Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cinematical and The Onion fight back!

Ok folks. I know we all want our favorite websites to win but it ain't no fun if it's just going to be a blow out in every category. Take some time to look at some of the other websites. You might find something just as addictive as your favorite. The Onion is full of great stories that make fun of the way newspapers can make reading so boring. They also have a great way of making your boring life seem like a funny news story. And for the record, we know you don't get laid cuz you spend too much time in front of the computer. Heard of the phrase, "laugh to keep from crying"? Read some of these and laugh at them to keep from crying at your sex life.
And Cinematical keeps you up to date with everything that happens in the world of movies and more. You know damn well your nerdy-ass can't wait to go see Harry Potter this weekend. I know I can't. Well wouldn't it be cool if you could win some Harry Potter schwag to make the weekend even better? And what's with all these old bootleg Harry Potter movies dropping around the same time? My girl Elisabeth Rappe got the scoop on that, homey.

So get out there and click on some links! Read something different. Enjoy life.
Go outside and play. Hell go talk to a girl (and I don't mean online either).

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