Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Websites/Blogs - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

Well round 2 had a huge number of voters turn out to support but only one upset and that was first round powerhouse Cinematical just edging by Twitter. Here's hoping Cinematical has enough steam to make through another round. Even Destructoid who looked poised to win couldn't hold on to the lead in the later hours of the voting. And sadly I have to say good bye to one of my favorites, Soul-Sides. Soul-Sides gave it all they had and they should be proud of their performance. Now let's look at the Round 3 match-ups.

(1) Facebook vs (2) The Onion - Facebook is the mack-daddy of the social networking sites right now. I basically know everything that is happening in my town through what I read on Facebook. I have to admit that Coffee Cake wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Facebook. All of my friends started reading it because they saw it on Facebook first. Plus Face book has the English (Pirate) language option. But The Onion is so much fun to read. Those stories take satire to a whole new level. And reall, who else could come up with a story like this? I'm going to vote for The Onion.

(1) eBay vs (4) eBaum's World - It's the battle of the lowercase "e's" and capital "B's". eBay, I want to know why when I type in "Party Mix" so many results for wigs come back but no Chex Mix? How can I throw a party without Chex Mix? Oh eBaum's world. Just when I get sick of your often immature humor you give me something like this that does indeed prove that fart jokes can be VERY funny. My vote goes with eBaum's World.

(2) Craigslist vs (6) Cinematical - Craigslist is a wonderful and entertaining resource when you live in a real city. I, however, live in Macon. Craigslist does have it's moments but here in Macon there are just a lot of pick-up trucks for sale. But look at Cinematical being a #6 and still hanging in there. Cinematical, you have a tough road ahead of you but I think you can do it. And if there is one thing I can say about Cinematical it's that there are lots of pictures of hot women on this site. You get my vote.

(1) YouTube vs (2)IMDb - I'm a cartoon fanatic. And I love all types. I like anime, I like 80s cartoons. I recently fell in love with Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I like really obscure stuff that no body else remembers. So when I found this, I then began to take YouTube a little bit more serious. And IMDb. I'm sorry IMDb but this is where our love affair ends. I'm just not that into movies. My vote goes with YouTube.


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