Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home Cooked Dishes - Round 4 (The Final Four)

I can't believe I picked all the winners to move on to the Final Four. This Final Four would be pretty normal with two #1s and a #2 if it wasn't for that #8. I LOVE an underdog and this is just amazing. Grilled Cheese has not just been winning but blowing out it's competition for the most part. Can it keep going? Let's look at the matches.

First up let's look at Mac & Cheese vs Chicken & Dumplings. This is going to be a tight match. Both have shown that they have dedicated fans. For me, every time I eat Macaroni & Cheese I think of my mom. And I think of Richard Pryor. So there we go. Chicken & Dumplings, that's someone elses memories. I'm obviously going to vote for Macaroni & Cheese.

Next, the match up that all eyes will be on. Chocolate Chip Cookies vs Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I love Cookies. There is no such thing as a bad cookie. But home made cookies are the absolute best. My vote goes with Chocolate Chip Cookies. But, don't you really want to see the #8 underdog go to the finals? Wouldn't that just be fun? But think of all the good damn food that Grilled Cheese beat to get this far. Grilled Cheese ain't nothing but some cheese slapped between two pieces of bread with some heat thrown on it. Takes at best 5 minutes to make. How can it be that good? And yet it is. If you make it past Chocolate Chip Cookies you will have my vote Grilled Cheese but you got your work cut out for you this round.

See you in the finals


  1. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches may be nothing more than some cheese slapped between two pieces of bread, but it also gave every one of us an appreciation for good bread, cheese, and butter. They say that the best food is the most simple. Grilled Cheese all the way, baby.

    Also, I got nothing to say except Chicken and Dumplings FTW!!!!!!

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! NO! NO! NO! *jumps up and down* This can't be happening! Grilled Cheese Sandwiches CAN NOT beat Chocolate Chip Cookies! Nope. Nada. No Chance. Never!! The oowee goowee chocolatey goodness of a warm cookie fresh out the oven. Sharing them with your friends. The satisfaction of a batch well baked! That's the stuff of life right there. If I went to heaven and god didn't like Chocolate Chip Cookies then fuck that. Send me to the other place!
    Come on Chocolate Chip Cookies!! Don't let me down. You're a #1 that other food is only a lowly #8. You own this match.

  3. I'm not a big cookie fan, but will eat the heck ouot of a grilled cheese any day. Tough score with dumplings, but never really been a dumpling girl myself.

  4. There are between 200 - 300 calories on a grilled cheese sandwich. Each slice of white bread has about 50 calories in it and each slice of american cheese has about 67 calories in it. So that 167 right there, but usually a sandwich will have 2 slices of cheese... so that puts you at 234. Plus butter used for cooking, you're looking at about 300 calories overall.
    Note, if you add more cheese and toppings such as tomatoes or sardines to a grilled cheese sandwich you also add more calories.
    Pol Pot's favorite food was Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!
    On the other hand, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa all loved Chocolate Chip Cookies.
    In the book of Mrs. Fields chapter 13 verse 20, Jesus states, "Lo, it is easier for a man with a Chocolate Chip Cookie in his hand to get into heaven than it is for that idiot over there with the Grilled Cheese Sandwich in his mouth."
    Book of Betty Crocker chapter 11 verse 3-6. "And she mixed the ingredients from scratch. She rolled the dough and cut circles from them. But lo, a bag of Chocolate Chips fell in (yarr...) Unroll Parchmentthe mix as she cleaned her hands. When she returned to her dough she fell to her knees and begged god for forgiveness. An an angel of the lord appeared and said 'Fear not fair Betty. For god blesses this union of dough and chocolate.' She baked them at 325 and when she removed them from the oven god smiled and said, 'It is good for man and woman. It is good in heaven."

  5. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH! My Evil Plan is working!! Grilled Cheese will take over the world!!

  6. I started my rage rampage on the Brackett-Wold porch this evening after perusing from my phone and finding chocolate chip cookies losing by three FUCKING votes. If Grilled Cheese beats out Mac and Cheese, I may consider leaving when Roger does. I know you don't know this yet, but I'm a landmark. A landmark, dammit!

    In other news, this is just a game.

  7. LMAO!! Yes you are a Landmark Angel. However when I leave I am taking Coffee Cake with me.So if you follow me, it will still be there. And don't forget this isn't just Macon people voting. We have folks from Texas, Chicago and other places who aren't joining in on the discussion yet.

  8. Ummm, if Texas or Chicago picked grilled cheese over CHILI or CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, then I don't want to ever go back to those places again! Speak up Chi-town and "Everthing is bigger in" Texas. Did your cookie crumble or did your grill cheese dribble?