Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beer - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

So how do you recover from talking shit about a beer only to have it's makers read what you say? You vote for it? I was all excited when I realized that someone from Blue Moon was actually checking out the beer tournament then I realized I was kinda hard on old Blue Moon. Luckily, the folks from Blue Moon are good sports and came back to check on how their baby was doing. It even pulled out a win when things were looking bleak earlier in the day. Can Blue Moon keep chuggin' to the next round? Let's see.

Yuengling vs Lone Star: Lone Star has been our Cinderella but alas, I do believe the clock just struck 12.

Guinness vs New Castle: I can't believe New Castle made it this far, but whatever. Now it's got to deal with the big daddy of dark beers. Brown Ale my ass. Stout is where it's at sucka!

Miller High Life vs Pabst Blue Ribbon: The champagne of beers vs the award winner. It a cheap beer knock down, drag out! My money is on PBR.

Sam Adams vs Blue Moon: I am confident that Blue Moon will easily win this round. Wanna know why? I serve beer every day. I serve Blue Moons every day. Sometimes I go weeks without serving a Sam Adams. Now I know it has a lot to do with where you are in the country. And I know Sam Adams fans are dedicated. But honestly Blue Moon is more fun. It's easier to drink. Men and ladies like it. I'm going with Blue Moon here.

See you at the Final Four on Thanksgiving Day!


  1. I am very sad that I have to vote against two of my favourite beers - Guinness and Newcastle. Both imports, both taste good. Guinness is the beer for people who love coffee. Newcastle brings up a lot of fun memories. First time I ever had a Newcastle was with the football team from Newcastle. They insisted and bought. A lot. Also, drinking Newcastle with my friend, Andrew and his girlfriend's baby show make it the best baby shower I've ever been to. But Guinness is good by itself, as a black and tan, and as an Irish Car Bomb. I think I'm going to be changing my vote all day on this one.

    Somehow, I'm not surprised to see High Life vs. PBR. This is a choice we have to make every day. Which $1 beer would you like for Happy Hour? I don't have typical hangovers. I usually just wake up really early smelling like alcohol if I happen to drink to much the previous night. But after drinking a bunch of high life on a hot Macon night, I woke up barely able to see, head pounding like there was a native american rain dance going on in there, mouth feeling like cotton. What was happening??? On the first bottomless mug night at the Bird, they ran out of PBR and against my better judgement, I drank High Life. Let's just say that's the last time I'll ever drink high life. I'd almost rather not drink. So PBR is my pick.

    I'm going for Yuengling and Sam Adams in the other two matches.

  2. Lone Star had a good run. Its bottle cap messages will be missed. It was definitely one of my go to beers at Manhattan in Athens (my favorite place because of the free popcorn).