Thursday, September 10, 2009

Movies - Round 3 (The Elite Eight)

While I have this handy dandy internet connection I'd like to say a few words.

Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike.
Ancient Chinese secret.
Call Roto-Rooter, that's the name and away those problems down the drain.


Hmmmph. I better say something coherent too while I'm at it.

First and foremost Star Wars WILL beat The Godfather. Han Solo would make short work of Don Corleone. That wouldn't be the first time he had a big time mobster after him. Remeber Jabba the Hut?

I don't care how tough Rocky was. He can call himself the Italian Stallion all he wants. He is not a horse he is a short little man. Simba is a real animal. Well he's animated but still he was a fucking lion. And doesn't the name Simba sound like someone who would fight in the UFC? Hakuna Matata? Oh no Rocky. Be worried. Be worried.

So, Dorothy...what's worse? Being captured by some green bitch or sharing a cell with Bertha? Tough one isn't it? So...Andy Dufresne. Why didn't you have a picture of Judy Garland on your wall? She was hot too. What? You too good? Yeah, the other side of that poster wasn't exactly Oz but while you were in prison you had a scarecrow (Red) a heartless tin man (Warden Norton) and a cowardly lion (Brooks). I don't remeber you ever getting high off poppies but that was a very creepy scene anyway and you had enough awkward moments on your own. Good luck buddy.

Ok look. The funniest thing about this match-up is in one film the bad guy is a demon. You know, a straight up, straight from hell for one engagement only demon. That's the scary shit. The bad guy in the other movie is a purple jumpsuit...licking a bowling ball!! THAT SHIT IS REALLY SCARY!!

Alrighty folks. I'll be back to update when I can. Thanks for being patient.

The Rog


  1. Wow. Star Wars vs The Godfather. As of right now things are very one-sided. Will there be no action in the elite eight?

  2. We're all a bunch of nerds. Star Wars for the win! Also, I caused the 6/6 tie between Rocky and the Lion King. I know Rocky is a cult classic, but it is not as good a movie as the Lion King. I mean, do you even know the words to all the songs in Rocky? I thought not! And I know many of you watch the Wizard of Oz whenever it comes on television like I watch The Sound of Music, and a few of you have done the Dark Side of the Moon thing, but Shawshank should not be winning by such a low margin. Raise up! I'm also pulling for the Big Lebowski because of Steve Buscemi. I love Steve Buscemi.

  3. 1st I want to know who came in just to vote for Star Wars and then left without voting on anything else? 18 people voted on all four matches, but there are 19 votes on the Star Wars vs The Godfather match...

    That being vented, I am really happy with the four winners here, until I realize how much more dificult the next round might get.