Thursday, August 20, 2009

Roadio Shows - Round 4 (The Final Four)

I was talking to Vic yesterday and he asked me what happened to the special edition Taco Bell Menu tournament. I told him since my CPU fan died on me I was scared the computer might really give up and I didn't want to start it and not be able to update it. I then jokingly said, "You should see how I am cooling the computer to keep it on. It looks like something from." Then I found this on their website. Now my setup isn't as quite as bad as that. However, it is more like this. I have the window unit air conditioner on and a fan siting in front of it blowing air into the open side of the computer.
Vic said I alternative engineered it. I was a little more crude with my description of how I did it.
Hopefully I will have it fixed later on today. Big Willie from Will Was Thinking is supposed to be bringing me what he called "A Corvette cpu fan." So for all you Taco Bell fans, we will do the launch this coming Monday. Sorry for the wait on that.

So here we are at the Final Four of Radio Shows. I like the matches we have here.
A Prairie Home Companion vs Car Talk - Two of my favorite radio shows facing of against one another to make it to the finals. The great voice of Garrison Keillor vs the laughing and joking of Click and Clack the Tapper Brothers. I don't right now know which I am going to pick.

Dan Patrick vs The Rest of the Story - Dan Patrick is as good good of a sports news anchor as they come. He is a master of selling a joke with a straight face and I love that kind of humor. The Rest of the Story is classic. What can you say? Paul Harvey had us riveted to the radio every day as we listened to find out who he was telling us about. A true spinner of tales, he had us where we couldn't leave the radio until we heard the shows signature finish, "and know you know, the rest of the story."

Good luck to all of these great radio shows.

The Rog

Oh yeah, big shout out to David Boswell in Salt Lake City. What up! We see you.


  1. My guess is that it's going to be Car Talk v. Dan Patrick and that will be a hard vote for me. Dan Patrick is the only sports person I followed on the internet and TO the internet when ESPN let him go. I was very happy to hear him back on the radio in Macon. I've been following Click & Clack since I moved back to Macon from Boston (I didn't have a car or a radio when I lived in Boston), partly for the nostalgia and partly because they made me laugh. I'm not sure who I would vote for in that showdown - Dan Patrick because I get the sports I want with great interviews and a terrific sense of humour or Car Talk because I laugh at and enjoy something that usually holds no interest for me for 2 hours early on Saturday mornings...

    In other news, if the voting goes any other way, it will be less interesting.

  2. Are you crazy? A Prairie Home Companion vs The Rest of the Story would be an awesome final!

    The fucked up final would be A Prairie Home Companion vs Dan Patrick.

  3. And Im thinking that it's going to be fucked up in the end and I will be voting for Dan Patrick. The ONLY sports that I can sit through are soccer and basketball, but the man actually had me interested in college football for about 10 minutes once. Also, what a voice.

  4. I like how close the voting is. Could make for a very interesting finish to the final four.