Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cosmopolitan Cities - Round 2 (The Sweet Sixteen)

Hey there. Sorry I am so late getting the voting up, but I was with my dad today! This was the first time I've seen my father in abut 3 years and I had fun. He brought along my aunt from Chicago and my cousin from Sparta, Georgia.

I can't give a total breakdown on Round two like I would like to but let me say a few things. Macon beat L.A. ... Come on. Really? How in THEE hell can you call Macon more cosmopolitan than L.A. Have you lost your flippin' minds? I fuckin' dare you to vote Macon over Sao Paolo. My love of all things Brazilian better prevail over you all's little inside joke you're trying to play on me.

And for all you Georgia die hards, I'm loving the New York vs Atlanta battle. I'm voting for the Big Apple. Does Atlanta have a nick name? I think it's "The New York of the South". Go N.Y.!!

Ok. I have to run now because I have a job. (YAY ME!!) I'm bartending again. I will be at BJ's on Martin Luther King in downtown Macon from 3pm - 8pm today. And I will be there tomorrow from 8pm to 2am. Come get a drink and say hi.


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  1. The New York of the south? Really? I've never heard that. Has ANYONE ever heard that? I don't think so.