Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home Cooked Dishes - Round 2 (The Sweet Sixteen)

ROUND. ONE. WAS. INCREDIBLE!! There were upsets. There were unexpected blow-outs. There were leads that went back and forth. There were ties! IT was so much fun to watch the votes come in and the banter that takes place on Facebook. I don't know why all that smack talk doesn't take place here, but oh well. Let's talk about the upsets cuz there were some big ones. Let's start with Enchiladas vs Salmon. Enchiladas not only pulled the upset but won with a huge lead. Enchiladas might just make it to The Elite Eight. Next was Chocolate Cake over Collard Greens which sets up an amazing 2nd Round match for them (more on that later). Next we had Fried Green Tomatoes over Chicken Soup. This match was a close one all day and Fried Green Tomatoes pulled out the win in the last hour. The Chili vs Apple Pie match was neck and neck all day long and #7 Chili pulls the upset in the last hour. And then there was the big daddy. #8 Grilled Cheese Sandwich over #1 Creamed Potatoes. Grilled Cheese creamed Creamed Potatoes by holding onto a huge lead all day long. And let me talk about one more match. Poor Cabbage. Poor Cabbage didn't receive one vote in it's match-up against Buttermilk Biscuits. I mean come on. Even Liver & Onions got 2 votes. Well Cabbage, better luck next time. Maybe I can get you teamed up with Corned Beef in a future tournament.

Todays matches get even harder to choose your favorites. Macaroni & Cheese vs Buttermilk Biscuits. My vote is going to Mac & Cheese but after that 100% win against Cabbage, Buttermilk Biscuits is looking harder to beat than this year's Lakers. Fried Chicken vs Steak. Two All-American favorites. And stereo-types be damned, I'm going with the Fried Chicken. Chocolate Chip Cookies vs Lasagna. This is a no-brainer. In the immortal words of that world famous poet laureate, "C Is For Cookie. That Good Enough For Me." Well Chocolate Chip Cookies starts with 3 C's so that's three times gooder enough for me. And Cornbread vs Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Wow. This is a really tough one to pick for me. I love them both. I will pick Grilled Cheese.
Enchiladas vs Pork Chops. I don't eat pork and you can make a Chicken Enchilada so I'm going with Enchiladas. Now, this is the match I've been waiting on since middle of yesterday when I saw it starting to take shape. Chicken & Dumplings vs Chocolate Cake. I know Amanda Merritt is going to look at this match-up and nearly pass out. I've just recently started to enjoy both of these. I never had Chicken and Dumplings until about 2 years ago and I didn't like Chocolate Cake until about a year ago. If you're from Macon, have you had the Chocolate Cake at Market City Cafe? Amazing isn't it? I'm going with Chocolate Cake. Creamed Corn vs Fried Green Tomatoes. Anybody from Macon remember Big Al from The Red Eye? That man made the best Fried Green Tomatoes in town. They were far better than The Whilstle Stop Cafe's and that's the place where the movie was made. I've never tasted bad creamed corn though so Creamed Corn gets my vote. Fried Catfish vs Chili. CATFISH!!!

Don't oull your hair out over this. Remember it's all in fun. (CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES BETTER WIN DAG NABIT!)


  1. Rog, go ahead and go Chicken and Dumplin's and I'll make you some that will change your mind. That said, buttermilk biscuits vs. mac and cheese??? I went mac and cheese just cuz some folks can f@*% up a biscuit but...have a bite of my mom's biscuits, they will knock your socks off.

  2. Nope. My vote went to Chocolate Cake. Tell your mom to make me some biscuits to sample.

  3. Come on Fried Chicken. Don't let me down.

  4. Ok. This is becoming rediculously intense but before I get into all that let me say thanks to all of the people who have been listening to The Gonzo Mixtape and leaving me feedback on Facebook. Thanks also to Amy Beth, Brooke and Amber "HippiePickle" who provided the sweet voices you hear saying our names. And that was the much talked about Vic who said "CHICKEN....AND I'M DONE". Vic is the creator of the Coffee Cake Extravaganza name and thee art director behind the Coffee Cake logo and brackets.
    Now back to today's matches. Enchiladas led all morning only to let Pork Chops tie it up and pull into the lead in the early afternoon. Fried Chicken has been back and forth all day with Steak. Chocolate Chip Cookies and Lasagna have traded the lead back and forth a countless number of times. And Fried Green Tomatoes came from behind to take the lead and hold on tight even though it's not too late for Creamed Corn to make a come back. This has been as intense watching these votes come in as it was watching the USA vs Brazil game Sunday.

  5. Catfish fucking suck and that's all I have to say about that (excuse my english).

    I'm disappointed that Buttermilk Biscuits and corn bread are losing so badly! If you are counting boxed mac and cheese and saying they are better than buttermilk biscuits, you are an idiot, and I mean that with as much bitterness and rancor as I can muster.

    Otherwise, I can understand the other matches are turning out they way they are. I'm going for creamed corn over fried green tomatoes, mainly because I love red tomatoes. I know, it's stupid, but there it is.

    I pick chocolate chip cookies because they helped me snag a husband. Yes. They are that good. My money stays with CCC.

    I like Chocolate Cake (especially the one at Market City, to which I am addicted), but I am chicken and dumplings all the way on this one because when the c&d are good, they are much, much better than chocolate cake (my mother in law and my granny make some good c&d)

    Yard Bird, hands down, over steak. I can enjoy a good steak and have paid more money for something that gets digested and turned into poop than I should have (yes, I mean you, steak), but there is just something about fried chicken that makes me think mmmmm, pick it!

    Damnit! The rounds closed while I was typing this, so I will finish my say when I go through the end of round two finals.

  6. Thank GOD chili kicked catfish's ass because I hate catfish. From the taste of the flesh to all the work you have to go through to make catfish palatable (have you ever skinned catfish?), it is the one bit of seafood that I've eaten that I absolutely can not stand.

    In what world does a grilled cheese sandwich beat corn bread? I guess if you were thinking about meals versus sides, I could see how you would choose grilled cheese, but man, corn bread is the best!

    Creamed Corn and Fried Green Tomatoes was a close call. I'm not upset that FGT won because I do like 'em.

    YAY! Chocolate Chip Cookies!

    I can't believe steak beat fried chicken, (we need a few more black people on this site!) but the biggest upset for me is that Buttermilk Biscuits lost to Mac & Cheese. You people are dead to me.

    So now, Mac & Cheese gets to go against Pork Chops and since I can't imagine pork chops without Mac & Cheese so I am hesitant to declare a true winner. I am, however, going to speak with half-hearted confidence on the behalf of Mac & Cheese, which beat my beloved biscuits.

    In Steak vs. Chicken and Dumpling, I believe C&D could be the clear winner. In Chocolate Chip Cookies versus Fried Green Tomatoes, I am definitely declaring Chocolate Chip Cookies the winner. Think about it - a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, or a fresh plate of fried green tomatoes on paper towels. CCC all the way.

    Grilled Cheese is going down against chili. I mean, you put together a grilled cheese to go with your ramen. You make chili for cook-offs and get to brag when you serve it and it's good.

    Ahhh, home cooked meals, you do make me smile.

  7. Wow. Um, Angel. Is this category making you violent? Maybe you should take the rest of the week off and come back next week for Fruit. I don't want you to beat me up next time you see me.