Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cosmopolitan Cities - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

Thank you. I really thought when I got home and looked at this blog that I was going to see that Macon had beat Sao Paolo.

This round is very exciting to me. Check it out.

New York vs Vancouver - They call Vancouver, Vansterdam. You know why right? That's all I gotta say. My vote goes to Vancouver. I think they call pull the massive upset and move on.

Miami vs Sao Paolo - Brazil. Their colors are yellow and green with a splash of blue. I love it. Sao Paolo gets the Roger Riddle nod.

London vs Amsterdam - London has great clubs. My favorite DJ is from London. They have great musical tastes (they also like a lot of bullshit but I'll let that slide since at least they give everything a chance). But Amsterdam...your open mindedness and love of good art keeps calling me. Amsterdam gets the vote.

Tokyo vs Sydney - Come on. You know what's up. Tokyo is like #3 on my list of places I want to one day live. Tokyo gets the vote.

Each one of those matches has great cities. This is the best Elite Eight I've seen since I started doing this. So who would I like to see in the Finals? Either Tokyo vs Sao Paolo. If Amsterdam makes it to the finals, then I think it's a done deal.

Later on folks.


  1. Vansterdam? I'm from Canada and I have never seen anybody say that.

  2. Really? Type it in Google and look at what comes back.

  3. That is because a few festivals... the real one is ottawa because they have like five reserves nearby lots of smugling going on. And cops dont care:D