Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Radio Shows - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

The Elite Eight is always my favorite day on Coffee Cake. The matches seem to me to be at their best on Wednesday.
American Top 40 w/ Casey Kasem vs Car Talk - I love Car Talk. As much as I love Casey Kasem's voice Car Talk makes me laugh and I learn something useful from it every week. Plus it's about cars. I love cars.

A Prairie Home Companion vs This American Life - This is messed up right here. Two public radio heavy weights squaring off. This American Life makes you want to sit up and do something positive in the world. It's good news. We always complain that there is not enough good news. Well this American Life has it for you. A Prairie Home Companion is just fun. You laugh. You clap your hands. It's what radio used to sound like. This is a tough one for me and to be honest I can't decide yet.

The Dan Patrick Show vs Ed Schultz - Dan Patrick is the man. Nuff said.

The Rest Of The Story vs Coast To Coast AM - Coast To Coast AM has a lot of spunk to have made it this far into the tournament. It's the Cinderella of this tournament. The clock may strike 12 on it with this match. The Rest of The Story put down my favorite to win, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, in the first round and shows no sign of stopping. Who's going to come out on top on this one?
A big hello to George Knapp from Coast To Coast Am! Thanks for checking in.

Well as you can tell by how brief this update is, I am still having computer problems. Now it seems like it is bigger than just the CPU fan, looks like the mother board may be failing. This would be a fine time for a computer company to offer me a laptop to endorse *hint hint* if there are any out there reading this. I intend to have all this resolved really soon so stay tuned with us.