Friday, July 10, 2009

Fruit - Round 5 (The Finals)

It is 11:30am on Friday as I type this. I just got home from last night. That's why I am so late with the update. Even though I have retired from the business of partying, I still lead the life of a rock star. Well, as much as one can in Macon, Georgia. Last night I attended the launch party for Random Family Records, a new record label starting here in Macon. It was a good time. So good of a time that I woke up on Amanda's couch this morning. She woke up on the floor. Needless to day I was better off than her this morning. Plus she had to go to work. Enough of my La Boheme-esque lifestyle. Let's talk about fruit!

Grapes and Strawberries made short work of their opponents yesterday. Now it's only the two of them left out of a field of 32.
Grapes - Grapes make wine. Let's go ahead and get that on out in the open there for everybody to see. In the summer you freeze grapes and they are the perfect treat on a hot day. If I am ever so lucky as to have a harem, I will have a woman feed me grapes while I am being fanned by another.
Strawberries - Chocolate covered Strawberries. They are sooo good. What a great combination of flavors. And there it something also romantic about them. I feel like it's always good to share chocolate covered strawberries with that special someone. And in genreal Strawberries just make good deserts.

So for me this finals match all boils down to decadence. Wine or Dessert? The wino in me is begging me to pick Grapes. But there is something about eating Strawberries that just makes me so happy. I picture myself standing outside on a bright sunshiney day and biting into a stawberry while staring up at the big blue sky and a giant smile creeps across my face! It's a wonderful day-dream. You should join me in it.

Strawberries get my vote!


P.S. - Next week is Websites/Blogs

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  1. I love strawberries. Love them so much, I pick my own every May on average once a week. 5+ pounds of strawberries each. And I make things - or just eat them. Strawberry lemonade is one of life's pleasure. Grapes, you are good, and I do love wine, but if I'm looking at taking you both as you are, strawberries all the way!