Saturday, July 18, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Like there was ever any doubt who was going to win this one. eBaum's World! Congratulations to eBaum's World and all of it's readers. eBaum's World now moves on to The Extravaganza where it will face off against all of the winners.

Now, to make sure you get your voting fix this weekend, I have a little poll for you. I am considering changing one of our upcoming categories. I was going to do porn stars but now I feel that would be inappropriate. So instead of porn stars we can do Cereal, Crazy Musicians, Cutest TV Couples, or if you all have any suggestions I am open to hear them.

Other than that, I will see you all Sunday for Round 1 of the Gods tournament.



  1. Ok you old cakehead muthas. In order for you to pick other I need a suggestion to go along with it.
    Don't make me come after you.

  2. Zoo Animals is coming up after the half way point.
    Here's the list of all of the up coming tournaments.