Friday, July 31, 2009

An early look at the Cosmopolitan Cities Bracket.

Getting us ready for next week's voting. Your homework assignment is to look up any of these cities that you aren't too familiar with over the weekend so you'll know exactly where you want to go on your next vacation (or at least which to vote for come Monday).

I am personally pulling for Tokyo, Amsterdam and Austin. All three of these are places I would like to one day live.

And is it just me or is the Eastern Hemisphere competitively stronger than the West?



  1. Wow.
    I see a couple of excellent match-ups there.
    Atlanta vs. Montreal is a particularly inspired pairing and Macon vs. Los Angeles is just silly.
    This should be a cool tournament.

  2. Oh, like Detroit vs New York is any less silly. Both of those were self-deprecating jabs.

  3. yeah, I didn't want to call you out.
    you partying this weekend?