Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fruit - Round 2 (The Sweet Sixteen)

Woooooo! Running late today. Sorry about that. I got caught up watching Farscape last night and...what? Don't be looking at me like that. I said in my little "About me" thing on the side that I have some very nerdy tendencies.
Anyway, let's look at Round 1. Nothing too surprising happened. There were 3 upsets but not major upsets. For the first time in Coffee Cake history, all four #1s moved on to the second round. So let's look at the upsets. Honeydew Melons beat Coconuts, Blackberries beat Grapefruit, and Mangoes wins over Plums. Like I said, not shockers but still, I love an upset.

So the 2nd Round matches. Let's see what's going to happen.
Apples vs Blackberries - I don't think Blackberries stand a chance really. Blackberries make good cobblers but so do Apples and Apples aren't full of annoying seeds like Blackberries are.
Strawberries vs Pineapples - Whoa! Now that's a match up in my book. I love them both. Give me a cold chunk of Pineapple and I'm in heaven. Give me some cold Strawberries and look...I'm still in heaven. But once it's all said and done. I'm going with Strawberries.
Oranges vs Mangoes - I'm with Angel on the subject of Mangoes. You just can't find really good Mangoes in Macon, Ga. Plus my family used to own an orange orchard. Oranges get my vote.
Peaches vs Raspberries - When in Georgia do as the Georgians do. Peaches make the southern world go round! Peaches please.
Bananas vs Cherries - BANANAS YOU ARE GOING DOWN!! This is the match to watch I think. I'm going with Cherries and I think a lot of other people are too. I've heard a lot of Strawberries vs Cherries in the finals predictions.
Watermelon vs Kiwi - Oh, Kiwis. When coupled with Strawberries you make great drinks, good Jell-o, and add that something special to fruit salad. But you're all by your lonesome in a dark alley. You're friend Strawberry is fighting its own battles. And now you find yourself up against Watermelon. Whatcha gonna do? Watermelon...finish 'em.
Grapes vs Blueberries - Grapes. You can peel'em, freeze'em, I love them. Give me grapes.
Pears vs Honeydew Melons - Pears came damn close to losing to Guavas. I'm going to vote for Pears but I'm afraid that that strong showing from Honeydew Melons in the last round may not have been a fluke. We shall see.

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  1. Apples against blackberries and bananas against cherries are both tough ones. Blackberries and cherries are tastier than apples and bananas, but you have to give credit to apples and bananas as the work-horse of fruits. They're not exciting but they do the job. If you want a quick burst of flavor, go with the blackberries or cherries; but if you're out hiking or working and need something to keep you going, you want that apple or banana. I'm a romantic, but on this one I'm voting for the practical side. Apples, bananas. Boring but strong.

  2. I agree Charles. I went out to dinner last night and was offered either a choice of potato chips or an apple with my meal. I was shocked. With the quickness I was like, "Give me the apple." I wish more places offered fruit like that. But I have to go with the Cherries over Bananas.

  3. Yes! Cherries have pulled into the lead! These matches are a lot tighter than I expected. Who'd expect Blackberries to be giving Apples a run for their money? Watermelon and Kiwis a tight match-up. Grapes and Blueberries staying neck and neck. THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT FOLKS!!

  4. If strawberries lose, I will be sorely disappointed in all of you.

    That being said, GO CHERRIES!