Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pop Stars - Round 2 (The Sweet Sixteen)

There were a lot of unexpected wins last round. Who would have thought that #8 Amy Winehouse could upset Justin Timberlake? Right on Amy. Pink upsets Beyonce. I guess I'm not the only person tired of seeing Beyonce every time I change the channel on TV. Missy over Kanye. Go 'head Missy. Kelly Clarkson over Lil Weezey! Never would have thought that. It makes for an interesting 2nd Round. Let's get started.

Michael Jackson vs Usher - This is so wrong. Usher has always said that his biggest influence was Michael Jackson. It shows. The way Usher dances is like a modern Mike. But what happens when you put the imitation up against the original? You pick Michael Jackson. So do I.

Lady GaGa vs Carrie Underwood - This is just a great big pile of who gives a shit. How did this match up happen people? Am I going to have to start enforcing a two drink minimum before you vote? I mean this match up could have been Britney Spears vs The... Jonas... Bro - Never mind.

Elvis Presley vs David Bowie - This is one hell of a 2nd Round match up here. Elvis did this. Bowie did this. Elvis acted in some really bad movies. Bowie was in The Labyrinth. I know I should pick Elvis here. I know he's the bigger of the two but to be honest, I just like Bowie's music a little bit better. Not by much. Just a little bit. I'm taking Bowie on this one.

Bono vs Pink - I'm going to let Angel "This Girl" Collins break down this match cuz she did it so well. Take it away Angel.

"In the first round match-up, you picked Bono because you HATE Paris Hilton. But in this round, you suddenly remember that Bono is kind of a prick, although a well meaning one and though you kind of remember how much you love Joshua Tree, you also think Pink is a better pop star but will still pick Bono. So do I."

Madonna vs Missy Elliot - This is another match that is a tough one for a second round. I like both of these ladies' music. Back in Detroit during the 80s my favorite radio station was FM 98 WJLB. I listened to it all the time. They played all the new hip-hop, all the best R&B old and new, and they introduced me to Madonna. Madonna's first album got play on the black radio stations. I thought Madonna was black until her second album came out. By that point I was sold on her music. Later on as I was hitting my teens she got really dirty and that worked out fine with my hormones kicking in I've always wanted to -censored- Madonna and if she showed up at my door right now I'd still **** ** **** *** and *** ** **** *** and I hope she'd **** ** *** **** *** ** ***** *** ***** *** **** *** shoes. -ahem-... Sorry Missy. You make good music too though.

Elton John vs Gwen Stefani - You gotta be kidding me. This is a no brainer. Elton John!

Kelly Clarkson vs Amy Winehouse - Ok. I'm taking off the gloves and it's time to get dirty. I'm putting my weight behind my girl. I know Amy Winehouse is fucked up but I love this girl. I can listen to her music all day. Peep. Dare Kelly Clarkson to write a song like that. Let alone sing it so you can feel it. Come on Amy. We're getting you to the Elite Eight, baby.

Prince vs Taylor Swift - Somebody help me out. Other than that spoof song with T-Pain and that Romeo and Juliette song what has Taylor Swift done? That's what I thought. Do I need to start listing Prince's catalog? Didn't think so. Prince!


  1. What's sad to me is that Taylor Swift is slightly edging out Prince right now. I know y'all don't like Country music THAT much! I think there should be a 2 drink minimum and a fake ID check!

  2. yeah, that's a surprisingly close match. I think we'll see that prince has the staying power, though. We are talking about the man who gave us Little Red Corvette, Raspberry Beret and Let's Go Crazy.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing whether David Bowie can hold out against Elvis Presley. It was a tough choice, but in the end it came down to movies, and Labrynth beats out every single Elvis movie ever.
    Kick some ass, Bowie!

  3. Come on Amy Winehouse!! I don't care that you stole cocaine from Kate Moss's purse. That's why I love you!! Kelly Clarkson couldn't be that controversial no matter how hard she tried!

  4. You know Michael can't be beat in this round. He at least needs to go one more round. He truly is the king of pop (even if not in our hearts). Usher can't beat him now! Usher's not as good as Mike!

    And what the hell, people??? Why is Prince only beating Taylor Swift by 2 votes right now??? Sacrilege!

  5. Wow....I don't think I have seen a group of match-ups this close on coffeecake. I guess there is a bigger group of country fans on this site than previously thought.

  6. I'm so mad right now. I agree with you DG. I know we get a lot of southern voters but I never would have expected this.