanda tells me that she finally made it home. So I walk back and tell her my frustrating tales of the night. We drink it up and watch Sex And The City (you end up doing some really non-manly things when your closest friend is a girl) and I wake up at 10am on her couch. See, I always have a good reason for being late on the updates.

So let's talk about the semi-finals now that I've depressed you all.


'nuff said

P.S. And big shout out to my girl Anna Ruth chillin' over at Auburn U in the Bama! What up, girl!


  1. I think this is more stressful than real brackets. OH MY GOD! WHY THE F@#K IS TAYLOR SWIFT STILL IN THIS COMPETITION?

  2. Hold on. What the hell is going on? Why is Taylor Swift making a comeback?

  3. Looks like we should just go ahead and declare elvis the winner....anybody against that idea?

  4. so, gwen stefani made it to the big leagues? huh. that's cool, the way this tournament went I would not be suprised to see her beat out the king ... okay, maybe a little surprised, but you know ...