Monday, July 13, 2009

Websites/Blogs - Round 2 (The Sweet Sixteen)

This was an amazing first round. There was drama. There were close races. There were miraculous wins! And there were fabulous blow outs. I knew it was going to be good when the supporters of Destructoid started showing up in droves to vote for their favorite gaming website when word went out that they were up against Perez Hilton. And while speaking on the big daddy of gossip blogs, not a one of the 3 celebrity gossip blogs made it into the 2nd round. I was shocked by that. The biggest upset of the day was Soul-Sides taking down the mighty Myspace!! Good music prevails once more, just going to show that music IS universal. And speaking of music, the disappointment of the day for me was of course my favorite, Fuck You Penguin being taken down by Pandora. The biggest match up? Is there any doubt that Cinematical meant BUSINESS!! I got an email from Big Daddy Scott Weinberg saying he wasn't sure how they would fare going up against a power house like Best Week Ever but that he was going to put his Special Forces Secret Agent Ninja, Elisabeth Rappe (I hope I didn't just blow her cover) on the job, and boy did she ever come through. Cinematical was pulling up the rear through the first half of the day but exploded in the afternoon and never looked back. Let's look at the round 2 match-ups.

(1) Facebook vs (3)Pandora - Pandora has been turning folks on to music for years now. And I am all about anyone who is helping to expand minds. Especially in the case of music, but...

...Pandora knocked out my favorite, FU Penguin, in the first round. Now I normally don't hold a grudge over these match-ups (excluding the whole Chocolate Chip Cookies vs Grilled Cheese Sandwich thing for those who were around for that.) but this time I am holding a grudge. Pandora you are going down this round to Facebook!! Facebook has been a huge help to getting Coffee Cake off the ground. Facebook keeps us in touch with our friends from school (like it was originally intended) and our family members. It also keeps us connected to what is going on with every facet of the world, be it entertainment, news, local happenings or national. Facebook gets my vote.
(2) The Onion vs (5) Fail Blog - Fail Blog dominated its first round match only to end up against a juggernaut in The Onion. The Onion is so good at making us laugh that it somehow managed to do it even when we weren't sure how we should be acting right after 9/11. But I have to say, Fail Blog shows us how ridiculous real life can be sometimes. This is a really tough match up to decide who to vote for for me. I have wasted hours looking and reading both. But when it comes down to the wire. I've got to go with The Onion.
(1) eBay vs (3) Huffington Post - I have made my fair share of money selling some pretty lame items on eBay. I've also been entertained by many of an item that makes me wonder how anyone ended up with something as weird as that and why they would think anyone else would want it. Meanwhile, the Huffington Post is the online leader in in getting the news that matters to the people. The old printed news format just isn't working anymore. So what do we do? We can't go around uninformed. Thank god The Huffington Post saw the future of news reporting. Go on Huff! You got my vote. Keep us reading.
(4) eBaum's World vs (7) Soul-Sides - What is it about eBaum's world that instantly turns me into a person that loves frat kid humor? Sad to say though, our frat kids in Macon are nowhere near that creative. They just get drunk and throw up in my yard. That being said, I'm just going to go ahead an say right now that I am voting for Soul-Sides. There is no such thing as too much good music and this site has a-plenty to share.
(1) Twitter vs (6) Cinematical - Twitter makes stuff happen. It's a short, sweet and to the point message. Heck it played a huge role in getting people out to vote for the first round yesterday. But I know a sure shot when I see one and I'd have to be a sucker not to take the #6 upset in this match-up. Cinematical has already shown that they intend to get deep in this tournament. I mean, what can I say that they didn't already say right there? Cinematical gets the vote from me.
(2) Craigslist vs (4) I Can Has Cheezeburger - Craigslist has taken the place of eBay as the spot we go to to find anything. You can find anything from the beautiful to the ridiculous. A car... or a date. A rant or a rave. Or.... a skunk...if that's what you are looking for. Who am I to judge? I Can Has Ceezeburger has really cute cats talking messed up and just being CUTE!! What more do I have to say? I Can Has Cheezeburger gets my vote.
(1) YouTube vs (6) Destructoid - I'm going to be honest. YouTube has never done a whole lot for me. I mean it's great and all but I never spent huge amounts of time on it. I always found what I was looking for in other places. But YouTube does have this. And I mean...that's pretty damn good. Wanna keep my attention? Well, show me old Muppet clips. Or this. You can't help but be happy after seeing that. I am going to tell you another secret. I'm no good at video games. The only games I was ever good at were 80s arcade games like Tempest, Tron, and Star Wars and the only home gaming system I was ever any good at was the Atari 2600. But I know a winner when I see one and my vote goes with Destructoid.
(2) IMDb vs (4) Life Haker - I wonder, if there hadn't been so many movie fans voting yesterday, would IMDb have won its first round so easily. Now don't get me wrong, IMDb is a great resource. For example it is very easy to find out that the actor who played Cyrus in The Warriors was Roger Hill. Life Hacker always has something to say that is so simple but makes so much sense. But I want my prediction record to continue to look good and I am thinking the movie lovers will be back in force again. I am going with IMDb. Sorry Life Hacker.



  1. okay so

    Facebook Vs Pandora: Not only am I music nerd; I am a music nerd that listens to obscure stuff. Pandora is a GREAT site, but my heart belongs to Pitchfork Media. So in that case, Facebook gets my vote in this round.

    FailBlog Vs The Onion: Okay so The Onion gives us a sense of humor when we're in politcal 'roid rage. But FailBlog gives me a laugh every single day. My vote? FailBlog all day long, baby.

    eBaum's World Vs. Soul Sides: I am not a fan of silly college humor. Remember that viral video about the energy drink that was on College Humor? Not a fan. Soul Sides, however, I love. Soul Sides gets my vote this turn.

    Twitter Vs Cinematical: Hey, a friend of Roger's is a friend of mine. Cinematical.

    Craigslist Vs ICHCB: This was actually the hardest choice for me. Being an insomniac sometimes I feel like as infinite as the internet is, it has its limits for me. Whenever Im feeling pathetic at 4:45 in the morning, I turn to Craigslist to give me a quick "hey, at least your life isn't so bad that your missed connection was that hoe that gave you a 5 dollar BJ". But I can share I Can Has Cheezburger with the kiddos and we all have a good laugh. ICHCB, you had me at hello.

    YouTube Vs. Destructoid: So back to that whole "Grilled Cheese Vs. Chocolate Chip Cookies" misunderstanding. I am going to trust that you guys can handle me pulling for YouTube. I am usually a HUGE fan of the underdog, but I have the feeling that Destructoid will do well, and my one vote won't do much to sway that. YouTube, you have given me many laughs. I have also seen some weird, weird shit through your site and I still come back wanting more.

    IMDb Vs LifeHacker: I am a nerd. Both of these websites serve my nerdy purposes, but LifeHacker gives me much more interesting stuff to read. LifeHacker, you have my vote.

  2. Come on Soul-Sides!! I'm pulling for you baby. You can do it!

  3. wil's picks:
    Facebook vs. Pandora:
    Facebook - because not only did it help me get in touch with some people I wanted to see, it allowed me to finally get some closure with that bitch from HS who sooo wants me to friend her now that I'm all grown up and hot. FU beeyotch!

    The Onion vs. Fail Blog:
    Fail Blog - I got nothing against the Onion, but FB has had me cracking up since I found it.

    eBaum vs. Soul Sides
    Soul Sides - I've just never really dug eBaum. Dunno why

    Twitter vs. Cinematical:
    Cinematical - not only is it a moderately cool site, I'm not on Twitter.

    Craig' List vs. ICHCB:
    ICHCB - I'm not going to lie: I've never really understood ICHCB. Maybe that's why it cracks me up so much (I do find it high-larious that cats have such terrible grammar, but somehow I don't think that's the point).

    YouTube vs. Destructoid
    Destructoid all the way

    IMDB vs. Life Hacker:
    IMDB - a friend just introduced me to this one recently, and now mine eyes have seen the glory.
    Also, Life Hacker has yet to tell me something I didn't already know, so I say it fails.

  4. Why do they call it an xbox 360? Because when you see it, you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away. F u noobs ps3 4 life. I win, you lose, FACE bitch.