Saturday, June 27, 2009

And The Winner Is...

So Rock and Roll wins it all with a commanding 72% win over Funk. The percent by which a category wins is important for its ranking in The Big Dance (a.k.a. The Extravaganza). The higher the winning percentage, the higher the seed. So a 90% win or higher has a better chance of being ranked #1 or #2. The lower the final winning percentage the lower the ranking. So 50% - 60% will probably be ranked #7 or #8. Rock & Roll is pretty much in the middle so we can probably expect a 4 or 5 ranking as of right now.
Thanks to all who voted and made this first category a lot of fun. You ready for next week? Here's a look at the Home Cooked Dishes bracket. Round 1 voting will begin on Sunday.
See you then!


  1. it's gonna be Mac and Cheese Vs. Chocolate chip cookies in the finals, callin' it now.

  2. Well alright. Joshim has made a pretty solid prediction there. And since you are the first person to make a prediction on this category, I will find a prize for you if those two end up in the finals. Most likely copies of the new Sr. Montalban Jr. and DJ Roger Riddle mixtapes but if not that something equally good if not better.

    I'm not gonna even try to make a prediction. I'll just be wrong and I have all week to be wrong. Anybody else want to make a prediction?