Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fast Food Joints - Round 4 (Final Four)

Only four teams left. Who wants it most?

Pizza Hut vs Subway - I've been pulling for Pizza Hut since this tournament started but this is where I get off the bandwagon. I'm pulling for Subway. I have to give it up for their veggie patty subs. Those things are soooooo good. Go Subway!

Taco Bell vs Waffle House - Wow. Waffle House is a #8. How did you make it this far into the tournament? It's the hash browns isn't it? I know I eat my fair share of them. I saw a great Arby's vs Waffle House discussion on Facebook yesterday. There was a lot of talk about chili. Chili on hash browns must be the bomb-diggy cuz there were at least one person that was loosing her mind over putting chili on stuff. Taco Bell. What more can I say? That's just cheap and good eating. The Bean Burrito, the 7 Layer Burrito, The Mexican Pizza. The list goes on and on. Viva Taco Bell!


  1. I'm with you on the Subway vote, even though my son and I did have Pizza Hut for dinner. I have to go with Waffle House though, because I love breakfast food anytime!

  2. Waffle House is in because of pie. Awesome pie. That, and it's a great place for drunks to go to sober up. Consequently, Taco Bell was practically designed for high people with less than massive wallets. It's a substance abuse war. XD
    I predict Taco Bell will lose, though, even though I'm rooting for them.

    Pizza Hut vs Subway is going to be a slaughter. Subway is almost too good to be true. That, and there are much much better joints than Pizza Hut.

  3. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see whose social networking is best between Subway and Taco Bell.

  4. base solely on the number of votes, I'd say Subway is the safe money.
    Of course, I voted for Subway, too, and I'm a notoriously bad omen.
    I had to stop watching the Braves so they'd start winning.