Saturday, August 1, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Elvis wins. No big surprise right? Well let me tell you what is a big surprise. Elvis won by the largest margin any winner has yet to win by taking 82.5% of the vote. This puts him in first place on the winners list and is as of right now most likely to get a #1 seed in The Extravaganza. It's still early in the tournaments. There are still 26 more to go so anything could happen but as of right now, he's in the lead. Here's a list of the winners so far.

Elvis Presley 82.5%
Macaroni & Cheese 76%
Rock & Roll 72%
Mother Earth 71.9298%
eBaum's World 65.9517
Strawberries 65.6250 %

So, we will see you all Sunday for the start of first round voting on Cosmopolitan Cities. I'm really excited about this one.

The Rog

P.S. Oh yeah, and if you are in Macon today, I will be bartending from 3pm - 8pm at B.J.'s on Martin Luther King in downtown Macon. Good music, good people, good drinks and me! See you there.

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  1. Well, at least Elvis turns out to be number 1 on this list as well. Found this blog post (below). These are who everybody (except the people who vote on this blog) consider to be the top 10 performers in the US.