Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gods/Goddesses - Round Four (The Final Four)

Wow. The game was absolutely incredible! Club America beat AC Milan, 2-1. I got a chance to see Ronaldinho and Onyewu. There was a fight! There were several yellow cards handed out. Over 50,000 people showed up to The Georgia Dome in Atlanta for the game. It was amazing. And better than anything else, Club America made a fan out of me. I knew nothing about those guys but they just flat out out played AC Milan. I love to see Ronaldinho play but he is lazy. He is becoming a waste of talent. Now I'm not saying I'll give up my Barcelona loyalty for Club America... but I will be watching them to see how they do.

So this is so smoking awesome to me. The Final Four has 3 goddesses! Yes!!

Mother Earth vs Athena - The giver of live versus the goddess of war. You've got to be kidding me. First of all I am really shocked that Athena is still in the tournament. She should have gone down in either one of the last two round. But up against Mother Earth? No chance. Mother Earth will easily win and move on to the finals.

Jesus vs Venus - I am going to say that I want Venus to win. I really do. But I am going to vote for Jesus. I know Jesus is going to win and I want my stats to keep looking good. Someone once told me, "I feel the same way about the Georgia Bulldogs as I do about Elvis and Jesus. They aren't so bad, it's their fans that get on my nerves." I have never heard a truer statement. Venus. I wish you the best.

See you tomorrow for the finals.


  1. I couldn't agree more with your take on the final 4. Jesus vs Mother Earth will be a steely match up. Especially given the fact that God created earth.

  2. I can't believe Jesus beat Zeus. If they both existed, that would never happen. I'm all in it for Mother Earth now. At least I know the earth is real.

  3. I'm really hoping for a Goddess vs Goddess final. Coffee Cake readers must be VERY open minded individuals.

  4. Yeah well you can officially retract that last statement now.

  5. There is still plenty of time. Venus could make a comeback like Buddha did the other day.