Friday, June 19, 2009

Music Genres - Round 1

Well here we go ladies and gentlemen. The Coffee Cake Extravaganza starts with the first round of the Music Genre tournament. Before everyone jumps on my case I want to go ahead and acknowledge a mistake. I mixed up some of the match ups and I am not able to fix them without doing far too much work. In this tournament the #2 seeds square off against #6, and #4s go up against #7, and #3s vs #5. I apologize I caught this error when it was too late to fix without completely starting over. So bear with me. This error will be corrected in the next tournament.

No big surprises from the #1 seeds. Hip-Hop, Rock and Roll, Country and Rhythm 'N Blues should all easily advance to the second round. I personally have a soft spot for Lounge (and that's where my vote will be going) and would love to see it pull off a big upset against Country but I just don't see it happening.

The #2 seeds have some very interesting match-ups. Pop music vs Ska. I'm pulling for Ska even though I think Pop has the upper hand. Jazz vs House. I love House music but my vote is going to Jazz. Reggae vs Opera. My vote goes to Reggae but I know that Reggae better not get over confident. There are still plenty of Opera lovers out there that could turn out for the vote. Now this is the match up I can't wait to see, Classical vs Samba. I think Samba is the Cinderella sleeper in this tournament. My vote is going to Samba even though I love Classical music and I think that Samba could make it as deep in the tournament as the Elite 8.

No surprises from the #3s. I have Blues taking Folk. Motown (Go Detroit!) over Bluegrass, Funk over Southern Rock, and what for me would be a close match up, Punk over Calypso.

In the #4 I have Disco and Indie-Rock easily winning their match ups. I am pulling hard for Afro-Beat over Drum and Bass and I think the only reason Drum and Bass can pull this one off is because people may not be familiar with Afro-Beat. If you are an Afro-Beat fan (or want to learn more about it) there is a great podcast from Gilles Peterson featuring an interview with the father of the genre, Tony Allen. Give it a listen. Now, this last one could be interesting. Techno vs Grunge. Both genres have lost all of their former glory but people still hold on to the nostalgia of their memories. My Detroit roots lead me to vote for Techno, but I can see Grunge giving Techno an ass whoopin' if the Techno lovers don't show up. GO TECHNO!!!

Here we go. It's the first round! Have fun!


  1. Sorry about the previous deletion...

    I'm watching some music genres take an early lead and as I was voting, some of my choices depended on the type in that genre. Like, I love indie pop, but not popular pop music. I also wondered what era of Jazz. I mean, 20s to 50s jazz I love, but the newer stuff isn't my cup of tea. In the brackets, Techno and grunge are running close, only two votes separating them. I went with Afro-Beat over drum and bass, but d&b is taking the early lead. I can't believe that disco is beating Jam Band - I don't care how much you guys like 70s night when Roger spins, jam bands are better! I'm kinda sad that punk is beating out calypso, even though I like punk better. I heard a calypso band playing at City Market on the Green one Saturday and they sounded awesome. I think the only reason funk is beating southern rock is because people HATE Q-106. I expected Motown to win over Bluegrass, though I almost voted for Bluegrass when I remember the recent performance of Packway Handle Band. The rest of the categories are going the way you would expect, jazz over house, reggae over opera (I picked opera because I own 4 opera albums and only one reggae cd), ska over pop (although indie pop rocks), r&b over polka, rock and roll over new age and hip hop over easy listening. Because I tend to throw rap into the hip hop category and because I loved it when there was a Z-108, I picked easy listening (Gloria Estefan, anybody?), I'm surprised that Lounge is beating out Country and can't help but wonder if the push comes from Roger's endorsement. I picked country.

    I can't wait to see how this turns out, but if you have a favourite category you want to win, get everybody you know to this site and get them voting!

    I wonder how we can bet on this...

  2. WOOOO HOOOO!!! Samba just tied up with Classical! Come on Samba! If you win this round I think you can take the next round too!!

    And poor Polka. Poor poor Polka.

  3. I just noticed there is the potential for an Indie Rock vs Rock and Roll match up in the Elite 8. That would be quite interesting.

  4. Wow! I can not believe the flurry of voting that is taking place in the last few hours. It has been a lot of fun watching the votes rack up over the past few days but this race at the end is just incredible.

    What I'm watching right now is Classical vs. Samba. I am pulling for Samba. Samba needs 8 votes to pull into the lead but with only about 4 hours left to go, things are looking bleak. Another one that is still close is Techno and Grunge. It seems like Techno fans have just run out of juice. Techno needs 4 to tie and 5 to win. Afro-Beat put on a good show but it looks unlikely and so does Calypso.

    And it is looking like there may be a high of 40 votes by the end of voting, which is amazing to me. My goal was 30 though I would have been satisfied with 20 in the first round of the first category. Thank you so much to all of you who have been voting. Hopefully the Round 2 will be up and ready to vote at midnight.

    See you then.