Monday, August 10, 2009

Fast Food Joints - Round 2 (The Sweet Sixteen)

A very exciting Round 1 brought us some serious upsets. The two biggest in the fast food game are gone after Round 1. McDonald's and Burger King go down in the first round! KFC and Taco Bell move on because they put Twitter to use for them but KFC's first round match was close. Let's see if they can rally their followers for a better showing in the 2nd round.

Let's look at the match ups in Round 2.

Checkers vs Whataburger - I'm going with Checkers on this one only because I have not had Whataburger since 1994. And Checkers' french fries are where it's at.

Pizza Hut vs Sonic - My favorite pizza from Pizza Hut is just a plain old cheese pizza. That jawn is so yum. Wooo! I could go for one right now. I think I know what I will be doing on my day off. Cheese pizza, bottle of wine and kung-fu movies. Sonic has this peanut butter milkshake that I love. A friend of mine named Shane brought me one once and I have been hooked ever since. And you know those Sonic commercials with the two guy's in the car cracking really corny jokes? I always thought I hated them until I saw the commercials that didn't have the two guys. The new commercials had other people in them and I hated those more. Then I realized I had grown to even like the first two guys and found them funny. Right on Sonic. But my vote is going to Pizza Hut.

KFC vs White Castle - KFC is up on its game. They are using Twitter to get to their people. I like that. That is a company that is evolving with the times. Before you know it, KFC will have healthier choices... What? They are selling grilled chicken now? See what I mean? Go KFC! White Castle, you're so good that you had a couple of pot heads do a movie about you. Why aren't you representing the goodness in the south? My vote has to go with KFC.

Subway vs Chick-fil-A - There is a Subway not to far from my house that stays open 24 hours because it is by the hospital. Now to a lot of you, you may be thinking, "big deal". But when you live in a town that pretty much closes at 10pm, you get excited when you find out anything stays open 24 hours. Chick-fil-A has a pickle on their chicken sandwich. What is the best part of the sandwich. I'm not kidding. There is something about that pickle that absolutely makes that sandwich. My vote goes to Chick-fil-A.

Jack In The Box vs Waffle House - Not a lot I can say about Jack In The Box other than they have a crazy diverse menu. It's not just burger's and fries and a chicken or fish sandwich thrown in the mix for good measure. No. They have tacos, egg rolls, Philly steak sandwiches... grilled cheese.... *gives all the Home Cooked Dishes voters a "Roger Riddle" look*. That's pretty impressive for a fast food spot. Plus again with the commercials. My vote goes to Jack In The Box.

Arby's vs Hardee's - I remember Arby's having great fries when I still ate there. I hope their fries are still that good now. There are two ways to get me to go just about anything you want. French fries and cookies. You offer me either of those and I am as good as your lackey. Maybe this is a chance for me to rekindle my old flame with Arby's. I wonder if they have a chicken sandwich I would like. We shall soon find out Arby's. Hardee's used to have this mushroom and swiss burger that was amazing. I remember talking to Kevin about it one day and we broke out to get one. I remember us just gobbling the thing down like there was crack in it or something. For nostalgia my vote goes to Hardee's.

Taco Bell vs Moe's - Taco Bell vs Moe's. Two southwest styled chains. This could be a good one. Taco Bell's Mexican pizza cause me to go insane once. I couldn't stop eating them. Then I gave up beef and I was hurt that I would never eat another one. Then one day I was standing in line and a guy in front of me ordered one with no beef!! I swear what happened to me was like that scene in The Blues Brothers where the light was shining down on Jim Belushi in the church. Moe's oh you and your tasty salsa. Yum yum yum. I didn't even realize that I cared that much about salsa until you gave me all those chips with my burrito. But alas, my vote goes to Taco Bell.

Popeye's vs Five Guys - I really like Popeye's Chicken. Once after a Bragg Jam, Chris Horne, Stick and I went to a Popeye's and that was just about the best meal I ever ate. We were still exhausted from the night before and as I remember it we got the chicken, came back home, ate and all of us fell asleep again. It was a wonderful moment in gluttony. Five Guys knows how to treat fry lovers. Their fries are really good and they know the importance of bag fries!! Right on Five Guys...but I don't eat burgers. )-: Popeye's gets the vote.

There we have it folks.
Til tomorrow.



  1. Jack in the Box gets my vote too. When I was preggers with Nigel and then with Stein the only food I craved and HAD to eat everyday was a Super Taco.
    Aahh memories

  2. technically, in the bracket the 1v8 winner should face the 4v5 winner. the 2v7 winner would then faceoff agains the 3v6 winner.
    just a technicallity

  3. Some of these I couldn't vote on coz they don't have them in my area, so there was no comparison. However, until KFC quits loading their food with MSG, there's no way I'm setting foot in there. MSG for me means horrifying digestive issues better neither imagined nor described!

  4. I did copy your sour cherry coffee cake recipe. Looks way tasty--and as a plus, no MSG! ;-)

  5. here's my thing with Checkers: that's not a slogan that inspires a whole lotta confidence.
    Let's compare: Subway has "Eat Fresh", Taco Bell says "Think Outside the Bun", McDonald's says "I'm Lovin' It", and all Checkers can come up with is "ya gotta eat".
    I mean, come on, that's lame.
    I'm not saying I've never chowed down on some Checkers, cause I have. I used to stop there all the time. But I'm saying, that slogan just doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. Other places' slogans have exclamation points behind them, and make you want to eat there. That's what slogans are for. Checkers just says "well, hell, you gotta eat something, right?"